Sliquid Stimulating O Gel

Sliquid O Gel

I would normally run screaming and wouldn’t go anywhere near an arousal gel. My first thought is that it’s a useless product made to shame women that they take so long to get properly turned on or feel pleasure. A number of brands have come up with terrifying and sexist marketing when it comes to arousal gels. And that’s just the message they put on their packaging. This isn’t even taking into consideration what’s inside their products.

The truth is that what’s inside is scary stuff too. Glycerin, propylene glycol, and parabens are the least of your problems when it comes to stimulating gels. They usually have very harsh medical ingredients used to open up your blood vessels, often present in serious drugs for blood circulation. Some of these ingredients, such as L-Arginine, increase the likelihood of herpes outbreaks in those who’ve already contacted the virus. What is more, a lot of the arousal gels are quite long lasting (again, achieved with the help of really harsh chemicals) to the extent of making the clitoris very sensitive and even painful. Not to mention that what’s inside of these gels shouldn’t get anywhere near your vagina and your gentle mucous tissue that’s inside of it. And guess what? Your clitoris is actually very close to your vagina. So if something is not healthy for you vagina, probably you shouldn’t be putting it on your clit.

dscn9963But then Sliquid came up with their organic, natural O gel and I had to check it out. After all, if there’s any arousal gel I will ever put on my intimate parts, that would be something made by Sliquid. And like everything they make, their stimulating gel is glycerin and paraben free. It’s part of their Organics line that has some of my favorite products (to name one: Sliquid Organics Gel Lubricant). It only has botanical extracts that stimulate circulation and enhance sensations. Nothing that can cause you an allergic reaction or any irritation.

The full list of ingredients is: Purified Water, Plant Cellulose (from Cotton), Aloe Barbadensis, Natural Tocopherols (Vitamin E), Cyamopsis (Guar Gum), Peppermint Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Menthol, Organic Extracts of Hibiscus, Flax, Green Tea & Sunflower Seed, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid

How does it feel?

Sliquid O GelFirst of all, Sliquid O Gel isn’t just a clitoral arousal gel. It’s a stimulating gel that can be used on any body part that likes tingling sensations. It’s great for nipples, clits, balls, labia majora, cocks (ones that are not too sensitive to such sensations). It doesn’t have any residue, it leaves your skin clean, dry and it’s non sticky. You only need one pump of the gel smeared over the area you want to stimulate. It will start tingling in a pleasant way, than the cooling off will subside and a gentle overall warming up of the area will follow. The tingling effect is not super long lasting, which to me is a huge advantage. You can always apply more, but no one wants to run to the bathroom and wash off their genitals to soothe a painful tingle or burn with water. There isn’t anything harsh in it ends up dripping down to one’s vagina.

How can one use it?

O Gel will leave you more sensitive and receptive to touch, caress, lick, or vibration. So use your imagination and don’t limit yourself to genitals only. Try it on some sensitive body part that your partner likes stimulated. See how they’ll react if you use some on their neck. Or inner thighs. After you’ve applied it, even a gentle breath or blow will make them shiver. It’s great for sensual play and teasing, and it can be very enhancing if used with blindfolds or restraints. Use it for sensual labia massage or scrotum and perineum massage. It’s great tool to accompany temperature play. It’s delicious when combined with oral sex. The taste of the product is slightly bitter and minty, but nothing too overwhelming.

Safer sex

It contains oil extracts so it should not be used with latex condoms or barriers.

Where to get it

You can purchase it directly from Sliquid. It comes in a 1 oz pump bottle that is extremely easy to use and that doesn’t create any mess for $18 or you can get a box with 12 pillows, each of which individually wrapped to take with you on the go. The 12-unit pack is $24, but it actually adds up to 2 oz because each of squares has a lot of the product.

Use code “Wetlandia” to get 10% off of your purchase from Sliquid.

You can also find it at sex-positive responsible stores.

Disclaimer: Sliquid O Gel was generously provided to me by the company in exchange for my honest review. But my opinions and thoughts in this post reflect my experience with the product and are not altered in any way.

Sliquid Intimate Lubricants

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