Svakom Nova Kegel Balls Review

Svakom Nova Kegel Balls
I used to absolutely love the Svakom Nova Balls. Until I read the manual and went to their website. Then I felt so conflicted that I postponed writing this review for a while. Why was I so torn? Because I loved the product, I still respect the company in many ways, but I have to raise some issues with their marketing.

My Beef (to put it mildly) with their Marketing

I just can’t live in a world where this official product video exists. First sentence: “According to a research from the internet most men prefer a tight vagina over a loose one because tight vagina allows them to have better sexual experiences.” Okay, f*ck everyone from the marketing team who decided this was an appropriate way to market Kegel balls. Loose vagina shaming? And the reason why you should take care of your sloppy, undesirable loose vagina is solely for… male pleasure? Oh, no, no, no! This is just horrible. And from a company that’s trying to be feminist and is supposedly all about female pleasure?

Please, Svakom, take down or edit this video. And edit the copy on the website and the product manual. This is just bellow you.


Svakom Nova BallsEven the product manual and the website read “We designed these exercise courses especially to help those who have a loose vagina after giving birth.” There’s a number of ways to describe body changes that occur after childbirth without calling it a “loose vagina”. And there are a million other reasons to use Kegels, besides childbirth. Kegels are for everybody. There are Kegels programs for penis-owners, there are products like the Svakom Nova Balls for vagina owners. And they’re great for all ages and stages of life. Because everyone can benefit from exercising their PC muscles. And because keeping them toned makes women orgasm more easily, enjoy sex more, experience more pleasure during partnered or solo sex. There’s your marketing message. Even if you want to exploit the postpartum market, there are sex-positive messages Svakom can use instead. For instance:  “You are a parent now, but you still deserve pleasure and you are still a sexual creature. Do this for yourself.” Tapping into female fear of loose vagina and their partner leaving them for someone younger and tighter is just a cheap dirty trick.

The Company

Svakom Nova Kegel BallsThat’s strike one, but I am not going to tell you to never buy anything from Svakom. Because there are a number of good things about them (including the actual product that is so terrifyingly marketed). Svakom is an international sex toy company that sells primarily vibrating toys, all designed in the US, according to their website. All of their products are silicone and are body-safe, aesthetically pleasing and high-quality. They make a number of really well received products (such as Keri, Echo, Mini Emma), and actually try to bring innovation to the table. They’ve created a vibrator with a camera, so you can see inside your own or your partner’s vagina, they have vibrators that feature the most long-lasting batteries on the market and provide you with up to 48 (!!) hours of playtime, and they have a couple of warming up vibes, and that’s a category that I think shouldn’t be overlooked, since temperature often is key to arousal and blood flow.

What do Kegel balls do?

dscn3027Kegel balls, or Ben Wa balls are usually a set of two vaginal balls that help you do your Kegel exercises. These are a series of voluntary squeezes of your PC muscles (Pubococcygeus muscles). And since that’s a muscle group that’s really difficult to locate and exercise in everyday life, these balls were created to help you find the muscles and do your Kegels more easily. Yoni eggs or other vaginal eggs made of crystal serve the same purpose. But there are a number of added benefits to using a set of two balls, as well as using balls that are not uniformly made from just one material, such as glass, metal, stone or crystal.


Kegel balls made for medical purposes or by sex toy companies have a smaller ball inside a larger sphere. Which makes the balls jiggle every time you move, step, squat, dance or stretch. With the added factor of the weight of the ball and the force of gravity, that makes the balls want to slip out of you, but the slight jiggle makes you tighten up and squeeze your PC muscles every time that happens. Your reflexes would be to not let the balls slip out. So instead of counting and keeping track of your PC muscle workout, you just put them in, walk around or do some chores, while the balls do the rest for you. Another advantage of Kegel systems, such as Svakom Nova, is that these offer progressive weights and sizes, which will allow you to gradually make your Kegel routine more difficult with time.


The lighter the ball(s), the easier to hold in. The bigger the size of the ball(s), the easier to hold in. That’s why usually people start with a big light ball, then move towards two balls, and increase the weight while decreasing the size. Small and heavy balls are the most challenging .

What are the benefits of Kegel exercises (aka kegels)?

Svakom Nova Kegel Balls
Toning up your PC muscles will give you better bladder control, stronger vaginal muscles, better genital blood flow; it helps with arousal (especially if you do your kegels before sex), helps you experience more pleasure, achieve orgasms more easily, and even be able to have multiple orgasms. It can reduce pain during intercourse. Clearly these are great for postpartum recovery, but I think everyone can benefit from them, at any stage of life. I would recommend kegels to anyone who’s sexually active. They really help you learn about your own body, and reflect about what feels good. And all of these squeezes and “movements” you are going to learn while squeezing the balls are super fun to apply and use during intercourse.

The Product

Svakom Nova Kegel BallsSvakom Nova Balls come in three different colors: teal, violet and bright pink/red (the teal is just gorgeous). They’re a set of three exercise balls. They come in a beautiful stylish box, which includes a 1-year warranty, and a storage bag.  Nova balls are entirely covered in silicone, including the cord, which makes them seamless and very smooth. This is one of the reasons I think they’re one of the best Kegel programs currently on the market. They’re easy to clean and truly hygienic, as you don’t get vaginal fluids or lube between the  plastic and silicone parts or on the cord (which is the case with most other Kegel Balls), they’re really smooth and feel great during use and upon insertion. The balls do have the name of the brand engraved in the silicone, but if you wash them right after use no fluid get stuck in there.
  • The first one is a big single ball with a diameter of 1.41″ (36 mm). Just for your reference, that’s the diameter of the larger Luna Beads by Lelo. It weighs 49 grams or 1.73 oz.
  • The medium size has two balls connected together, with a slightly smaller diameter of 1.26″ (32 mm) and it’s 2.65 oz (75 grams) heavy.
  • The smallest and heaviest set of two balls is just 1.10″ (28 mm) in diameter (the size of Lelo Luna Beads Mini or Noir) and it weighs 3.35 oz (95 grams) which is much heavier than the Lelo Luna Beads (which weigh a mere 74 grams).
Svakom Nova

Svakom Nova Balls dimensions. Image credit: Svakom for Amazon.

How to use it?

Kegel balls are meant to be used while you are active. They won’t do much if you’re just sitting or lying down. Sure, you can still make some use of them, but then you will have to do your counts and voluntarily exercise. Ideally you should be wearing them while walking, running, dancing, swimming, doing squats or stretching. They’re entirely waterproof. The suggested use is 30 minutes a day. You start with the biggest and lightest ball and use that one for 30 days, and move to the more challenging one after a month.


I would suggest using a good quality water-based lube for insertion. Don’t overdo it with the lube because if things are too slippery it’s going to be extra challenging to keep the balls inside (which you can do later when you’ve mastered the heaviest ball to make things even more advanced). The easiest way to place them inside is lying down. If you are new to kegel balls, please do your first experiments at home where you can easily remove them, if needed. The last thing you want to happen is for you to be at the shopping mall or doing your workout at the gym and freak out that the balls are going to slip out. Wearing tight underwear and something that gives more support (panties instead of a g-string) and maybe wearing pants or tights, not a skirt or a dress, can make you feel more comfortable when you wear them in public, so even if they start slipping out, your underwear and clothes can keep them inside instead of rolling down the floor or the sidewalk.


Svakom Nova Kegel BallsBen Wa balls are super fun to use right before sex because they will get you really warmed up. You will have enough circulation in your genitals, and you will in generally feel more aroused (I personally feel really horny after my kegels). They’re something really hot for you to include in your foreplay or as a teasing tool. Let your partner know you’re wearing them during dinner. Have them lick the balls clean for you, after you’ve used them. Have them tease your clit or use an external vibrator while the balls are still in. You can wear them vaginally during anal intercourse. Or wear them during oral sex (both receiving or performing). The possibilities are endless. And if you’ve read Fifty Shades of Gray and if you’re wondering: yes, you could wear then while being spanked.

You can get the Svakom Nova Balls from LUVOQA for $59.

Disclaimer: Svakom Nova was generously provided to me by the company in exchange for my honest review. My opinions and thoughts in this post reflect my experience with the product and are not altered in any way. I am using affiliate links in this post, which help me support this blog. By buying through them you’re giving me the opportunity to keep up the good work.

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