Swan Squeeze Curve Review

Swan Squeeze Curve

Before you run screaming, let me tell you something: this vibrator comes in teal too. It’s not only in pink. Breathe in, breathe out, my pink-hating reader, and keep on reading because this one is really worth it!

About Swan

First things first. Swan’s products are designed and developed in Canada. They feature high-quality, body-friendly, silicone sex toys. They’re most famous for the Swan Wand vibrator. If some of their models seem familiar, that is because Jopen bought the rights for most of their products and sells them under the Vanity line. The newest Swan creations though are sold under their original label and under the BMS Factory wing, which are involved with other well-respected brands, such as Leaf and the improved version Leaf+.

When I saw the shape of the Curve, I knew we were most probably going to get along. But then I found out the whole Squeeze line features smart vibrators. “Brace yourself” was my first thought, because to be honest, anything that claims to be smart, revolutionary, or innovative gives me shivers. All I want is to be able to easily control my toy; too many promises of high-tech features fail greatly in this industry.

I am not afraid to admit how wrong I was. The Swan Curve is just a joy to operate and use.

The Curve is one of the three vibrators in the Squeeze line. The Swan Kiss is a clitoral vibrator. The Swan Hug is their rabbit-style vibrator (that actually looks really intriguing and might work for a number of bodies because the shaft and the external arm are flexible). The Swan Curve is their internal vibrator, and actually works really well for external use too.


The Swan Curve comes in a small box in a color that matches the one of the vibrator you got (teal or pink). It closes with a magnet lock, and contains a visually appealing booklet with a manual, a black satin storage bag and the USB recharger (no wall adapter included).

The product

The Curve has a gorgeous shape. Shape that I can admire both visually and at use for hours. Keep in mind, the Curve is not for size queens. With a diameter of 1.3″ (3.3 cm) of the widest part of the insertable end, and total length of 6.45″ (16.4 cm), two thirds of which are insertable, it’s a really good average size toy. Its neck is slightly flexible, which makes it really comfortable during use, without too much poking or hard g-spot stimulation. The g-spot stimulation is still there even if not in a Njoy Pure Wand or Comet Wand way.

The Swan Curve is made with 100% matte silicone finish. It’s seamless and soft, with the usual amount of drag for a silicone toy. It’s really easy to clean, it doesn’t have anything engraved on it, and doesn’t have any ridges or weird bumps. It’s waterproof and fully submersible and its battery holds up to 2.5 hours (in exchange of up to 3 hrs of charging it). And it comes with 1-yr warranty. But enough about the stats, let’s get to the point.

At use

Swan Squeeze CurveWhen I say it’s easy to operate, I mean it’s ridiculously easy to operate it. It only has one button that you need to hold for a few seconds until the toy vibrates twice shortly. Then all you need to do is gently squeeze the handle on the sides. It’s really intuitive, and by holding it you can create really enjoyable patterns and rhythms that respond to your needs at the moment. If you don’t want to squeeze it, you just need to press the button once and it will hold the desired vibration strength. If you want to change the speed, press again to unlock it, and squeeze until the desired speed again. It also has a feature that actually allows you to memorize your own vibration pattern and replicate it. According to the brochure, you can operate it hands free by inserting the toy vaginally and squeezing your legs together. And believe it or not, the hands-free use worked really well too! It’s not something one can use really long though, because your thighs will get tired after a while. But I can see this being a great feature for dominance and submission, while using hand restraints, maybe ordering the submissive to squeeze their tights and pleasure themselves, punish them for getting tired and not following orders… The vibrations are rumbly and strong; at the same time the Curve is not too noisy of a toy. It’s really ergonomic and intuitive both for internal and external use.

Last words

The Swan Curve is one of the most pleasant and enjoyable shapes of an internal vibrator that I’ve ever used. I can honestly say that I loved everything about it. It’s reasonably priced at $89 and has all the features one would expect from a premium brand. (And let’s not forget that we live in a world where toys much more expensive than a hundred bucks are not even water-proof.)

Here’s a short video I shot showing the Curve Squeeze at use. You can see the amount of pressure needed to operate it, how easy it is to lock a vibration speed, and how flexible the neck of the toy is.

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