Tantus G-Force Review

Tantus G-Force

Oh my, how does one describe the glory of a dildo with a handle?! I’ve always been impressed with Tantus‘ creativity and their commitment to pleasure, unique designs and ergonomics. While dildos with handles are not something that is harness-compatible, nor it is suction cup compatible, they are so easy to hold and to use that they should be an indispensable part of any toy collection.

I’ve chanted about Tantus silicone’s qualities on a number of occasions; they are a top brand when it comes to premium materials and imaginative product design. As much as I love a couple of Tantus realistic dildos, where they really shine is the non-realistic toy section. And dildos with handles are a divine addition to that range. Currently Tantus offers two of their loved-by-many models in a handle edition: the Echo Handle and the Goddess Handle. Others like the Anaconda and the G-Force only exist with a handle and not as a regular dildo.

dscn9917The G-Force is unique among the rest of all these dildos because it’s fairly stretchy, flexible and can follow your body’s curves and shapes. The Goddess, the Echo and the Anaconda are extremely firm toys. With a diameter of only 1.4″, the G-Force is the ideal toy for warm-up or for those who prefer medium-sized toys. Yet it has a more bulbous head and a curve, so it’s perfect for g-spot stimulation. Not the ferocious g-spot pressure one would get with the Njoy Pure Wand or a Key Comet Wand, but a more flexible, more gentle g-spot play. Which a lot of people like better than firm pressure. Different ways I like playing with the G-Force include either really shallow insertion, just around 2-3 inches in, so it actually targets my g-spot, or doing longer and deeper strokes, and getting the g-spot massaged as the head of the dildo passes the area. If you are a fan of deeper penetration, the G-Force certainly has plenty of inches to satisfy that craving too.

The handle of the G-Force makes it just so much better if you have mobility issues, shorter hands, or less dexterity to wield a regular dildo. Sometimes the angle doesn’t work really well with “normal” dildos, sometimes one gets tired fast. I for one have mild mobility issues with my arms and hands and I can tell you that the G-Force is a godsend! While using it I experience significantly less fatigue and pain in my wrists, arm and shoulder and I can basically last much longer and enjoy it without being uninterrupted by pain.

And because the G-Force doesn’t have the usual flared base that traditional dildos have, it’s less of a vulva hog. Instead of blocking the way to your clit, it leaves much more room for a clitoral vibrator to be used simultaneously with the dildo.

Another really well thought detail of the G-Force is the texture and the finish of the silicone. While the insertable part is really glossy and has very little drag to it, once even slightly lubricated, the handle has a matte finish and some texture to it for a better grip. Simple, yet genius! Bravo, Tantus!

As mind-blowing as it is for solo use, it’s as much fun in a partnered setting. The long handle allows you to do much more, to be closer to other parts of your partner’s body, instead of being down there and limited by the length of the dildo or of your own arms.

Another thing I want to address here. Anal play. While the G-Force doesn’t have a flared base, the long handle will allow it to be used for butt play with caution and not leaving the toy… unattended. The glossiness of the silicone, the flexible shaft, and the gentle curve makes it a great anal dildo, definitely not for newbies of butt play but for intermediate players. It will also be perfect for prostate play. Again, be extra careful when you use it anally — I can’t stress that enough). The toy is 10″ and the handle has a lot more drag to it, so wouldn’t get sucked in easily, but I always hold the toy, and just taking it out when I am done with it. And avoid lubing up the handle.

In conclusion

The G-Force is one of my fave semi-flexible dildos, and certainly one of the most flexible ones I own from Tantus. I absolutely love the head of this toy, the bulb is just perfect for my g-spot. Its girth is something I can handle on a regular day without having to warm-up and work my way up to it. You can get yourself a G-Force for $69 from Tantus.

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Disclaimer: G-Force was generously provided to me by Tantus in exchange for my honest review. I My opinions and thoughts in this post reflect my experience with the product and are not altered in any way. I am using affiliate links in this post, which help me support this blog. By using them you’re giving me the opportunity to keep up the good work.

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TRUSKYN Tru Feel Dildo Review

If you’ve ever used a dildo or any sex toy, one issue that comes up time and time again is firmness. Often silicone sex toys are extremely firm and feel too hard and plastic-y. Not that a dildo should necessarily feel like a penis — sometimes different materials such as glass or steel can feel amazing and bring new sensations. But still — a lot of vulva-owners really dig the squishy softness that humans have to their flesh. Super firm dildos can be really chafing, not to mention downright painful. This is why the adult industry has been trying to sell us a bunch or “real-feel” toys, most of which made of really questionable materials. Most of the time if a sex toy is super soft and realistic, this means that it’s simply made of some soft of termoplastic elastomer and is porous, ergo not entirely body-safe. Many brands come up with their own materials and call them cyberskin, or c-flex, silla-gel or whatever on earth name they chose for their poisons. They aim to confuse the consumer and avoid the actual question: “What is it made of?”. This is why raised my eyebrows the first time I saw “TRUSKYN” by Doc Johnson. I’ve already reviewed one item from the line, a penis stroker, and I’ve had my inner doubts whether Doc wasn’t pulling our leg again. But indeed, their TRUSKYN line is made by a dual density silicone.

Which is fantastic news, since this thing is so ridiculously squishy and pleasant! I’ve tried dual density silicone formulas before — by Tantus and by Vixen, and this is by far the softest and the squishiest toy I’ve tried. At the same time, if you are freaked out by realism, most of their dildo models are in fact non-realistic. This is why I chose to review the Tru Feel, it looked funky and different.


The Tru Feel Dildo arrives in a tasteful box, and contains a storage bag and a lube. I threw away the latter instantaneously, because it contains propylene glycol. The dildo also comes with a little package of powder. Because of the softer density of the silicone on the outside, after you wash it, it can feel a little tacky. So they recommend that you powder it up, to get back that skin-like finish. I wouldn’t use the powder for anything in the world, since it’s kind of difficult to wash off, and I don’t want any of that sh*t going into my vagina. Yes, without the powder, the dildo won’t feel as velvety to the touch, but you are going to use it, right, not squeeze it as a stress ball, and the tackiness of the material isn’t anything you’re going to feel when you actually use it. In any case you will need to wash off the powder before using the dildo, so unless you are going to hold in your hands the dildo in-between uses, I don’t see any point in using the powder.


The Tru Feel Dildo comes in black or blue. It’s a medium to small size dildo of total length of 6.5″, out of which 5.5″ are insertable and it’s 1.5″ wide (in diameter). It has small balls, which, like the dildo, are non-realistic. It doesn’t have a suction cup, but it is harness-compatible and anal-safe. It has s texture to it, enough to make you feel something upon insertion, but not too much to actually be painful or unpleasant.

How does it feel?

TRUSKYN Tru Feel Dildo

Because of its size and how squishy the silicone is I find the Tru Feel dildo a great choice for warm-up or for people who don’t like girthy or super long toys. It’s a fantastic choice for a first dildo, or for someone who only has firm dildos and wants to try something softer. The bendiness and pliability of the material also makes it superb for strap on sex, especially if you are new to it. Firstly, the base of the dildo is also soft, so it’s not going to uncomfortably press against and bruise the pubic mound of the person wearing it, and secondly, if you are not really good at aiming and don’t have a whole lot of experience with using a strap-on on someone, this dildo is not going to hurt them an unpleasant way while pounding. It’s also really enjoyable for anal sex experience: both for pegging or for anal play. It’s almost a butt-plug-like, since it gets narrow at the base.


Check out this video to get a better idea of how squishy and flexible this dildo is.

In a nutshell

This is a fabulous dildo for anyone who likes dildos on the smaller side, or who prefers really soft, squishy and flexible toys. It’s great for both vaginal and anal sex, solo or partnered use, handheld or with a strap-on. It’s the most realistic (in feel) silicone toy for this price. Unless you are looking for something with a prominent g-spot curve, I would say the Tru Feel Dildo is a great choice. If you want something slightly curved and more girthy, you should check out the Tru Curve instead. The Tru Feel dildo sells for $44 and as much as I love Tantus dildos, they’re much firmer and maybe not a really good choice for everybody.

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