Safer and Wetter Giveaway

Wetlandia's first giveawayWetlandia is hosting its first giveaway! Who doesn’t love swag, right?

The Winner of Wetlandia’s Safer and Wetter Giveaway is Maya D.

As you probably already know I think using lube during solo or partnered sex is one of the most important tips I give my readers and my clients. I couldn’t emphasize enough how much good lube does for pleasure, sensations and pain-free encounters. But using a lubricant isn’t just for enjoyment: it actually makes sex safer because it reduces the risk of condom breakage by several times, decreases the chance of membrane rupture and micro cuts and tears, which makes the mucous membrane of the vagina or the penis much more susceptible to STIs. Why expose yourself at greater risk, when you can just add a little lube?

This is why is giving away a curated “Safer and Wetter” box which features: The Butters oil-based lube (2 oz), a pack of FC2 condoms, Uberlube silicone-based lube (1.7 oz) + Uberlube pillows, a pack of One condoms, a pack of Lelo Hex condoms, and a Pocket Rocket vibrator (no battery included).

First things first: you can use oil based lube with non-latex condoms such as the FC2 condom. Condoms made of latex are safe to use with silicone-based lube, such as Uberlube or any water-based lube.

A little bit about the prizes: The Butters is an oil-based lube that features a blend aloe vera and of 6 oils that a proven to be extremely healthy for yous skin, and for intimate health. It’s a one-man operation, aiming to fill the gap between quality natural lubes and affordable prices. Pair it up with the FC2 or another non-latex barrier protection. Read my full review of Butters here.

Uberlube is simply the best silicone-based lube ever created. It’s non-sticky, non-tacky, and it is water-proof. And like the Butters, it can also be used as skin or hair moisturizer. You can use it with any condom, but you should steer clear of silicone toys.

Wetlandia's Safer and Wetter Giveaway

A Pocket Rocket Vibe is something everyone should have in their bag of tricks. They’re small, affordable, easy to carry in one’s purse or pocket, and they provide a much more pinpoint stimulation, than bullet vibes, which vibrate with their whole shaft. You can easily handhold a pocket rocket, and it wouldn’t make your hand go numb. I would say they’re the best first toy anyone can have (they feel great on balls and on the scrotum, so they’re not just for clits). And it’s made of plastic, so it’s both body-safe and safe to use with any type of lubricant, even silicone ones.

Both lubes were generously provided by the brands, and I am throwing the rest in. Because… moooore swaaaag! The giveaway will be active for 2 weeks. Wish all of you good luck! Have safer and wetter sex!

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6 thoughts on “Safer and Wetter Giveaway

  1. Ooh, this is a great giveaway! (I am side-eyeing the Lelo Hex condoms a bit, because of…all of that, but I won’t hold it against you 😀 ) Both the lubes look awesome and I could totally use some more lube variety, so *fingers crossed*


      • Oh yeah, for sure! I’m totally about different condoms, especially the FC2 condoms, because those are awesome and some people hesitate to even try them because of the price difference. Lelo Hex specifically I don’t support (Charlie Sheen as spokesperson, terrible social media response around complaints about that, built to hide its own breaks, all that jazz) but I don’t have a big problem with their presence in the giveaway.

        It’s an awesome giveaway and I think it’s fabulous that you’re helping make barriers & lube exciting and sexy 🙂 Thanks!


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