Eva by Dame Products

Eva by Dame Products

In the spirit of full disclosure, I have to admit this. When I first saw Eva online I laughed my ass off. I thought it was ridiculous, silly and I couldn’t see how it could possibly work. To be true, that happened at a time when I was hugely disappointed in couples’ toys and supposedly hands-free gadgets and their promise of hands-free orgasms. That also occurred at a moment when I knew nothing about the company, nor the research behind Eva.

I had to stand corrected pretty quickly though. Great stores that I support and respect started storing it, and positive reviews from some of my favorite bloggers were popping up. I couldn’t pretend that Eva was laughable and wave it off. It had a stronger and stronger presence in the sex toy world.

Dame Products

One of the first things that changed my opinion about Eva was the company behind it (Short version: Alex and Janet are awesome!) Dame Products is a women-owned business that started with a simple idea. They wanted to solve one problem that many products had tried to before: how to make a vibrator that was unobtrusive, that could be used during sex (not necessarily just penis in vagina intercourse), that fitted well, didn’t get in the way, and complemented sex, instead of steal the thunder. Eva was not meant to replace your partner, it was meant to be used with your partner.

What inspired them was the simple fact that studies show that at least 70% of women don’t have orgasm during intercourse. That doesn’t mean that these women are broken or incapable of experiencing orgasm altogether. Penetration and the stimulation that occurs during intercourse are not what makes women come. For one, penetrative sex doesn’t sufficiently stimulate the clitoris, and the vagina itself has very few nerve endings. The clitoris, on the other hand, has 8,000!

The first generation of the vibrator was thoroughly tested and reviewed by a number of couples who partook in the study and its development. Eva was successfully crowdfunded (it actually raised 1151% of the goal of the campaign). You can find out more about the story behind Eva in this video.

How does it work?

I know that’s the first question that comes to your mind when you see Eva. The vibrator itself is the size of a pebble: the main body of the vibe is roughly 1.3″ by 1.7″. It’s virtually feather light. The little arms or wings of the vibrator are a bit flexible: allowing it to fit a wider range of bodies and sizes. The way you “wear” it is by placing the wings between your inner labia and your outer labia. Dame products have a really comprehensive fitting guide.

The body of the vibrator is placed over the glans of your clitoris, but the little arms of Eva actually carry the vibration too, and that stimulates better the internal parts of your clitoris. At the same time the body of the vibrator, as well as the arms, are completely out of the way of the vaginal opening, so intercourse can happen without removing the vibrator, or having to worry about it getting in the way.

The specifications

Eva by Dame ProductsEva is a rechargeable vibrator that is 100% silicone and it’s entirely body-safe. It comes in two colors, lavender and aqua. The material is matte and very soft. It’s small and light, which makes it as easy to carry around as a bullet vibrator is, and it even comes with a little black storage bag. The toy has three speeds, the lightest one is really non-intimidating and I believe can be used even by people who don’t like direct clitoral vibration and are quite sensitive. Eva actually provides a really broad and pleasant stimulation. If I have to describe it, it would be: a really good balance between pinpoint vibration and broad vibration. The highest speed is actually surprisingly powerful. It has one big button that turns it on and changes the speeds. Which means that you have to cycle through the settings in order to go back to a lower setting, but luckily, Eva has only three modes, so it’s not too much work. I’d rather have one big button that works, even if I have to cycle through them, than have a few tiny buttons that I keep missing or pressing something by mistake. The control button is also not too sensitive, so even in the weirdest sex positions, you don’t end up pressing it by chance and accidentally changing to a different setting. Eva is also shower-proof: you can wash it gently, but you cannot submerge it in water (so don’t take it to the bath tub).

It holds its charge for 60 min on the highest setting and 5 hrs on its lowest. The first time you charge it, you have to puncture the silicone. This feels really wrong and weird, but since at least the angle in which you need to do it is very straightforward, it wasn’t as stressful of an experience as I had with other toys I had to… penetrate with the charger. It also comes with the wall power adapter, not just the USB cable, and this can be handy. It also makes it easy to charge (and take with you) if you’re traveling abroad, because you can charge it either via USB, or just get a wall adapter for the country you will be traveling to.

What can you use it for

Eva by Dame Products

Even though it’s marketed as a couples’ vibrator and it’s great as such, it can be used for all sorts of partnered or solo play. Clearly, you can wear it and have intercourse with it, but it can stay in place and enhance your experience while you give oral sex or a hand job, or while you’re being fingered. It’s great for girl on girl time, because the other partner can grind on it and it can actually work as a great lesbian couples’ toy. If you have a penis-owner as a partner, there are a couple of ways you can both have pleasure without any penetration whatsoever. If your partner’s cock likes vibration, he can place his dick on Eva, while you’re wearing it. Or he can grind his balls on Eva, while receiving a hand job or jerking himself off.

It’s also fantastic for strap-on sex. To be clear, Eva is not the toy you use with the harness. You put the dildo you want to use, but the partner topping with the harness wears Eva as well. And that’s super awesome for pegging or girl on girl strap-on sex, because unless one is using a double ended dildo (like Fun Factory Share), the top usually doesn’t get to feel much or anything at all (besides clearly the joy of bringing pleasure to someone). I am actually really proud of myself for remembering to use it while topping a girl this weekend. It works great with a harness like the Joque by Spareparts, which has a little pocket and holds Eva in place even better. Any other panties-like harnesses, such as Bella or the Tomboi would do the job equally well.

Eva by Dame ProductsAnd let’s not underestimate it as a great toy for masturbation. I discovered several ways in which Eva gets the job done. One is if I use my hands to press it and wiggle it a little bit, for those who like pressing a vibrator against their clitoris. A hands-free way is humping a pillow or the edge of the mattress. The latter is particularly pleasant when I was wearing Kegel balls as well, or a vibrating egg. A hands-free orgasm was absolutely possible and actually easy to achieve. Eva is also of great help if you want to use fewer hands. For instance, you like clitoral stimulation alongside thrusting with a vaginal vibrator or a dildo. For once I don’t have to use both hands! Eva stays put and you can alternate your hands for using the insertable. That’s a godsend to me, because my hands and arms get tired easily and I tend to prefer longer solo sessions.

The other way I completely adore using Eva is wearing it in my panties, walking around, doing chores, cooking dinner, or doing my Kegels meanwhile. That usually gets me really hot and “ready” for intercourse. On those days when time is really limited (life, job, kids, the dishes, you know) and I just want to jump in bed and have a quickie, but at the same time, I want to be sufficiently aroused before going at it.


DSCN9926 - Copy.JPGAs Dame Products recommends, it’s better to try out and experiment with Eva a couple of times alone before introducing it to a partner. When you do, one thing you need to keep in mind is lubrication. In order to stay in, Eva needs your labia to be dry, because friction actually keeps it in place. So you need to be careful with the lube. Either put it inside of your vagina with a lube shooter, use your fingers to get the lube inside, or just lube up the cock or the dildo, instead of placing the lube on your vulva and around your vaginal opening.

Try out different positions. I feel that the positions that worked the best for me were ones in which I had a really close body contact with my partner and our bodies were pressed against each other the most, because that gave Eva most support. In face to face positions the thrusts were rubbing and wiggling it; it felt really good. Same thing applies for strap-on sex. I actually came roughly at the same time the girl I was topping did: the faster I was thrusting, the more Eva was rubbing on my clit. I couldn’t have wished for more.

Things to consider

Eva is a bit loud on the highest setting, to the extent that it can be distracting. Try listening to some music. Overall having a sexy time playlist is always a good idea, but if it can noise out the sounds from the vibrator, that’s even better. Eva can also slip out if lube leaks out of your vagina, or if you’re having a really passionate session with very aggressive and fast thrusting. One tip to always keep it in place is a pair of hot crotchless panties.

Last words

Eva is easily my favorite couples’ toy at this point. Especially at the price-point of $105, which is roughly half the price of the We-Vibe 4 Plus or Sync. It has everything I expect from a toy these days: rechargeable, body-safe, washable. It’s so far #1 in my chart of travel-friendly toys given its size and weight.

You can purchase Eva from Dame Products with a 1-year warranty and free shipping.

Use code: Dame<3Wetlandia to get 10% off of your purchase!

Eva by Dame Products

Disclaimer: Eva was generously provided to me by Dame Products in exchange for my honest review. My opinions and thoughts in this post reflect my experience with the product and are not altered in any way. I am using affiliate links in this post, which help me support this blog. By buying through them you’re giving me the opportunity to keep up the good work.

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