Satisfyer 2 Review

Satisfyer 2 Review

Many exciting and overwhelming things are happening in the world of sex toys at the end of this year. The Satisfyer released 4 new models of their pressure wave “vibrator”. After the success of the newest version of the Satisfyer Pro 2 I was wondering what they could improve or introduce. After all, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is really, really powerful. Its only downside is that it’s loud as f*ck. Luckily, my curiosity was satisfied (pun intended) when Peepshowtoys asked me if I wanted to review… ALL of the new Satisfyers. Yep, I mean… I had to. For… science. You know, people needed to know, so I had to have first… hand experience.

Thoroughly testing and comparing the new four models and the older Satisfyer Pro 2, made me wish I had an assistant to take notes as I was using them in the tub, in bed, and in every imaginable way. They were somehow so different from one another, yet similar. While I am not going to compare all five of them in this post, as this is something that I am going to leave for a completely separate article, I am going to make references to the different models, all of which you can find at Peepshowtoys. They not only carry all five models, but they offer very competitive prices for each of the toys.

Short intro into the models

Satisfyer 2 and Satisfyer Pro 2

Satisfyer 2 and Satisfyer Pro 2

There is the older, and currently most expensive model, Satisfyer Pro 2. It’s rechargeable, and it’s the most powerful one of the five.There are two new rechargeable models, the Satisfyer Pro Penguin and the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe. They’re slightly less powerful, but much less noisy than the Pro 2. The shape of their nozzle is very different though, and I am still doing some extensive testing (someone has to), as they differ in subtle ways. And there are two battery operated models, the Satisfyer 1 and the Satisfyer 2.

I am mainly going to compare the last two, since they’re in the same price-range, and they’re the only two that are battery operated. They both use 2 x AAA batteries and have 11 programs, but the Satisfyer 2 is a tiny bit more powerful, though definitely louder.

What’s the Satisfyer 2?

Satisfyer 2 ReviewIf you are unfamiliar with the world of pulsators, or pressure wave vibrators, all of the Satisfyers (as well as the Womanizers) work in a similar way. (It’s also worth noting that Womanizer sued Satisfyer for copying its technology.) They don’t vibrate, but instead slightly pulsate and apply a gentle suction. While the nozzle surrounds the clitoris and applies pulsations, at the same time the opening of the nozzle applies suction on the glans of the clit. It’s a really unique sensation different from any vibrator of form of play you’ve had. What the feeling is closest to is oral sex, but even the analogy with cunnilingus doesn’t really explain that well what the toy feels like. I’ve read a number of reviews and opinions, and a huge number of people have reported orgasming (and often just within minutes) solely with the toy, while others prefer it as a warm-up. And of course, there are people with really sensitive clit that didn’t like the sensation at all and found it overwhelming.  

The Satisfyer 2 is a battery operated version of the toy. It’s roughly the same size as the Satisfyer Pro 2, but it’s lighter. As I said, it’s less loud than the Pro 2, but out of the new four models, it’s still the loudest one. It definitely doesn’t look like a sex toy, it’s really stylish and tasteful and comes in a beautiful classy box. The nozzle is made of silicone and can be removed for cleaning purposes. The nozzle of the Satisfyer 2 is the biggest of all, with a much bigger opening, so it’s able to stimulate a wider area. Which I think is a huge plus, as the opening of the nozzle of the original Satisfyer was way too small for most clits.

What are the advantages?

Both battery-operated toys are much cheaper and come at a very attractive price-point. The Satisfyer 2 sells for $35, while the Satisfyer 1 has a price tag of $29. Where the Satisfyer 2 shines, besides the size of its nozzle, is the fact that it has “+” and “-” controls, something that no other model features. And this is really helpful for a toy that has 11 modes. Circling through them and going back a notch is a pain with the other versions, and this is one of the primary reasons I can passionately recommend this model and I chose to review it first. Another great thing about it is that it’s still very powerful. I for one had no problem reaching an orgasm with it. And speaking of battery-operated toys: once it’s dead, all you need to do is put in a fresh set of batteries. You don’t have to wait to recharge the toy, you don’t have to worry about cords and outlets. Which does make it great for travelling.

What are the disadvantages?

All of the new models came out of the box with a harsh smell of chemicals. It might be because they’re super new and just came out of the factory, or it could be just a problem with the first batches. But it’s something I haven’t experienced with the Pro 2. The smell is getting fainter and fainter with time, but even after a few days and using it in the tub, it’s still there.

Tips on how to use it

Satisfyer 2 and Satisfyer Pro 2

Satisfyer 2 and Satisfyer Pro 2

All of the Satisfyers are waterproof and can be used in the tub. This is something that I am definitely going to recommend, because it’s a truly unique sensation. While the warmth of the bath helps with circulation (ergo, arousal), many people dislike vibrators in the tub because the stimulation is numbed by water. In the case of the Satisfyers, the stimulation is enhanced — less acute but more nuanced. It makes the Satisfyer feel like a gentle massager, it feels like someone going down on you or someone gently stroking your clit.

If you want to use it out of the tub or the shower, I would recommend lubing up your vulva, and squeezing some lube in and around the nozzle.

If you like vaginal stimulation and feeling full, you should try wearing kegel balls while playing with the toy. Or any vaginal egg. Maneuvering a dildo alongside any Satisfyer might be a tricky task, that’s why I recommend vaginal balls instead.

It also feels really good for nipple play. Just sayin’.

In conclusion

The Satisfyer 2 is one of the models I can easily recommend for several reasons. Battery-operated toys usually malfunction far less often than rechargeable ones, and you can keep enjoying the toy with new batteries (but, yes, we could use fewer batteries in the world…). It has a price-point of almost half the price of the Satisfyer Pro 2, it’s less loud and it’s almost as powerful. To be honest, it’s power-range is probably going to be enough for most people, because the last several speeds of the Pro 2 are way too strong. And it has “+” and “-” buttons to go back and forth in speeds, separate from the “on” and “off” button!

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Disclaimer: The Satisfyer 2 was generously provided to me by Peepshowtoys in exchange for my honest review. My opinions and thoughts in this post reflect my experience with the product and are not altered in any way. I am using affiliate links in this post, which help me support this blog. By buying through them you’re giving me the opportunity to keep up the good work.

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4 thoughts on “Satisfyer 2 Review

  1. I’ve been searching out reviews or just about anything (comments? disses? questions? product information?) on satisfyer’s updated line since they released. While the pro 2 got a lot of attention- the rest of the line severely lacks information at all.

    Even satsifyer’s website itself doesn’t distinguish what differences there are between the toys or what really makes them stand out from each other. (I personally think this is a really poor move on their part for selling their toys.) It’s made choosing a real headache!

    If you look the feature lists on almost all of them are identical, even on satisfyers website. I even took a glance at the manuals to see if I could figure out what makes each one “special” other than different shapes and heads. But the official site and even product listings are not that helpful at all! You mentioned the motors so there must more that separates them.

    (If you wouldn’t mind terribly- Something I would really like to see is something easy to compare the scale of the “heads” “tips”? with like a coin and maybe the whole product with a pen. Your photos are beautiful! but it is hard for me to tell the scale sometimes if I cant see a product next to an item I’m very familiar with.)

    I’m grateful for the work you are putting in testing and sharing your thoughts on these products and peepshow reaching out to you (and with any luck others too- since more opinions are welcome).

    These toys- if they all live up to the positives of the pro 2- are especially welcome at their price point. Both my partner and I are disabled and this type (and price) of toy could be useful for us given our number of physical challenges. Despite the legal quibbles the companies have, I am glad that the womanizer has a challenger to the market as the original prices were very inaccessible to us, and certainly many others.

    The toy I am most curious about in the line is the deluxe- and it appears to be the only one with no reviews anywhere. Disappointing for a toy that from what I can tell was released- (or maybe it was just ‘announced’) a few months ago internationally. Satisfyer says they have sold something like ~250,000 units. Sadly that has not translated into many reviews beyond the pro 2’s original attention period.

    I am curious when you compare your pro 2 to the new releases if you have the “updated” quieter pro 2 and its still so noisy – or if you have one of the originals that supposedly were some arbitrary % louder. 🙂

    Thanks for reviewing, it will make my life easier when I finally decide!


    • Dear Taloo! Thank you for you comment and all the questions you’ve raised! The last Satisfyer I am going to review is going to be the Deluxe. I am reviewing the 1 before that. The reason is that the Deluxe I got was defective, so I am waiting for a replacement. I only used it once before it broke.
      Even my updated Pro 2 is extremely loud. The “quieter” feature they added was adding lower settings that make it a little less noisy, but only on power settings around 1 to 3 or 4. Nothing of the new models even remotely compares to the noise of the Pro 2.

      I do have pictures of all the nozzles and the heads, but not against a coin, and as soon as I am back from my holiday trips I am going to re-take these and have an object to compare it with! What a great idea!

      I don’t see a reason why the rechargeable batteries wouldn’t work with these models. There’s no indication how much a set of batteries is going to last you, unfortunately. I haven’t timed my sessions with the battery operated ones, but I’ve had them for a few weeks, and especially the #1 I used a number of times, for comparison purposes. They haven’t died on me yet.

      As for waterproofing – I’ve noticed that with the 2 it got a little compromised to water. The battery compartment filled with a little water after several uses, but it hasn’t stopped working. I opened the battery compartment, drained it, dried it out, and it looks intact. Not only that, but even when it had some water inside, while I was using it in the tub, it never stopped working. One of the reasons these days I kind of prefer battery-operated toys, because they’re kind of more sturdy and more resilient. I haven’t had a battery operated toy break down on me, while I’ve had a number of premium brand toys of roughly $150-ish price tags break.

      As for how not-helpful the product description and everything from the brand is, I can’t agree more. They offer no explanation about how any of these models is different, and they even made it more confusing by having 11 speeds on each model, tricking people into thinking that they all might have the same power.

      Please, stay tuned for the other reviews. I am doing my best to release them ASAP, but I am currently waiting for the Deluxe toy to be delivered again.


  2. I forgot to ask-
    Would rechargable “green” batteries work for these?
    Do you know if there is any indication for how much use batteries would last for?
    Does the battery compartment present any problems with these for waterproofing?



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