Joyboxx Storage System Review


Has it ever happened to you? You didn’t know you had a certain problem or need until some product or service solved it for you. And then you had to ask yourself: How did I live without it?

There are a number of storage solutions for sex toys. There are bags and cases, and secure boxes. There’s your dishwasher’s rack and the whole choice the Container Store offers you. And yet nothing had me prepared for the simple genius of the Joyboxx. What’s the big deal, it’s a lockable box for sex toys. Nope, my dear reader, it’s so much more than that. It’s a ventilated antimicrobial storage system that can keep your sex toys dirty, clean or wet.


First things first, what I am going to talk about here generally only applies to body-safe toy materials that are stable and are not going to start melting and deforming over each other. You cannot store toys made of jelly, rubber, or certain elastomers, touching one another because they will start melting and creating a chemical reaction. To begin with, you should toss away all of these products. Silicone, ABS plastic, stainless steel, and even glass and stone are entirely safe to be stored in a Joyboxx, all mixed together and on top of each other. There’s nothing harmful for your non-porous toys to be stored together, contacting each other, or touching the material of the box.

What does it solve?

I have a very specific problem: cleaning sex toys and drying them out, and sometimes having to hide toys that are not entirely dry. I would say every human being on the planet who uses sex toys has similar problems. Where do you leave toys to dry out after using them? How do you protect them from curious eyes or from your dog that will mistake your floggers or dildos for a chew toy. If you don’t have pets, room-mates, kids, or parents living with you, that is much less of an issue. You can probably proudly have your toys in the dishwasher or on a dish-washing rack. Unfortunately not everyone has such living arrangements. There’s also the issue of lint, dust and hair, or simply the problem of your toy touching surfaces. Not a whole lot of toys can stand upright alone (most dildos and some butt plugs can, but that’s about it). You don’t want to leave your toy on your kitchen counter or on your bathroom sink, and if you use a bathroom towel or a paper towel everything gets covered in fluff and/or lint. The people from Joyboxx thought of that too: the playtray.

Yes, I did call my playtrays the best thing since sliced bread.

What a simple creation. It’s a little rack that fits most sex toys (and can actually fit more than one). It allows your toy to dry out optimally without touching any surface. It can also be used as a separator, if for whatever reason you want to have two separate compartments in your box (again, if your toys are silicone, you don’t actually need that), but I get that controlling and highly organized people might like that it looks somewhat neat. The playtray is also amazing for drying out Sybian attachments, or keeping toys ready for you to use during a  passionate session with yourself or your lover.

The Joyboxx itself has small holes for ventilation, so you can actually throw in all of your wet and just-washed toys, close and lock the box and they’ll dry out (but not as fast as they will if you leave them out in the open on a playtray) without mold or bacteria growing inside. The box is made of food-grade non-porous plastic with antimicrobial silver ION agent mixed into it. Which means that if your toys are non-porous too, you can safely leave them inside of the box even when they’re dirty. If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to clean up, you can store them securely in seconds. Note that the box is not self cleaning, and you will have to wash it with soap if you’ve stored used toys in it.


The Joyboxx is surprisingly big and can fit a whole lot of things. Dimensions: outside 12.60”(L) x 5.5” (D) x 5.0” (H), inside: 11.25” (L) x 5.5” (D) x 3.5” (H). While it cannot fit a Hitachi Magic Wand, it can fit a Tantus dildo with a handle, several vibes, and it even holds a Fleshlight (and these things are huge!). The box has a small external compartment where you can store condoms, bullet vibrators, or a 2 oz lube. The compartment doesn’t lock and gives you easy access to your essentials.

Joyboxx Storage SystemThere’s a special charging dock hole, where you can even charge your toys while they’re drying out. Sadly chargers keep getting bigger and most magnetic ones are too large. My only recommendation to the makers of the Joyboxx would be to make the hole for cords a little bigger. If it was just a little wider, it probably would accommodate the USB end of all cords even if the magnetic part didn’t fit. And one last thing, I would love it even more if the box had a handle.

Last thoughts

The Joyboxx is a hygienic, easy solution for storing clean, wet or dirty sex toys, that has ventilation and prevents mold or bacteria growth, it’s non-porous, PVC, BPA & Phthalate free. It locks and looks like any other storage system that you have (it’s not going to raise suspicions), and comes at a pretty decent price for what you get. It sells for $35 plus $5 shipping when bought from their own website. You can also get the box or the playtray from Peepshowtoys 10% off with code WETLANDIA. You can choose between black and purple and you have eight color options for the slider and the little latch. I’m the queen of purple, so I went for the conservative one-color option, but actually mixing black and pink, or black and green looks really cool too. I would recommend it to literally anyone who owns at least a few toys and wants to store them in a discreet and hygienic way.

Disclaimer: Joyboxx was generously provided to me by the company in exchange for my honest review. But my opinions and thoughts in this post reflect my experience with the product and are not altered in any way.

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5 thoughts on “Joyboxx Storage System Review

  1. Thank you for really taking the time to test Joyboxx and write such a thoughtful review! Thanks for the feedback and I have shared that with our product designer. There are pros & cons to making that hole larger, but we have a solution!


    • Thanks, Deborah! It’s always so great to hear that companies are listening to feedback from users. I think even 1/8 of an inch will solve the problem with most USBs. It’s annoying that sex toy chargers got bigger over the years. Weren’t they supposed to be small and convenient? Argh… As for the handle, there are pros and cons, I don’t think it’s that important. And it might not work if someone stores a bunch of Njoys or other heavy toys. It’s hard to make a handle that can work with really heavy toys. Even just the toys in the pictures were already very heavy to lift (and some are super lightweight: Tantus Rumble). But at some point in the future, if you find a way to make a handle that can withstand a lot of weight, that will be sooo awesome! But even if you don’t end up changing anything, the box is still awesome and everyone should have one!


  2. As a Joyboxx owner and lover, I really appreciated this review. The opening paragraph is exactly what I have felt since discovering it! The mention of pets was especially key, as I just experienced. Left a cock ring just outside of my Joyboxx (fail), which our new kitty promptly adopted it as his new toy and was batting around the kitchen floor. Always fun to have the roomie ask “So what’s this, hmmm?!” 😉


    • I have a couple of friends and fellow sex educators, who got their dildos or vibrators destroyed by their dogs. Here’s an example. And some of them were limited edition discontinued toys that got some puppy love! Damn! Wrong kind of puppy love. (sad) But cats are even worse in a way, because there’s no hiding anything from a curious kitten. 100% your toys will get (at least) a fair amount of hair before they’ve even dried out.


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