Crave Duet Review

dscn3366With a price point of $149, this clitoral vibrator is far from affordable or even thinkable for most people. And as much as I wanted, truly wanted, to love it, and as much as I hate to give Crave a “bad” or mixed review, I cannot easily recommend it to people. It’s too anatomically specific and there’s a huuuuge chance it’s going to be too narrow, pinchy and way too pinpoint for many people. And it’s not even the most powerful clitoral vibe I own or have tried, so even from the standpoint of power, I can’t easily tell people to go for it. I think other Crave products have far better success rate than the Duet. The Vesper necklace vibrator, the Crave Bullet or even the Solo will probably be a much more suitable choice for most, and at the cost of a much smaller risk of not fitting or working well for everybody’s anatomy (and some of them are half the price of the Duet). I am going to even throw the Tango as an option, a rechargeable waterproof vibrator by We-Vibe, much cheaper than the Duet and far more versatile and practical. I know that there are many people who’ve loved the Duet and as a matter of fact, it has mainly highly positive reviews at most retailer websites. But can’t possibly recommend a vibe of that price range that clearly isn’t going to fit far too many body types. While supposedly external vibes should be a category that’s far less dependent on one’s anatomy, the Crave Duet happens to be the exception.

Tantus Rumble Dorado Head Review

The only way I can describe the Dorado Head is: oral sex performed on you by a cool robot with a vibrating tongue. No joking! Seriously, it feels like a tongue caressing you, but one that also vibrates. It’s spectacular! And it’s good not just for clits, you guys! As with everything else about the Rumble, it can be used by everybody. Body parts that love the Dorado Head vary from clits, vulvas, trans men’s dicks, and penile frenula (the plural of frenulum, yes, I am that geek), to nipples, balls, perineums and ass holes. I swear to god, butts love the Dorado head, it feels like anilingus (more commonly known in the popular culture as rimming)!

OhMiBod blueMotion Nex 2 Review

I find the upgrade OhMiBod gave to the Cuddle a bit unnecessary for the average customer. What you get extra is an app that’s just okay. If you are in a long-distance relationship and want to have an internal vibe that your partner can control, I strongly recommend We-Vibe Rave that is slightly cheaper and is a mind-blowing toy, that also has a good g-spot curve, and a much better app. If you just want a good g-spot vibrator, get the Cuddle, it’s virtually the same toy as Nex 2 sans the app. By all means, if you can afford the Nex, and if you like the few extra functionalities, Nex 2 is still a good overall product. And it still manager to be cheaper than most rechargeable silicone brands, some of which don’t even come with a storage case, let alone an app. The blueMotion Nex 2 will set you back $129, while the Cuddle is just $69 and totally rocks. If you are struggling financially, don’t despair, the Cuddle is an utter delight!

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo Review

This multiple award-winning toy remains one of my best recommendations as a gift for penis-owners. It’s the Rolls Royce of penis toys. Even its Solo version brings so much joy and new sensations to the bedroom. It’s an absolute necessity for any man struggling with ED, anorgasmia, or any mobility issue, caused by aging, accidents or trauma. It’s also the ultimate masturbation tool that doesn’t assume the sexual orientation of the user, that doesn’t resemble any genitalia, orifice, or a sexual act performed with partner. It’s an entire new world of pleasure than any penis owner deserves to experience.

Satisfyer 2 Review

The Satisfyer 2 is one of the models I can easily recommend for several reasons. Battery-operated toys usually malfunction far less often than rechargeable ones, and you can keep enjoying the toy with new batteries (but, yes, we could use fewer batteries in the world…). It has a price-point of almost half the price of the Satisfyer Pro 2, it’s less loud and it’s almost as powerful. To be honest, it’s power-range is probably going to be enough for most people, because the last several speeds of the Pro 2 are way too strong. And it has “+” and “-” buttons to go back and forth in speeds, separate from the “on” and “off” button!

Fun Factory Cayona Review

Cayona is a stunning silicone rechargeable vibe with a firm core and flexible softer coating. It has multiple speeds, and it can be used in the tub or the shower. And it’s rumbly! Unless you are looking for a much bigger, longer and girthier vibrator, Cayona is a great choice. It also doubles as a vulva vibrator: just place it over your labia and clit and enjoy the broader external vibrations. Did I forget to say that it’s just $99?

Fun Factory BendyBeads Review

If you are looking for progressive anal beads with relatively girthy last portion, made by a good company and sold by a responsible retailer, the Fun Factory BendyBeads would be my first choice. There isn’t anything nearly as good created on the market. While I greatly enjoy Tantus Ripple Large, which is of a similar size, it almost never stays put. The BendyBeads can stay inside during the friskiest of encounters. And at their price of just $35 they’re one of the best pieces of anal strings you can get. If you are looking for smaller beads, that don’t progress in size, the Fun Factory FlexiFelix would be my recommendation.

Jimmyjane After Dark Gift Set Review

The set comes in gorgeous gift-like packaging, with a red ribbon and a limited edition red Form 2 vibrator. No need to worry about gift wrapping because you actually want to show off and display this pretty and stylish package. The box is really discreet and looks like a wellness or beauty gift set on the outside, so even if someone finds it, there is no way they can guess the sexy surprises inside.