Lelo Soraya Review

Lelo Soraya Vibrator

The Company

Lelo is a company that’s created some of the most aesthetic, beautiful and useful toys over the years. It’s also a company that’s been somewhat controversial lately: both because of certain marketing decisions, and because of several products that didn’t succeed in meeting the client’s expectations. Unfortunately most sex toy manufacturers have failed a number of times at a point of their existence. It’s hard to please everyone, especially when it comes to bodies and pleasure. We’re all different and have different needs and preferences. What we can’t do though is take away from them what they’ve done right.

And Lelo Soraya to me is one of the things they’ve done right.

Dual Vibrators

Soraya is a rabbit vibrator and as such, by definition, it isn’t gonna be liked by most people. Why? Because rabbits are the toughest category to create and they have the biggest potential to disappoint, simply because they’re never going to fit each and every body and need. The success of a rabbit depends on being the right fit for a customer: the shape has to really work with one’s anatomy.

So what’s the issue? Usually with rabbits the problem is that if the vibe is too long, you won’t be able to take it all in, and the little “arm” won’t touch your clit (I will call the “arm” or the “ear” the small part for external stimulation). If the shaft is too short, it won’t give you much or the right internal stimulation. Yes, Soraya is slim and kind of long: with its insertable part at 5″ and barely being 1 1/2″ in diameter at its widest point. But also the ear isn’t that short (2″), so it has a fair amount of reach. One huge advantage that Soraya has is that its clitoral part is very flexible. So you can actually, fairly easily, adjust the ear closer and better for your clitoris with the help of just a finger. Many people have complained about the loop at the base of the vibrator, but I personally think it’s a godsend. It makes it just so comfortable to hold and use both yourself or on someone. It really gives you a better grip and it’s easier on your hands. You can use your thumb to slightly push the arm of the vibe towards your clit. Yes, this can make your finger a little numb, but it’s really not that big of a deal. Another way of having a better fit is if you use it while lying on your stomach. That should press the external part really well towards your body. Sometimes crossing your legs or holding them together helps with having a better and closer fit.


Lelo Soraya VibratorWhat do you get from the Soraya? Everything you should be getting when you order a high-end vibrator. It’s made of quality silicone and ABS plastic. Some people don’t care much for the ABS plastic part, but it is 100% body-safe, and gives the Insignia line of their products a luxury look. It doesn’t smudge, it’s not rugged and there’s nothing about the seam between the two materials that’s going to feel uncomfortable or in any way unpleasant. The real problem with the dual-material design is that lube (either your own natural vaginal lubrication or the personal lubricant you are using during play) can get stuck (and dry out) in the that little crevice. And it’s a pain to clean. The only way to really get it our of there is cleaning it with long fingernails. As for the “Lelo” inscription engraved on the shaft: the only way to get lube out of that one is with a toothbrush or a small cleaning brush. How do you clean the toy overall? Just use any sex toy cleaner or soap and water. The materials are non-porous and you don’t really need more care that that. If you want to sanitize it further, you can always soak it in 10% bleach solution for 5-10 min.

And yes, Soraya is 100% waterproof. Take it in the shower or the bath tub with you and enjoy some carefree time. It does look freaky at first, because its power port is completely exposed so you’d think that you shouldn’t have water anywhere near it. Well, people from Lelo have worked really hard to make that feature for you, and it works like a charm. So give your Soraya a nice bubble bath and forget your worries.

Clearly, it’s a rechargeable toy, which these days is a must. It takes 2 hours to charge the battery completely. Lelo claims that this gives you up to 4 hrs of play. I honestly don’t know, because I don’t use it on lower settings. What I use the most is both motors on full speed. Which gives you 2-2 1/2 hrs of uninterrupted play. And if that’s not enough, you can always use your toy while it’s charging: one of the things I love about the “good old” non-magnetic charging ports. It won’t get loose even if you decide to give it a ride while the cord is in the outlet.

As all Lelo toys, it’s really travel friendly. It comes with a satin drawstring bag for storage (although it’s absolutely safe to just leave it next to other toys or in your drawer). It’s silicone and it won’t change it’s shape or chemically react to other toys or materials. It has a travel lock and that’s a life saver when it come s to airports or simply carrying it in your hand bag. When you use the feature, it won’t accidentally turn on when you least want it to.

Lelo Soraya VibratorIt’s very quiet and the vibrations are quite rumbly, especially on higher settings. It has two motors that work independently: one in the shaft and one in the arm. You can have either just clitoral vibration, or internal, or both at the same time. The vibe has several patterns, as well as the three steady settings (dual, vaginal and clitoral). You can flip through the patterns by pressing the button in the middle, but you will have to go full cycle if you want to go back to a mode that you already passed. Luckily the power can be adjusted to your preference. It can start really slow and it’s a great toy for those of you who need these more nuanced and delicate settings. On the other hand, power queens will most probably be underwhelmed because even on its highest setting it’s still not very powerful.

Is it a good choice for you?

You need to consider several things before buying one: do you like slim vibrators and dildos or do you need something girthy and more substantial? Do you need a lot of power or you like savoring these lower rumbly settings? Do you need a more pronounced g-spot curve?

Last words

I am always going to have warm feelings for this toy, because it gave me my first blended orgasms, and it taught me how much I enjoy dual stimulation. It looks simply gorgeous and it’s very non-intimidating. I actually appreciate that it’s slim, because I’ve used it for many, many hours (sometimes up to 2 hrs a day) and it’s never left me sore, or with unpleasant friction burns.

The toy was a gift from a close friend and I have to say that I have very mixed feelings about its price tag of $239. Yes, it comes with a 1-year warranty, but sometimes toys break after the first year. And as with all rechargeable toys, a fair amount of people report that they stop holding their battery with time.

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It comes in 3 color choices: black, deep rose or cerise. You can order yours straight from Lelo or you can get it from My Secret Luxury or Shevibe. Don’t forget to add a water-based lubricant to your cart.

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