Doxy Don Review

Doxy Don Review

I bet your first thought when you read Don was: what the hell is this? Don is many things, and a  lot of it doesn’t fit in the short “Ultra Powerful Plug-In Anal Vibrator” title. If I have to pick one word that describes it best it would be “rumbly”.

Don, which used to be called Skittle, is made by the same company that gave us the Doxy Massager and Doxy Die Cast. All of Doxy’s creations are made in the United Kingdom, with high-quality production standards and medical grade silicone. I freaking love their vibrators. They’re so strong, so rumbly, so mind-blowingly awesome, that I wish I could have Doxy giveaways for each and every month of the year. Scratch that, I want to go Oprah with Doxies and give one to every reader.

What is Doxy Don not?

Don is not waterproof. It’s not rechargeable. It’s not super small, nor travel friendly. It looks weird. And yet I absolutely love it. When a toy is made that well, all the rest of the fru fru stuff doesn’t matter. Because what matters is whether it works, whether it feels good, whether it delivers pleasure. And it so does!

What is Doxy Don?

Doxy Don ReviewIt’s a silicone, body-safe corded vibrator. The silicone isn’t as soft and smooth as the one on the head of the Die Cast wand. Don comes in a stylish black box (and Don itself is offered only in black color). It has 5 power settings and one vibration pattern. The cord is 12 feet (4 m) which definitely doesn’t have you glued to a power outlet. The controls are big, easy top press and operate, and light up (dimly) in the dark. It has “+” and “-” buttons, making going back and forth through different speeds a breeze. If you want to enter the pulsating pattern, you just need to press the on/off button slightly longer. The controls are located separately from the vibrator, which has it’s pros and cons. If you’re among those of us who like using a dildo AND an external vibrator, reaching for the buttons can be a little bit of an obstacle. But at least there’s no pressing by mistake, and not fishing for tiny controls.

Don is very quiet and is certainly a discreet vibrator to use. Other bloggers have even reported using it in bed while their partner is asleep and not waking them up. Don is really, really powerful. Not Die Cast powerful, but keep in mind that this one is much more pinpoint and you actually don’t need that much power on a smaller area. I would say it’s very gender neutral and has a number of applications.

One can use it as an external vibrator and apply it to any erogenous zone: breasts, nipples, balls, dicks, around the butt-hole. But it can also be used internally as a vaginal or anal vibrator. To quote Doxy‘s website, it’s dimensions are: “Overall height 7.5 inches, including 2 inch insertable portion. Maximum circumference of the handle is 7.5 inches; maximum circumference of the insertable portion is 3.75 inches.” Which means that the bulb is 1.2 inches in diameter. In my opinion, 2″ by 1.2″ (3 cm by 5.5 cm) is a great size even for beginners anal toys.

How does it behave as a clitoral toy?

Don is literally the rumbliest vibe I own. It’s delicious, deep, life-changing. It doesn’t numb your clit, it’s not painful, it doesn’t have any buzz to it. The lowest settings of the vibe are really subtle and nuanced and I think even people very sensitive to vibration can use it. The big body makes it somewhat weirdly easy to hold when used as a clit toy. It also doesn’t hog one’s vulva, so there’s plenty of space for a dildo while you’re using Don externally.

How does it behave as a vaginal toy?

In this scenario holding it can be a little more difficult and awkward. Don might not provide the length and girth a lot of us are looking for in an internal vibrator, but it’s just a different sensation, it’s not your regular vibrator with which you can also thrust. Also, because of the shape and the flat part right around the end of the little bulb, it is a good vulva and clit vibrator too while you have the bulb internally. Pretty cool if you ask me. The same feature provides excellent perineum stimulation during anal use on penis-owners. Speaking of which…

How does it behave as an anal toy?

Doxy Don ReviewVibrations that strong and deep can feel nothing but good in my butt. I think Don is a great toy for people new to anal play, new to pegging, that are looking for a small insertable toy. It’s great for both solo or partnered anal explorations. The big base of the toy makes it easy to use it on yourself. Unfortunately it’s not a plug, it’s not a hands-free, stay in toy. One has to constantly hold it in place. The only way of using it hands-free was to have Don standing up on a flat stable chair, and to squat over it. With a little bit of holding the base at first, for the initial penetration, the rest can be achieved hands free. It’s not a position in which you can stay in for a lot of time because your quads and legs will get insanely tired with squatting over the toy. But it’s sustainable enough for a few orgasms if you get off anal vibration.

I love combining anal vibration and clitoral vibration and that almost always makes me orgasm. It’s a lot of toys to hold and your hands will be full, but try a small clitoral vibe while having Don in your ass, or a wand vibe. Same applies to penis owners. Try adding some vibration or stroking on the penis. Don’t just be focused on the anal stimulation. Solo or partnered, work the cock; at the same time, hand jobs, blow jobs, or vibration on the balls and the shaft are all welcome, depending on personal preferences.

Things to consider

The only real issue I have with Don is that the vibrations travel a lot and the whole body of the toy vibrates. Especially when used as an insertable. Overall Don is light and ergonomic to hold, but after a while my hands are numbed by the vibration.

And in terms of personal preference of size and shape, to me Don is a little too short and small for my taste in insertable vibes (both anally and vaginally). I wish Doxy will create Don 2 with a longer and thicker internal portion.

Last words

dscn2744Doxy Don is nothing like any other vibrator out there. Both with its unusual shape and specifications, and with its rumbly, strong vibrations. If you don’t mind your toy being corded, or having to hold something that is a bit larger, I would say, by all means, Don is a great buy. At the price of $89.99 and free shipping from SheVibe, with its amazing motor, multiple applications and several speeds, I think this is a steal. So much better than disappointing buzzy external vibes. But bear in mind that if you are looking for a hand-held small clitoral vibrator, you’ll need to consider something different.

Disclaimer: Don was generously provided to me by Doxy North America in exchange for my honest review. My opinions and thoughts in this post reflect my experience with the product and are not altered in any way. I am using affiliate links in this post, which help me support this blog. By buying through them you’re giving me the opportunity to keep up the good work.

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Doxy Die Cast Review

Updated Aug 26 2016

doxy (2)I still remember last year’s Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit when Crista Anne Orenda, JoEllen Notte (The Redhead Bedhead) and Stephen Biggs were flashing around a gorgeous wand vibrator and telling people how amazing it is and that it could get off even people who are experiencing anorgasmia as a result of depression treatment with SSRIs (eg. Zoloft, Celexa, etc.)  I thought “If two awesome sex bloggers and a therapist are passionately recommending a wand, which isn’t the Hitachi, that thing must be good”.

Doxy Die Cast MassagerThat was a year ago and the vibrating wand was the Doxy Massager. Since then the Doxy Original has evolved into the kick-ass (pardon my French) even most dazzling Doxy Die Cast. And these same colleagues loved it even more. Okay, this thing really must be something else. So I had to order it from the Doxy table at Woodhull SFS 16.

Doxy is… like the futuristic British cousin of the Hitachi Original.

So how is the Doxy different and better?

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Should you then judge a vibe from its looks? Well, clearly there’s no correlation between looks and functionality (and there are plenty of examples of beautiful luxury useless toys), but one can still appreciate and seek beauty in the world, right? The Die Cast is just so gorgeous, and I am the last person to judge you if that played a role in your decision to buy one.

doxy (7)Doxy just released several new color options for the Die Cast. Now you can choose between the original silver one, black, read, purple and white. If you get the silver one, keep in mind that fingerprints and smudging is a risk. Several other sex toy reviewers said that it gets really dirty very fast. Not an issue with the black one. The Die Cast comes with a zip-up storage case, that makes your Doxy more discreetly stored in your closet or easier to transport (if you are one of these people, who would bring a 1.9 lbs (2lbs 13oz with the case) and 13″ long toy on their trip. Not judging, I can totally relate.)

This massager is corded and you will need a power outlet in order to use it. Luckily the folks from Doxy thought this through: the cord is significantly longer than the one on other corded wands (10 feet) it can safely be used world-wide (you will just need an adapter for the outlet).

Die Cast has three easy buttons. The power on/off (it also switches between the steady mode and it’s cascading pattern), and the + and – . It has much finer nuances and the power settings are increasing or decreasing really gradually. The buttons light up (so you can find it in the dark) in and are really easy to use. No clunky switches. Die Cast is really smart too – it remembers where you left off. It will automatically turn on to the setting you were last using it. So no annoying pressing the + several times until you get to your desired power mode.

Upon turning one on there’s something that can’t possibly remain unnoticed. It’s so quiet. To quote my partner: “When I used to come back from work, I could hear you from the elevator (which is several apartments down the hall). I just didn’t know whether you were vacuuming, or using your Hitachi.” Whoever owns a Hitachi knows how awkward and loud that gadget is. The Die Cast is like a nice purring kitten compared to it. Don’t get me wrong. It’s still loud if you put it against to your extra quiet bullet vibe. After all, it’s a wand. And as such, it’s the quietest I’ve encountered so far.

Let’s talk about its quality. This toy is a freaking work of art. It’s made in the UK, unlike the Hitachi which is made in China (no, not made in Japan. The box clearly says “Designed in Japan, made in China”). It’s made of super high quality materials, the handle made of casted (got it, Die Cast?) aluminum and titanium metals and the head is silicone. That is a big deal in terms of sanitizing or sharing the toy with other lovers, because, because honestly,  it’s not easy to put a condom on a wand vibrator. And other non-silicone heads (including the older Doxy) are porous. That means that Die Cast isn’t gonna harbor bacteria or viruses in its material (which is a risk with non-silicone heads, even if you clean them thoroughly). Just a small reminder: you can only use water based and hybrid lubes with it, silicone lubes might damage the silicone head.

Doxy Die Cast MassagerHow do the vibrations feel? They’re deep, nuanced, and rumbly. The feel of the silicone is very thuddy. That could be a hit or miss, and it takes some getting used to, especially if you were a Hitachi addict already. It does feel different. Fortunately, all the Hitachi attachments that you already own, or wanna buy, will fit your Doxy as well.

I need to talk a bit more about the cascading pattern though. The pattern RULES! RULZZZ!!! (Not a sentence I thought will ever come out of my mouth when it comes to patterns.) I never liked them, pulsations, waves or cascades. I used to get irritated with them because they would never get me off, and will just waste my time keeping orgasms farther and farther from me. This doesn’t apply to the Doxy. It’s cascades are genius and often make me climax faster that the steady pattern. My guess why that is would be that the Die Cast is so damn strong and overwhelming, that one needs little “breaks” in order to actually enjoy and savor the sensations.

How to clean it? Sanitizing it is really easy. Just don’t submerge it underwater. You can wipe out the handle with sanitizing wipes or a little bit of hand sanitizer on a wet cloth. As for the head: any toy cleaner or just soap and water will do the trick.

It comes with a 12-month manufacturer warranty, but you have to have a proof of purchase.

Don’t estimate it as a all-bodies toy either. The Doxy is great for men too. It has an astonishing effect on the penis, the balls and the perineum. And there are even “male” attachments for it: they look like a masturbation sleeve. Just go slower, start with a really low setting. And do not press the wand against the balls, I’ve been told it can get too intense and painful.

And clearly… Die Cast is an awesome massager as well. You can reach your back and neck and work these sore muscles. Try it out on your buttocks or legs after working out. It’s godsend!

I can’t write a review on a Doxy and not mention the key word: fully clothed orgasms. Yeap. Want an orgasm through your jeans? Doxy’s got you covered.

What’s not so great about it?

So far I’ve only outlined its advantages and upgrades from other wand massagers. But let’s take a look at my concerns. Okay, I do not own a Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable. But the new Magic Wand has a silicone head, and has several power settings too. And is rechargeable on top if it. The Hitachi rechargeable is 1.3 lbs (Hitachi Original: 1.2 lbs), which is lighter than the Doxy. In many ways it does look like that the Hitachi Rechargeable is addressing a lot of the issues that the Doxy does too, while being cheaper in comparison.

And one just Doxy specific disadvantage – sometimes accidentally I press the power button and turn it off, because it’s the closest one to the head and the + is the middle one. That’s happened a couple of times. And is very frustrating to have something shut off, instead of go higher and more powerful.

Tips for using a wand vibrator

Doxy Die Cast MassagerBesides the countless options for attachments, some of which are insertable, some of which are textured and are for external stimulation, how does one actually use a wand vibrator? You can hold it on your clit (don’t start with direct clit stimulation and always start on the lowest setting), on your labia, or simply above your pubic bone. As if showing someone where your g-spot is, but from the outside. You can try using a dildo, or just having vaginal balls inside, while using the wand vibe externally. Or you can even try a g-spot vibe internally alongside using a wand externally on your clit. Just experiment and have fun. And give it a few tries. Wands can be overwhelmingly strong for some people. That’s why the Doxy is actually so newbie friendly. It can start really low.

Of course, there are plenty of BDSM uses of a wand vibrator. Doxy is just great for forced orgasms.

In Conclusion

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I love the Die Cast. I truly do. But I always feel bad and guilty when telling people “you definitely need to have this toy” when it costs roughly $200. Is the Doxy worth it? If you can afford it, definitely get it. And if money’s an issue, more affordable, but really good options, are Hitachi/Magic Wand Original ($59.99), Doxy Original ($109.99) or a Hitachi/Magic Wand Rechargeable ($124.99).

Is it worth getting it if you already have a Hitachi? Again, if it’s within financial reach: YES. It’s really feels quite different. Am I gonna stop using and needing my Hitachi? Nope. I still have a special place in my heart for it, and I am gonna say it again: they feel different.

Buy your Die Cast from SheVibe at $189.99 or from Tantus at $209.99

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