Je Joue Dua Review


Je Joue Dua is a curious beast with lots of contradictions to it. It’s supposed to be a couple’s toy, but proves best for solo, hands-free use. It’s supposed to be remote controlled, but its remote sucks and is impossible to use. It’s oddly shaped and looks weird, so one would think that it wouldn’t work for their body, but it does.

Je Joue, don’t be fooled by the French name, is a British brand, strongly represented in the United States and globally at high-end sex toy retailers. Je Joue translates to “I play” and frankly: I really love their name. Both the way it sounds, and what it stands for. They specialize in high-quality luxury sex toys. They only offer a handful of models, but their products have a character, they all feature similar round shapes and smooth design. Dua is my first toy by Je Joue and I was quite thrilled to get my hands on it.

The Basics

Dua has all the features that are a must for a toy of this price-range and from a brand that is trying to penetrate the luxury sex toys market. (See what I did there?) Dua is fully waterproof and it’s rechargeable (2 hrs of charging should give you 2 hrs of play). It’s entirely body-safe and is made of very smooth matte silicone that feels really velvety and nice on your skin and inside your body. It’s definitely less rigid and has some softness and bendiness that just fit my body really well. Comparisons with We-Vibe 4 Plus throughout this review cannot be avoided, so I am not gonna beat around the bush and I am going to just throw it out there. It simply feels nicer that the We-Vibe. It’s less poky and uncomfortable, the shapes are very ergonomic, everything fits just fine. That might not be the case for each body and everyone’s private parts though.

It’s so much less noisy than the We-Vibe. It can be used outside and played secretly with in a public space. If you are in a very quiet space, I would only use the internal vibe, as it’s almost silent. The external motor is more buzzy and noisy. On its highest setting it can without doubt be heard, unless you’re in a very loud bar or a club.


Je Joue DuaIt comes in a full-blown-luxurious-five-star-executive-exclusive-platinum-whatever package. They’ve outdone themselves. Your toy is packed in a beautiful box that’s inside another beautiful box. (We have no troubles here! Here life is beautiful… The girls are beautiful… Even the orchestra is beautiful! – I might be the only person who will get this reference, but still.) Little compartments for the charger, for the pen that works as a remote control, instruction book, pretty booklet about the brand, etc., etc. And yet, no storage bag, no travel case, no nothing (yes, double negative). Okay, if you only own one toy, and if you feel like storing it in the original box: good for you. But the box is 10 times bigger than the actual toy and it’s heavy on top of everything. The We-Vibe comes with its charging station that closes up and keeps your toy away from dust or curious eyes and I completely love how compact that thing is and how easy it is to store it in-between sessions. The Dua has nada! As I said, it’s a toy with so many contradictions.

Shape and Play

Je Joue DuaJe Joue Dua is in a way a reversed We-Vibe. It features a much bigger g-spot part, that needs to be inserted, and has a smaller, thinner outer part, that should be lying against your clit. The whole toy is much bigger than the We-Vibe. It’s not meant to be used during intercourse. The internal part is as big as the head of a bulky big g-spot dildo. And I love that about it. It feels so good and fits perfectly. Even without any vibration, I just love how filling it is, how well it follows the curves of my body. It stays in, even when you’ve used a lot of lube (and you will need it, because it’s very bulby). It doesn’t move around, it doesn’t slip out. The clitoral arm stays against your clit and the internal part stays in. Even while walking! You can even do Kegels with it and it’s so yummy and delicious that way. You really don’t need to use any hands with it. If you turn it on, which can be challenging and a little rocket-sciency, it’s capable of giving you really cool hands free orgasms. That might not happen for everyone, but try breathing deeply, clenching your PC muscles, squeezing it inside of you. Try a combination of different speeds and patterns.

With questionable success rate, creative ways of using it is scissoring with a female partner and trying the external part against their vulva and clit, if you manage to make the position work. With a penis-owning partner, they can rest their cock on the external arm of the vibe and enjoy the vibes with you.

The toy shouldn’t be used anally as it doesn’t have a flared base. Don’t get tempted to just insert the smaller part and leave the bigger part outside, because the charging dock and the control button are there. They’re waterproof and all, but some lube and other fluids can get stuck there. It’s just not an anal toy. Go check out the Je Joue Nuo instead.

Remote Control and App

Je Joue DuaCouples toys have been in for the past several years. What a particular manufacturer means by that varies hugely though. In the case of Je Joue: it’s just a remote controlled toy. You can’t have your partner’s penis inside of you while wearing the toy, it really is meant to have only one receiver. Via the mobile app, your partner can control the toy from the other end of the word. There’s the trick though: it only works for iOS. They don’t support an app for Android. So if you want to enjoy some long distance play, both of you will need to have an iPhone or an iPad. Their app is simple and definitely easier to interact with than the We-Vibe app. The application also has some tutorials, Q&A’s, and guides. Pretty cool.

It has 7 vibration patterns, some of which only feature internal stimulation, others: just external. The rest are a mixture of pulsations and patterns, which turned out to be very satisfying and pleasant. Each pattern can be operated in 5 different speeds. With the app you can create sessions and literally program it: start with X min of pattern Y on speed Z, then move to … You get the idea. You can also control it in real time, or “outsource” that to your partner.

The remote control that comes with the toys is… useless. It doesn’t pair well, it glitches a lot. What I like about it is that it gives you feedback: it vibrates lightly, so you know what pattern you’re applying on your partner. But it just never works. Changing speeds or patterns, even simple pairing and turning the toy on is a headache. Not to mention that the pen doesn’t look nearly as cool as it’s meant to be. James-Bond-like, my ass. It looks tacky.

Pairing Dua with the pen or the toy works by pressing a little nub where the charging magnet at the end of the clitoral arm are. It doesn’t really look like a button, it’s almost flat. It’s impossible to press it with luby hands. I would press it before insertion. If you succeeded, a little light with the Je Joue logo should blink. Then take your phone and click pair. When it connects, just press on one of the patterns and that’s it.


It’s really worth playing with the patterns. Having the two independent motors: the clit one and the vag one, creates really cool opportunities for stimulation. The patterns cascade from one motor to the other and it gives you some really deep and more full-body sensations.

Last Words

With all of its cons and confusing contradictions, Dua is one of the toys that I really, really love. It can entertain me hands free, it gives me orgasms, it’s quieter than most of its competitors, and I love its patterns.

Don’t get a Dua if you: don’t have an iOS device. If you’re looking for a first toy, maybe don’t get Dua either. Get yourself some of the basics: a good vibe and/or a dildo. This really isn’t a first toy. You can’t really thrust with it, you can’t move it around, and you can barely change the position of the motors. Although, if you have limited mobility, a bad wrist or a painful elbow that makes holding a vibrator painful and difficult: this is a really cool toy, that once you insert, you can forget about and just go with it. It’s a big investment.

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Get your Dua for $139 and free shipping from Peepshow Toys or for $156 with free shipping from SheVibe or from Babeland for the same price (shipping rates vary). If you are from Canada, you can get yours from Come As You Are for $140 CAD (subscribe for their mailing list and you will get free shipping too). Dua comes in 4 colors: black, lilac, pink fuschia and purple (mine is purple).

Note: Dua is part of my own toy collection, it was not a free product in exchange for review.

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6 thoughts on “Je Joue Dua Review

    • You know what, I thought the same. And I completely agree with you, these dual stimulating toys, are like rabbits: really slim chances they’re going to work for one’s anatomy. What I found out (about myself) is that I cannot judge the shape of these things (duo vibes, rabbits) just by looking at them. Even if in theory something looks amazing (eg. good g-spot curve, strong and rumbly motors). It was a total gamble. For me it works because of the girth of the internal part. That feeling of fullness alone is amazing. Maybe the only thing that adds more to its value than the average dual stim vibe is that you can do Kegels with it.


      • In general I agree, though it’s a shame to have to gamble on such expensive products. I can’t imagine spending $156 on a *fingers-crossed.*

        (This one, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t use at all. I would need it to be shaped much closer to a 90-degree-angle than the parallel U-design to even put it in place. The bendiness might make it workable, but the odds don’t look good.)


      • Yeah, I totally agree. That’s why one need a friend in crime. 🙂 Silicone toys are shareable, because they’re non porous and can be entirely sanitized. So there’s absolutely no problem to test out your best friend’s vibe. Lol. If you happen to know someone who owns it… Just saying. (wink wink) But overall, I agree. Rabbits and these double vibes are such hit or miss. Oh, by the way, Lovehoney has free returns up to a year, no questions asked usually. That’s another option. But I would just conclude: don’t bother. Often a good clit vibe + a decent dildo or internal vibe are far better option than the dual ones.


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