Sliquid Splash Intimate Wash Review

Sliquid Splash

What’s wrong with washing my vulva with soap and water?

Note: Vulva is everything on the outside. Vagina is the orifice. Ergo you wash your vulva, not your vagina. Douching, which is also not good for your feminine health, involves your vagina. While taking a shower, you are washing your vulva.

The vagina is self-cleansing and maintains a very delicate balance. It has a very low pH, which is crucial for the survival of lactobacilli, the good bacteria that help you naturally fight off bacteria and infections. There is already a really long list of things that can affect your intimate pH, such as taking antibiotics, a huge list of medications, a diet with too many sugars, bad lube, your menstruation, sperm (yes, actually sperm is alkaline and if you have your partner ejaculate regularly inside of you, that can be contributing to infections and irritations too). This is why it’s really hugely important to daily wash with a product that is made specifically for the needs of your feminine parts. Unfortunately soap and body washes do the opposite. Soapy water’s pH can vary from 8 to 11, depending on the brand of soap, which is extremely alkaline. The optimal vaginal pH is fluctuates between 3.8 and 4.5 (menopausal women have higher pH), which is acidic. If you are washing your vulva with soap and water you’re only contributing to the problem (remember that list of things that is constantly tipping the scale in the bad direction?). This is why vulva owners should use intimate washes matching the acidity of the region.

Intimate washes are not made-up products. They’re not like intimate deodorants. They are a real thing and using soap instead can cause you really serious consequences. Sadly, there’s a whole industry thriving on creating fake needs and problems, projecting negative body images, and feeding on “The woman’s greatest insecurity: a smelly vagina”. See Sarah Silverman in “We Are Miracles“. And as much as I liked the show and agreed with what Sarah said, nope, you should not wash your vulva with what you’re using for your ass. You can, though, use your intimate wash for your ass too. No harm in that.

Intimate washes are yet another thing you weren’t taught about in sex ed class but they should have. Every vulva-owner should start using one (instead of soap or shower gel) around the age of 10, when hormone changes start occurring. It’s absolutely crucial during puberty, because that’s the time when a lot of girls start getting their first yeast infections (because of menstrual blood, hormone changes, bad diet, not showering right away after gym class, etc).

There are a number of products you can find at the drugstore or at your gyno’s office. While the one’s that your MD recommends are usually a better option, the ones at the drugstore are sometimes of questionable quality and contain harsh ingredients and chemicals too.

About Sliquid

Sliquid is a brand that focuses on healthy, organic, natural, pH balanced, vegan, glycerin, propylene glycol, glycerol and paraben free intimate products. They don’t test their products on animals. Sliquid are most famous for their lubricants (which I absolutely love), but they have a whole line of intimate washes, shaving creams and body oils. Sliquid Splash is their line of feminine washes that only differ in their scents: there’s the Naturally Unscented, Mango Passion, Honeydew Cucumber, and Grapefruit Thyme (which I am reviewing here).

About Sliquid Splash

Sliquid Splash comes in a pretty 8.5 oz recyclable bottle that is completely in line with their other products. Their packaging is really stylish, it looks like any other personal care item you have in your shower or night drawer. It says “gentle feminine wash” in small letters. The bottle is a very good value size that is going to last you a long time.

List of ingredients: Purified H2O, Cocoamphoacetate*, Coco Betaine*, Lauryl Glucoside*, Sea Salt, Citric Acid, Organic Extracts of Hibiscus, Flax, Green Tea, and Sunflower Seed, Potassium Sorbate, Essential Oil Fragrances. * Derived from coconut oil

Sliquid SplashIt has a gentle silky consistency, it’s not too liquidy and you only need a small amount of it. I’ve tried the unscented one at my girlfriend’s house, and it’s really neutral. I would recommend it to people who are too sensitive to scents and aromas. The smell of the scented version is strong. I love the grapefruit-thyme because it has this very refreshing citrus smell, but not everyone likes that for their intimate parts. I’ve used the wash for a fair amount of time and it hasn’t caused me irritations, nor any disbalance (and one can tell pretty quickly if something is throwing their vaginal flora off). If feels really nice and non-intrusive, and it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals in it. I can frankly say it’s one of the best intimate washes I’ve used. (And I’ve been using them since I was 12. Luckily I was taught not to use soap.)

You can get yours directly from Sliquid under their Balance line or at most sex-positive sex stores. It sells for $14 for 8.5 oz.

Use code “Wetlandia” to get 10% off of your purchase from Sliquid.

Disclaimer: Sliquid Splash was generously provided to me by Sliquid in exchange for my honest review. I believe my opinions in this post have not been altered by that. I am using affiliate links in this post, which help me support this blog. By using them you’re giving me the opportunity to keep up the good work.

Sliquid Intimate Lubricants

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