Why is myLAB Box Your Best Summer Friend?

My Lab Box home STI testing kit

I’m going to try to make this article less uncomfortable. I’m only going to use “STI testing” in the second sentence. Better? Probably not.

Most of us start feeling really uncomfortable and uneasy when STIs or getting tested are mentioned. We all have our good reasons for it. Is it because we’re scared to even know, or because we think it cannot happen to us? Or because STIs carry this huge stigma in our society, or because your health care practitioner never handles the topic very well? The fact is that most people have never been tested for STIs, and the percentage of those who haven’t been tested recently is even higher.

We all have awkward stories and deeply unpleasant experiences at the doctor’s office. Not a small number of professionals shame their clients for their sexual behavior or history (even if implicitly), are rude and impolite, or simply too nosy or presumptuous.

What if I told you there’s an easier way to get tested? At the privacy of your own home (or anywhere else) with the precision of a lab test. Alone: no doctors, no nurses, no explanations. You heard correctly!

MYLAB BOX, INC. is a home testing kit that is available nationwide. You order it online, receive it by the mail in a discreet package, take your own specimen, and send it back to be tested in a lab. The kit even comes with a priority mail envelope, so you can easily send it back without having to go to the nearest post office. Just drop it off at the mail collection box. What’s best is that the results come back online to you. To complete all of these steps takes only 5-8 days!

Even if you are a sex-positive, progressive person who doesn’t shy away from their MD, you probably know somebody who isn’t as assertive and who won’t ask their doctor to get tested. Or simply wouldn’t know where to go. Safety is the best present you can give to someone. Whether it’s your introvert best-friend, or your teenage kid, who’s going off to college this fall, you can tell people about this product, or buy it for those that you care about.

The most important question: how to get it? Simply order it from myLABBox.com.

Why is myLAB Box your best friend in the hot steamy summer months?

My Lab Box  home STI testing kit

myLAB Box  is cooling off at the pool, while enjoying safer sex and summer adventures

Summer is the season of travel, flirts, flings and probably the most casual sexual encounters. With myLAB Box you can get tested anytime, anywhere (a hotel room, in your RV, in a public restroom). You don’t have to know a local clinic, you don’t have to set up an appointment, you don’t have to talk over the phone with anyone, and you certainly don’t have to go to an office. If you are gonna be away for longer and want to get your routine screening while on the trip, you can order it in advance, and take it with you on your summer vacation. Packing and making itineraries can be stressful, so it’s not surprising that most people don’t have time to visit their doc before leaving. Now you can get tested on the go and have the peace of mind to enjoy your time off. And if you happen to meet a new summer flirt or your big love on the road, you can both know your status and start things off in an honest and safe way.

Depending on where in the country you’re located, sometimes the nearest clinic or lab can be more than 150 mi away from you. Not to mention that getting tested could be expensive, especially if your health insurance doesn’t cover it. In most cases, even if you have coverage, your insurance guidelines will probably only recommend one screening a year, which for many people is far from enough. MyLAB Box offers the cheapest prices for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis, and roughly the same prices for HIV testing. (Note: some organizations offer free HIV testing, but that always requires going to an office.) You can purchase it with your FSA card, as it qualifies as a health care cost. You can “mix and match” the different tests, making your own bundle of STI tests – if you are concerned about a particular infection.

My Lab Box  home STI testing kit

myLAB Box is as essential as your First Aid Kit

Do you love oral sex? Let me guess: yeah, you do! And do you use a barrier protection for blow jobs? If you don’t use condoms for oral sex, you are still exposing yourself to the risk of chlamydia and gonorrhea. Both STIs can be present in the throat and the anus, not only in the genitalia. The folks from myLAB Box thought of that too – one of the packages they offer is their “all around” box, which tests all of your three orifices for gonorrhea and chlamydia.

And last but not least: safe is sexy. Trust me on this one: nobody likes “sketchy” when it comes to knowing your STI status. Enjoy your summer adventures, and don’t forget to buy enough condoms and lube. You will need them! (wink)

Further reading: Go to MYLAB BOX, INC. if you have any questions about the product. They have an extensive FAQ list. And if you’re still wondering how to bring the subject up with a new (potential) partner, there’s Reid Mihalko’s Safer Sex Elevator Speech.

Note: myLAB Box doesn’t offer HSV-1 or HSV-2 (herpes simplex virus), HPV (human papilloma virus), syphilis, or Hepatitis B or C screening. You will need to see a doctor or go to a lab for those tests.

Disclaimer: myLAB Box was generously provided to me free of charge at Sex Geek Summer Camp as a gift product to test. My personal opinion has not been altered and this is an honest review and a reflection of my opinion of the product. Affiliate programs and complimentary products in exchange for writing a review help run this website and allow me to share up-to-date sexual education with my readers.

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4 thoughts on “Why is myLAB Box Your Best Summer Friend?

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