Rabbit Jade Thick Chakrub Review

Chakrub Review

I wish I could capture beauty and perfection in words, and how special this product is. I wish you could evaluate it not just as a sex toy, a pleasure object, but also as an aesthetic piece of art.

If you are getting scared that this post is going to be too woo-woo for your taste, rest assured, the Chakrub is a great toy by itself. There is going to be some talk about chakras, crystals and energy. But you can stay for the pleasure bit. Stay for the shape and the design of these dildos. Stay because you want to support one-of-a-kind products, stay because you want to vote with your wallet and give your money to small businesses.

About Chakrubs

There aren’t many companies that can truly pull out the “unique” claim. Luckily this isn’t your regular adult business. Chakrubs is a small, woman-owned company, that specializes is the creation of crystal dildos, butt plugs and yoni eggs. Their products are made of White Jade (aka Rabbit Jade), Blue Aventurine, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Black Obsidian, Green Aventurine (or Indian Jade), Red Jasper, or Orange Aventurine. Their dildos come in three shapes: the slim Chakrub, the thick Chakrub (the one I am reviewing), the Wand Chakrub.

Crystals and Chakras

Rabbit Jade Thick Chakrub ReviewThe chakras, according to Buddhism, are energy centers in our bodies. Not our physical body, but our subtle body. There are seven major chakras and each of them has a corresponding sound, color and crystals that can heal them. Most crystals can heal more than one chakra. Some of our chakras are responsible for decision-making, clarity and feeling of determination and purpose, others for (not) feeling loved and secure, or feeling shame or guilt. For those of you who practice yoga, and/or tantra, these concepts might be very close to your heart and mind; others might read this with a dose of skepticism. I’m in no way an expert of the Chakra system, but Vanessa Cuccia, the owner of the company, explains in at length in this blog post. As everything in the world, nothing is binary or black and white, and I fall somewhat in the middle of the spectrum. I can’t say I fully understand or embrace Tantra, Chakras, or Buddhism, but I know certain practices make me feel better. Whether it’s breathing exercises, meditation, or visualization, a lot of these have their place in the bedroom and can be used for pleasure, during sex, or to reduce trauma or shame for previous experiences. In my opinion anything that works for you, even if you don’t know why and how, should be embraced (if it doesn’t harm you or others in some way, of course). Whether it’s walking in nature, listening to bird and waterfall sounds, doing yoga, getting a massage, having aroma candles, or using oils. A lot of us already have embraced in one way or another some aspect of these rituals in our everyday life, in our relaxation practices or in our partnered or solo time. And you can use your crystal dildo for way more things than just penetration. You can just hold the crystal close to you, you can have it at your work space, where you meditate, or in your bed. You can put it under your pillow. You can carry it with you for protection from negative energy. And the thick Chakrub might be a good self-defense tool as well!

Why Crystals? (Besides Chakras and Buddhism)

Crystals are body-safe. Making crystal dildos doesn’t harm the environment. Using them doesn’t harm your body. They’re non-porous, one of a kind, aesthetic and beautiful. They transfer and keep temperature in unique ways. They’re heavy and great for creating a feeling of fullness, pressure and weight in your body (the same way we love our stainless steel Njoy products). They don’t use batteries or power, all you will ever need is your product. They’re arguably the first thing early humans have used for self-pleasure. You know these questions about what you’d take with you if your plane crashes on an island? Chances are that the island in the middle of nowhere isn’t gonna have electricity. So in deserted island scenario you can always rely on a durable material that only needs your hands to operate it. Okay, all joking aside: stone dildos feel really differently from silicone, metals or even glass. They’re great for massages. And they’re beautiful. That’s a F.A.C.T.

Getting Your Chakrub

Besides clearly choosing the right shape for your needs — thicker or slimmer, direct g-spot stimulation or not — you might want to read the description of the different stones the dildos are made of. Chakrubs have a very comprehensive guide to the benefits of each crystal. You will receive your package beautifully wrapped with a personal letter with a seal. It includes instructions about taking care of your crystal, cleaning it and getting to know it. Making it yours. Getting acquainted with its energy and how it makes you feel. Getting it on the same wavelength as you are, so to speak. The dildo itself comes in a gorgeous lace and satin storage wrap that I just can’t take my eyes off.

What Is It Like?

Chakrubs Dildo ReviewI got the Rabbit Jade Thick Chakrub. It’s a white stone, also known as white jasper, that I absolutely love. It helps you achieve inner peace, focus and clarity, feel purified. Just looking at it makes me feel peaceful and more in harmony. It’s almost one pound heavy, which is something that I appreciate these days. A lot of us have come to love heavier toys because contrary to what you might think they require less effort to move and stimulate pleasure zones. Their weight kind of does the job for you. The shape of the big Chakrub is that of an extra elongated tear drop. It’s smooth on both ends, so it can be used as a double ended dildo. Using the pointy side is great for a-spot (deep spot, cervical) stimulation, while the thicker part is fabulous for feeling full. It provides good g-spot pressure, even though it doesn’t have a g-spot curve. If you need to get an idea about it’s size: when measured flat it’s 7” long and goes from 1″ to 1.75” wide. It has a circumference of 3.5″ at the small end and 5.25″ at the large end.

You will need to warm up your stone (glass, metal) dildo before using it. Just have some running water of a temperature that feels pleasant on your body, the kind of water you will use to shower or take a bath with, or just slightly warmer. If you are in the middle of something and can’t get to water or you don’t want to interrupt your play, just warm the crystal up with your body. Have it on your belly, on your chest. The Rabbit Jade Thick Chakrub has no drag to it. The material is really smooth and you only need a little bit of lubrication in order to slide it inside of you. The warmth is going to bring extra circulation and it’s going to feel much better and different from silicone toys. Thrusting it in and out or applying pressure to particular pleasure zones is really easy with a toy of this size and weight.

Rabbit Jade Thick Chakrub Review

Because of its girth and ability to keep temperature, the Rabbit Jade Thick Chakrub has become one of my favorite dildos. It’s such a simple but genius shape that really works with this particular material. Using it makes me feel truly special and taken care of. Definitely not your regular commercial dildo.

The prices of these beauties vary based on the price of the crystal they’re made of. The Rabbit Jade Thick Chakrub sells for $169, which is roughly the price of most of their thicker dildos, and their slimmer ones go for around $115. They’re absolutely worth it!

Note that these dildos are not safe for anal play and they’re not harness compatible. If you want to explore some butt play, try out their plugs.


Disclaimer: The Rabbit Jade Chakrub was generously provided to me by the company in exchange for my honest review. My opinions and thoughts in this post reflect my experience with the product and are not altered in any way. I am using affiliate links in this post, which help me support this blog. By buying through them you’re giving me the opportunity to keep up the good work.

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