The Butters Lubricant Review


Diving deeper and deeper into the world of lube. Or more like slipping into the world of lube.

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If we were to rank the types of lube by popularity and visibility, I would say oil-based lubes are the most overlooked and underappreciated ones. There are literally hundreds of choices of water-based lubricants (probably 90 to 95% of which contain glycerin and propylene glycol: Momma no!!!), there are silicone-based ones, which are pretty damn expensive and can ruin your silicone sex toys, there are hybrids (water and silicone or water and oils) and all the way at the back of the line are oil-based lubes. Or are they? Just because we don’t see them (much) in the drug store or sex shops, that doesn’t mean that people don’t use oils as lubricants. I am pretty sure that a large number of people have their coconut or olive oil in their bedroom, not in the kitchen pantry. And there’s nothing wrong with that, except that these products are not made for sex, and they’re not entirely well balanced for your optimal intimate health.

When the established sex blogger behind LTASex reached out to me with his new creation, The Butters, I was thrilled to get to try it out and review it. Why did a sex blogger need to start making their own lube, one might ask. Aren’t there enough options already? If you are looking for a product that is: healthy, all-natural, long-lasting, extra slippery, safe for all kinds of sex and toys, and is cheap, you are up for a failure. There wasn’t a single product that met all of these requirements. Water-based lubes will eventually dry out and you will need a ton of reapplication, silicone lubes are not compatible with silicone toys, and the few oil-based lubes out there are very expensive.

A 4 oz jar of the Butters sells for… $5.00. Need I say more? 

Of course I will say more, because I am a sex geek and some of you need all the information there is before committing to putting something new down there.

The Formula

The butters is really creamy and silky. I am just crazy about how well-balanced and well-made it is. It’s not too liquidy, it’s not too hard, nor solid and definitely is not oily. It has aloe vera gel, not just a mixture of oils, which makes it more cream-like vs oil-like. It’s super moisturizing, blends right in, yet, it is so long lasting and gives you such a continuous glide. No tackiness and stickiness. And once it touches your skin, it will start melting a bit from the warmth of your body (you know how coconut and shea butters can be solid, but once in contact with your skin, they liquefy).

At Use

The Butters is good for any type of partnered or solo sex, really. It’s so delicious and slippery for hand-jobs, fingering, jerking off and all sorts of delightful hand sex or massages. Extra perk: it makes one’s body parts look so sexy. There are few things sexier than a greasy, oily, shiny penis. Or breasts. Or ass. Or legs. I challenge you to think of anything that beats that. Hey, hey! Don’t get too distracted there. Or if you already did, come back and read the rest of the review, after you’re done (wink).

This lube just perfect for anal sex. So perfect. So long-lasting. So goooood. And all of the ingredients actually help with skin elasticity. It’s awesome for your silicone butt plugs too. I can’t emphasize this enough, because silicone toys can only be used with hybrid, water or oil-based lube, out of which only the oil-based one gives sufficient slipperiness. The rectum absorbs water and a water-based lube isn’t gonna get you anywhere, if you are planning on wearing a plug for extended periods of time.

The Butters Oil-based LubeIt’s entirely healthy and body safe for vaginal intercourse too. It actually helps you fight off yeast infections (all the fatty acids from the oils are really healthy for your puss or cock). There are myths that oil-based lubes are really bad for the vagina, that they coat its walls, harbor bacteria and don’t let the vagina self-clean and perform its balancing functions. That’s all true for lubes with petroleum oil and petrochemicals. It does not apply for organic natural oils.

And lastly, it’s edible and completely safe for oral sex, too. It doesn’t have any taste, just a slight… hemp oil smell, barely noticeable. One extra benefit: your lips will get extra moisturized.


Don’t double dip. No dick-hand in the jar. If you’ve touched an intimate body-part, don’t go reaching into the jar again. You can solve this with keeping a small spoon, a wooden disposable stir, or one of these cosmetic spatulas you can find at Sephora (you can grab a few for free, they have them with all the swabs and little brushes that you’re supposed to test products with).


Don’t you just love multipurpose products? I know I do. The Butters is just a miracle in a jar for your skin and hair. Some of its uses and applications (quoted from its official website): Hair & Skin Conditioner, Ashiness Eraser, Personal Lubricant, Massage Lotion, Face Cleanser, Makeup Remover, Wood & Leather Cleaner/Conditioner, Hot Oil Treatment, Shaving Lubricant, Beard Conditioner, Skin Protector, Tattoo Aftercare. I’ve tried it for almost everything in this list and it’s fabulous. I can add: cuticle oil, split ends hair treatment, and a lip balm to the list too. But just honestly: for anything on your body that is dry and dehydrated.


The Butters is vegan and cruelty free, pH balanced and hypoallergenic. It contains a whole lot of natural goodness, such as aloe and six of the most beneficial plant butters. Complete list of ingredients: pure organic aloe vera fillet gel, raw grade a golden ghanaian shea butter, pure coconut oil, pure extra virgin olive oil, pure grapeseed oil, pure palm kernel oil, pure soy lipid emulsion, apple cider vinegar, arrowroot gel. You can find a really detailed explanation of the health benefits of each of the ingredients on The Butters website.

The Butters and Condoms

This one is really important: oils ARE NOT compatible with latex products! They destroy it. Which means that you should not use it with latex safer sex supplies and barriers. Luckily Trojan Supra is a good option with oils. Avoid latex-free condoms such as SKYN and Durex Avanti because they’re are made from Polyisoprene which still gets damaged by oil-based lubricants. And there’s, of course, the FC2 condom, which is an internal condom and is just aaawesome! You can’t use The Butters with dental dams, because they’re all latex, but you can cut a non-latex condom and turn it into a dental dam. There are also a ton of latex-free gloves, so you are all covered.

And clearly the lube is great for fluid-bonded sex: that’s not using barriers with a partner that’s either monogamous with you or goes bareback only with you and uses protection with other partners. If you want to go condom-less, you will both need to know your STI status. Luckily that’s something that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Where to get it?

You can get if straight from the manufacturer. As I said, The Butters is a small independent business, run by one man. If you want to support entrepreneurship and if you passionately hate corporate America (or simply despise Astroglide and KY as much as I do), or if you just wanna buy CHEAP long-lasting lube, The Butters is your answer. It starts from $3 for a 2 oz, $5 for 4 oz jar and $10 for an 8 oz one. Shipping is just $5 and it’s free on orders over $30.

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2 thoughts on “The Butters Lubricant Review

  1. […] A little bit about the prizes: The Butters is an oil-based lube that features a blend aloe vera and of 6 oils that a proven to be extremely healthy for yous skin, and for intimate health. It’s a one-man operation, aiming to fill the gap between quality natural lubes and affordable prices. Pair it up with the FC2 or another non-latex barrier protection. Read my full review of Butters here. […]


  2. Ooooh! That’s super cheap for high quality lube. Actually, that’s a decent price for high-quality lotion, too. What a great find! Thanks for the tip. I’ll definitely check it out next time I need to buy lube.


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