Tantus Rumble Dorado Head Review

Tantus Rumble Dorado Head

You already know that Tantus is a company particularly close to my heart. What they create is almost always pure genius, and they’re a great role-model of responsible business practices for the whole adult industry. Oh, and they’re cute as f*ck. They’ve just sent me this Christmas card.

As a person who’s not particularly able-bodied, with many chronic diseases that result in pain in my limbs, shoulders and back, I was extremely happy when Tantus launched the Rumble, their ultra light vibrator. Rumble is also gender-neutral and inclusive. It’s for all bodies, all sizes, all shapes, all genders, all expressions, all orientations. I’ve already reviewed the Rumble, so I am not going to talk much about the vibrator itself, but one of its attachments that I’ve come to like a lot.

Rumble Dorado HeadOne of the huge advantages of the Rumble is the fact that it comes with interchangeable heads that you can buy separately. You might wander how this is different from using an attachment on a Magic Wand or Doxy Die Cast. On Rumble, even the smooth “main” head is an attachment. You remove it, and then place the attachment you want, instead of putting it over the original head. This way the attachment fits better, everything is 100% hygienic and sanitizable (because all of the heads are made of matte smooth silicone), and there are no weird noises or problems with transmitting the vibration well. Have you ever tried a Magic Wand attachment that doesn’t fit well? All the excessive sounds and all that buzzing and flapping around, ugh!

The Dorado Head might look familiar, and that’s because it’s similar to a Magic Wand attachment, called Flutter Tip. While many people complain that the buzziness and the power of the Magic Wand make the Flutter Tip unbearable, the Dorado head works on the Rumble in a simply delicious way.

The only way I can describe the Dorado Head is: oral sex performed on you by a cool robot with a vibrating tongue. No joking! Seriously, it feels like a tongue caressing you, but one that also vibrates. It’s spectacular! And it’s good not just for clits, you guys! As with everything else about the Rumble, it can be used by everybody. Body parts that love the Dorado Head vary from clits, vulvas, trans men’s dicks, and penile frenula (the plural of frenulum, yes, I am that geek), to nipples, balls, perineums and ass holes. I swear to god, butts love the Dorado head, it feels like anilingus (more commonly known in the popular culture as rimming)!

Adding plenty of lube on the area where you’re going to use the Dorado Head makes the sensation even more “oral-sex-like” and its’ much more enjoyable. It almost starts resembling saliva and the flickering fin of the Dorado turns into an even more realistic tongue.

It’s also great for people who are very sensitive to touch, particularly on their clits, because the Dorado is a very gentle and sensual attachment. Also, if you don’t to change attachments, Dorado still has several ridges that are similar to the original Rumble head, so you can alternate between the little fin of the Dorado, or the more broad and substantial edges and sides of the head.

And once you are done with it, just remove the attachment, wash it with soap and water, boil it, or bleach it, and you’re done! If you want to read my full review of the Tantus Rumble vibrator, go here.

It costs $24, and it’s sold separately from The Rumble. 

Often Tantus toys are on sale and if you want to get you G-Force on some awesome deal, check regularly my SALES page.

Disclaimer: Rumble Dorado Head was generously provided to me by Tantus in exchange for my honest review. I My opinions and thoughts in this post reflect my experience with the product and are not altered in any way. I am using affiliate links in this post, which help me support this blog. By using them you’re giving me the opportunity to keep up the good work.

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2 thoughts on “Tantus Rumble Dorado Head Review

  1. The head on the attachment is so interestingly designed. It reminds me of a cheap attachment I got for my Hitachi, but better made. Lol. Is the flap rigid? The attachment I had was butterfly wing thin and kind of painful.


    • Hi, C. Poly! The attachment is really well made, it fits perfectly, it doesn’t make weird noises the way Hitachi attachment can, and is not rigid at all! It’s actually very flexible and soft and not painful at all.


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