COCONU Water-Based Lubricant

COCONU Coconut Water-Based Lubricant

There are very few things that are universal when it comes to sex, pleasure and intimacy. If there is one thing that I think is great advice to give to everyone, regardless of gender, age, orientation or the kind and frequency of sex they engage in, that would be: try adding lube. Using lube makes sex more pleasurable, enhances the experience, takes pressure off your own body to “perform” in a certain way or get wet on its own. It also helps you have more sex, because let’s be honest here, if you end up with a nasty chafing or friction burn, you won’t want to *hear* the word sex in the next few days. Preventing irritation and pain during intercourse is key to leaving with a good memory of the night. Lube is what can turn “Ouch!” into a “Yes, please, gimme MORE!”.

But besides telling people to not shy away from lube, there’s not much I can do, as a sex educator and coach, in order to help people find their best fit. Often finding what product works for you is a matter of trial and error. And that’s why I am constantly trying to bring awareness about healthy choices.

COCONU Coconut Water-Based LubricantAs part of the mission to try out all the body-safe lubes, one of the brands I absolutely needed to test was Coconu. What’s special about them is that they make lubricants from coconut (you probably could’ve figured that last one by yourself, it’s a bit of a no-brainer, isn’t it). They’re most famous for their organic oil-based lubricant, but what’s truly unique to them is actually their coconut water-based lubricant.

You heard correctly. Instead of water, its base is coconut water. Which means that this lube has many of the benefits of coconut oil that many of us love and enthusiastically use in the kitchen, bedroom and the bathroom alike. At the same time it does not contain any oils, so it’s latex-compatible!

Coconu only makes two lubricants (the coconut water and coconut oil-based ones), and their products are: pH balanced, hypoallergenic, they do not contain genetically modified organisms, are alcohol, petroleum, parabens, gluten, phylates, fragrances and dyes free. They don’t perform any animal testing. Their water-based lube is certified organic and is 100% vegan.

Coconu Coconut Water-based Personal Lubricant Ingredients: Organic Coconut Water *, Xanthan Gum, Cellulose Gum, Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba (Guar) Gum, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate. * Certified Organic Ingredient. 


Coconu products only come in 3 oz tubes, which means that you can take the bottle even in your carry-on luggage. They recently redesigned their packaging and I’m truly in love with their bottles and boxes. Nothing suggests it’s a sexual product, so you can safely leave it on your drawer. Everything you need to know about the product and the company’s philosophy is mentioned there.

What does it feel like

Coconu water-based is a slightly runny and liquidy lube, that has a really nice slipperiness and last fairly long for a water-based lube. It’s entirely non-sticky and doesn’t have any nasty residue. It’s fragrance free and has a slightly (barely noticeable) sweet taste, that just comes from the coconut water and is not achieved by any artificial sweeteners or sugars.

What is it good for

You can use it both as a sexual lubricant or vaginal moisturizer. It’s compatible with all sex toy materials, condoms and latex products, and it’s a great lube for vaginal intercourse, oral sex, alternating the two, and even hand sex. Keep in mind that it’s not super cushioning and if you’re going to give long hand jobs or do a lot of fingering, you might want to use their oil-based version one instead. It’s a little too runny and watery for anal sex in my opinion, a problem that their other lube solves very successfully!


Organic coconut helps you fight off yeast infections and candidiasis, and has a long-lasting hydrating effect. It increases skin elasticity and blends wonderfully with vaginal lubrication.

Last words

COCONU Coconut Water-Based LubricantIn terms of personal preferences, Coconu water-based is not thick and gel-like enough, but my partner absolutely loved it and reported it’s his personal favorite. It’s one of the lubes I really love, because it has so very few ingredients, all of which are unique and healthy. There is no other equivalent of this product on the market, and if you’re still in search for a lube that best fits your body, you should definitely consider it. I also like alternating lubes, because some are aloe-based, some have other healthy ingredients. I am trying to give my body an optimal and balanced diet and I apply the same rule to my lubricants. There are many ingredients that have great health benefits out there.

They’re a wonderful company that’s easy to shop from, provide excellent customer support and even has a blog that educates about ingredients and the benefits of using lube. The coconut water-based lube sells for $15.99 and you can get it from here. If you prefer purchasing your lube from a sex store and adding it to your cart when purchasing sex toys, you can find it at Peepshow Toys too. And you get 10% off with code WETLANDIA.

Disclaimer: COCONU was generously provided to me by the company in exchange for my honest review. But my opinions and thoughts in this post reflect my experience with the product and are not altered in any way.

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