Browse through this overwhelming (as I keep adding more to it) list of useful sex-positive resources, further readings and other blogs and websites to follow. I’ve learned and I keep learning from these people and organizations, and can’t express enough my gratitude for them.

Organizations, amazing people, and go-to websites

The Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health

Tristan Taormino

Sunny Megatron

Tina Horn

Center for Sex and Culture

American Sexual Health Association

Bad Vibes

Megan Andelloux

My Secret Soiree – educational sex toy parties

Bloggers, sex educators, and sex toy reviewers

Hey Epiphora

Dangerous Lilly

The Redhead Bedhead / JoEllen Notte

Toy Meets Girl

Ashley Manta

Crista Anne

The Big Gay Review

Lorax of Sex


Artemisia Femmecock

A Couple of Kinks

Bex Talks Sex

Emmeline Peaches

Black Pomegranate

Sex Ed with Dr. Jeanna

Erika Lynae

Formidable Femme

Marvelous Darling

Intimacy, relationships and sex

Reid About Sex

The Intimacy Dojo

Cooper S. Beckett

Making Love Sustainable

Monique Darling


Sex Out Loud

Life on the Swingset

Sex Nerd Sandra

The Dildorks

Why Are People into That?

Sex Gets Real

Sex Ed A Go Go


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