Sola Egg Massager Passion Set Review


If I were to describe the Sola Egg Massager in a few words it would be: a powerhouse in a palm-sized vibrator. I mean Magic Wand-like power.

Sola is a relatively new company in the sex toy industry and they’re known for their Sola Sync Wand vibrator and the Sola Egg Massager. They offer a few other vaginal or dual vibrators as well. Their focus is technology, innovation and body safety. I have to say that most of their designs intrigue me deeply because they’ve truly brought new things to the table: not your typical wand vibrator, and definitely not your usual small clitoral vibe. They have a simple design and no unnecessary details or features. Nothing too extravagant. In fact, their products as well as their marketing remind me much more of the wellness business than the adult industry.


Their packaging is absolutely gift-like. No yuck factor, nothing explicit, vulgar or distasteful. Sola is classy, stylish and non-threatening. In fact, their products come in one of the most beautiful boxes I’ve seen lately. Not to mention that there is no disgusting sleazy copy on the box or their website. Somehow I feel the need to mention this because lately we’ve witnessed a number of companies acting like jerks and I am kind of losing my patience. The focus on pleasure is still there, but without rubbing it in your face. Everything you need to know about the product is on the box, in short bullet points.

The box contains everything one will need. I really mean everything. The Sola Egg Massager, its charging dock, the attachments, a user guide, a charging cord AND a wall adapter, as well as a pouch for storage. See? Everything. These days I really appreciate all the details and I have to hi-five companies that walk the extra mile to provide everything you need. The storage bag makes it so easy to keep the toy nice and dust free, and helps you tell it apart from other products in your collection.

Key features

The Bunni Sleeve Sola Egg MassagerThe Sola Egg Massager comes in two versions. The Passion Set has three attachments and that’s the one I am currently reviewing, while The Wellness Set only has two attachments, the original Swedish Sleeve that both sets share (the purple and smooth one) plus the Shiatshu Sleeve. The additional two attachments included with the Passion Set are the Bunni Sleeve and the Omi Sleeve. All of these massager heads are silicone and removable. And I need to highlight how soft and nice their silicone feels against my skin!

The whole toy is entirely water-proof and immersible, which makes it really easy to clean and sanitize, as well as play in the tub with it, if that’s your thing. The Sola Egg Massager is rechargeable and has a battery life of 1.5 hours and 3 hrs full cycle charging time. It also has a travel lock that doubles as speed lock. Since the Sola Massager doesn’t have any “+” or “-” controls, it only responds to pressure; but you can lock it on the desired speed and not worry about the pressure you’re applying.

Using it

I love powerful and strong vibrations. And I hate having the dilemma of how to take a Magic Wand or a Doxy on a trip. Sola Egg is that perfect little sibling of the big wands, it still has the big broad head without sacrificing power or quality. The Sola Egg Massager is like a travel Hitachi. It’s great for anything from a good back massage to shattering clitoral stimulation. At the same time, if you are not a power queen, Sola has delicious low-level vibrations that are rumbly and deep. You can even create patterns by applying different pressure and moving the toy around.

The attachments make it even more versatile, and luckily most Magic Wand attachments work on it great too. Some of the attachments by other brands I had to put over the original Swedish sleeve, others fit right on top of the toy.

The tricky part is that even with the additional attachments the toy doesn’t respond as well to pressure (apart from the Shiatsu sleeve from The Wellness Set). With the Bunni or the Omi sleeves I had to actually press the toy hard with my palm, get to the speed I needed, lock it down, and then move towards playing. Overall, the Sola Egg Massager is responsive but the responsiveness works better with the original sleeve that is flat and has most direct contact with your body.

I am not a huge fan of attachments or vibes like the Bunni sleeve (the pink one with the two ears), because they somewhat don’t work for my clit. But if you like your clit being surrounded by vibration on each side, without any direct contact with the nub of your clit, the Bunni might be just the right thing for you. The Omi sleeve does give a more pinpoint stimulation, and can be used vaginally as well. I am really happy that these are made of silicone and are entirely body-safe because there are plenty of porous wand attachments out there. Having extra sleeves included with the toy makes it much more versatile and interesting for different kinds of stimulation.

Don’t be fooled that the Sola Egg Massager is just a clitoral toy. It’s great for penises, balls and a perineum massage. The Omi sleeve can be used anally as well. And something else I’ve discovered is how well the Hammerhead (or Hummingbird) attachment from Kink Lab works with Sola. The Hammerhead is a penis stroker or masturbator sleeve that transfers the vibrations from the massager. And it fits perfectly on top of the Egg Massager! Which is freaking great, because that gives me (if I am in charge) or the penis-owner much more control and an easier hold, versus using the Magic Wand for this particular job.

Great things about it

As I’ve mentioned, it’s rare that a toy this strong is small and easy to carry with you. In my book that gets a lot of extra points. It also doesn’t look like a sex toy at all, it’s really pretty in it’s charging dock, and it’s just made really well. It delivers that positive overall experience that we’re all seeking from a high-end product. Did I mention that it comes with a 5-year warranty???

Things that need improving

If I were to address a few issues… The noise is less bugging and annoying when the toy is pressed really hard against my body, but if it loses contact for a bit it sounds like a jackhammer (well, maybe not exactly), which is very distracting. And my second beef with it is that it needs a lot of pressure. I would be really happy if it was a little more responsive and required less pressure in order to reach the highest vibration speeds.

Sola Egg Massager Passion Set can be purchased from Shevibe for $119.99 or directly from Sola’s website.

Disclaimer: Sola Egg Massager Passion Set was generously provided to me by the company in exchange for my honest review. My opinions and thoughts in this post reflect my experience with the product and are not altered in any way. I am using affiliate links in this post, which help me support this blog. By buying through them you’re giving me the opportunity to keep up the good work.

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