Crave Duet Review


Some things are so beautiful that one develops an unfathomable attraction to them. This is how my relationship with the Solo and the Duet by Crave began. It’s fair to say that I’ve been drooling over each and every single one of their creations. To me they are the perfect embodiment of kalokagathia, a concept developed in classical Greek, that mean beautiful and good, as two inseparable entities in one. There wasn’t a word that could better describe the Crave products. Designed and manufactured in California, by a responsible and highly-respected company, they were just visually perfect. Anything from their gorgeous bullet vibrator necklace Vesper, to the Duet, was aesthetically pleasing, a perfect harmony of shape, functionality and style. Zero bullshit. No made-up needs and functionalities.

As much as I loved my Vesper and its bold statement, I knew that the Duet was more powerful. It featured a turbo mode, and it was this striking beauty made of silicone and stainless steel. And it had two “arms” or “ears” which reminded me of the Jimmyjane Form 2. I imagined how perfectly they will surround my clitoris and the endless joys they will bring to it.

But first things first, what does the Crave Duet offer?

Crave Duet ReviewThe Duet is a handheld vibe, bigger than a bullet vibrator, but really comfortable to hold in just one hand. It’s 4.5″ long, 1.1″ wide and 0.5″ thick. It has 4 vibration modes, 4 power levels and its steady vibration offers a turbo mode as well (which is respectively more powerful than the 4th speed). It’s completely waterproof, and it doesn’t need a power cord at all, since it can be plugged directly into a USB port. It’s silent, rumbly and decently strong.

The two little “ears” are a little flexible, so they don’t apply pressure the way a bullet vibe does, or the way Form 2 does for that matter. What’s cool about that is that it actually feels like fingers embracing your clit, but ones that also vibrate. The sensation is really pleasant with a good amount of lubrication, because I can stroke my clit with the vibe in a unique way that no other toy offers.

How did it feel?

One thing that was a letdown and didn’t work really well for me is how close the two ears were to each other. That “pincer” shape is way too narrow, and I have a fairly small clitoral glans (the “nub”, or the external part of the clitoris). I can’t even imagine how it will possibly work for people with larger clits.

It surrounded my clitoris in a way that was too intense and even painful at times. While this shape worked really well in the Form 2, where the two motors were farther apart, the two sides of the Duet were too close for me to be able to comfortably use it. That might be exactly what would work for some people, but it was too pinpoint, too pinch-y and too direct for me. And I am someone who likes the highest speed of a Doxy Die Cast. I DO like strong vibrations, but the Duet turned out to be both not powerful enough, and not shaped in a way that would facilitate my orgasm.

Crave Duet ReviewAnd the same time, with enough lubricant on my clit, moving it left and right, similar to stroking my clit with hands, was quite enjoyable. Similar to the Form 2, it does have some really interesting patterns that bounce back and forth from the two ears, pulsate in an intricate way and amuse my clitoris like no other vibe. Does that make me orgasm? Not really, but it’s a fairly good for warm-up. And I have no doubt that many people will be able to orgasm with either just the patterns or the steady Turbo mode alone.

I also tried using it sideways, just one “ear” at a time. This wasn’t too successful for me either, because the Duet is flexible, so I can’t really press it against my clit or against one side of my clit to get off from it. It also tends to make a weird sound and kind of “struggle” if you press it too hard against the body. For some reason the motor doesn’t agree with being pressed against something.

The Crave Duet made a very interesting nipple vibrator though! If you pinch two parts together, it can become a handheld vibrating nipple clamp.

Usability and accessibility

While I love its beautiful little storage case, its size and the fact that it doesn’t even need a specific charger, there are features of the Duet that I find a little less appealing. While I always appreciate separate buttons for speed up and speed down, as well as a third one for moving between patterns, these three controls were all located on a tiny rectangular of 1.1″ by 0.5″. That makes everything a bit too difficult to press, locate and use. Especially for people with less dexterity, ones with arthritis or tendinitis. The Turbo mode was even less accessible, because on steady mode, after reaching the highest speed, one has to press steadily the “+” button for 2 additional seconds. In practice it’s even more complicated than it sounds.

In conclusion

dscn3366With a price point of $149, this clitoral vibrator is far from affordable or even thinkable for most people. And as much as I wanted, truly wanted, to love it, and as much as I hate to give Crave a “bad” or mixed review, I cannot easily recommend it to people. It’s too anatomically specific and there’s a huuuuge chance it’s going to be too narrow, pinchy and way too pinpoint for many people. And it’s not even the most powerful clitoral vibe I own or have tried, so even from the standpoint of power, I can’t easily tell people to go for it. I think other Crave products have far better success rate than the Duet. The Vesper necklace vibrator, the Crave Bullet or even the Solo will probably be a much more suitable choice for most, and at the cost of a much smaller risk of not fitting or working well for everybody’s anatomy (and some of them are half the price of the Duet). I am going to even throw the Tango as an option, a rechargeable waterproof vibrator by We-Vibe, much cheaper than the Duet and far more versatile and practical. I know that there are many people who’ve loved the Duet and as a matter of fact, it has mainly highly positive reviews at most retailer websites. But can’t possibly recommend a vibe of that price range that clearly isn’t going to fit far too many body types. While supposedly external vibes should be a category that’s far less dependent on one’s anatomy, the Crave Duet happens to be the exception.

You can get Crave at Vibrant or at Shevibe.

Disclaimer: This article uses affiliate links. They come at no additional cost for you, but I get a small percentage of each sale for referring it.

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Jimmyjane After Dark Gift Set Review

Jimmyjane After Dark

The horrors of holiday shopping and gift buying are upon us. And while a number of stores are still bombarding us with gendered gifts for “him” and “her”, Vibrant provides a gasp of fresh air. A sex-positive store that is gender-free and sells exclusively body-safe materials and high-quality toys. Vibrant is walking the walk only a few others are. Businesses need to walk that extra mile and stop the horrendous practice of “gifts for her” and “gifts for him”. When it comes to sex toys, we should focus on the body parts and bits one wants to have pleasured. While I’ve already written two gift-giving guides, for vulva-owners and for penis-owners, they didn’t contain any gift sets because I was trying to not go overboard with prices. I am also working on a guide that’s going to give you suggestions for couples’ and moresomes’ toys and gifts (and by “couples” I don’t mean just hetero couples). The Jimmyjane After Dark Gift Set is definitely going to have a place in it.

The After Dark Gift Set contains one of the best products ever made by Jimmyjane — the glorious Form 2 clitoral vibrator (before they were bought by Pipedream, sad face). It also includes the Contour Ceramic Massage Stone, and the Afterglow Natural Massage Oil Candle.

The After Dark Gift Set


The set comes in gorgeous gift-like packaging, with a red ribbon and a limited edition red Form 2 vibrator. No need to worry about gift wrapping because you actually want to show off and display this pretty and stylish package. The box is really discreet and looks like a wellness or beauty gift set on the outside, so even if someone finds it, there is no way they can guess the sexy surprises inside.

The Jimmyjane Form 2

Form 2 is one of the most beloved clitoral vibrators on the market. Small, silicone, powerful, rechargeable, fully waterproof, quiet, multi-speed and actually really, really good. If I were to name a few toys that can be its competition, I would definitely have to mention the We-Vibe Tango and Touch, the Minna Limon and the Crave Duet. While the Tango and Touch don’t have really easy controls (they only have one button), the Form 2 has three super intuitive buttons that allow you to go back and forth from its 5 speed levels and 4 vibration patterns, a steady one and three pulsating ones. Another aspect that I hugely appreciate about the controls is that there’s no way I can accidentally turn off the vibrator, since it powers off by pressing the “-” all the way down, and powers up by pressing the “+” once. The third button controls the patterns.

Jimmyjane After Dark Gift Set

But where Jimmyjane shines is by having two motors, one in each ear of the toy. And you can use it in several ways, one by placing the ears on each side of your or your partner’s clitoris, or by using just one of the ears (sideways) for more pinpoint stimulation. It’s a symphony of sensations, and as my primary partner quickly noticed, I seem to enjoy it much more than most other clitoral vibes.

Form 2 also holds its charge for a while. Supposedly this little fellow has juice for up to 4+ hrs, while my Touch and Tango usually die after an hour of use. So sometimes they die on me (even with a full charge) during the course of a single play session, a thing that has never happened to me with the Jimmyjane.

You can buy the Jimmyjane Form 2 separately in pink or charcoal gray for $149.

The Contour Ceramic Massage Stone

I have to be honest. I initially thought that this massager was useless, and pretty much something that I wouldn’t need. But before I discarded it as a stocking filler, or a gift-set filler, I gave it a try. I own a number of hand-held massagers, in different shapes, by different materials. And as it turns out, the Jimmyjane Contour is among the best ones I’ve had. It provides a broad enough stimulation on each of its 4 ends, perfect for sore backs, super tight legs from running or spinning, or just a nice massage night with your partner. It’s easy to hold, easy to use, you don’t have to apply a whole lot of pressure and strain yourself in order to actually make the other person feel something. And because it’s ceramic, it can be warmed up in a bowl of water, which overall makes any massager feel better, whether it’s for purely therapeutic purposes, or just to increase the circulation and get someone in a sexy mood. I find it easy to use on myself too — on my legs, shoulders, or on my lower back.

You can buy the Jimmyjane Contour separately for $25 from Vibrant (full retail price of $29.99).

The Afterglow Natural Massage Oil Candle

Jimmyjane After Dark Gift SetI love the smell of this Cocoa/Fig massage candle. If you are new to massage candles, they’re one of the best things invented. First of all, they’re a much better and safer alternative to wax candles. Regular candles can be dangerous for wax play, if you don’t know what you’re doing, or if the candle is not designed for that particular purpose. You can actually burn someone really badly. This is why oil candles are a perfect substitute. They get hot, but not dangerously hot, and they don’t create a HUGE mess. (If you’ve ever spilled wax on someone’s body, you know what a pain the clean-up after play is.) They are solid at room temperature, but upon contact with the skin or upon lighting them up they turn into oil.

The Afterglow is different from other massage candles in several ways (and I’ve used a fair number of massage candles by other brands). First of all, it comes in a sturdy ceramic jar that wouldn’t easily get knocked down, spilled or poured all over the place. It’s much less of a house fire hazard, and also easier to hold. Metal tins can get remarkably hot, which makes the whole task of pouring oil out of them really difficult and dangerous. The Afterglow candle even has a pour spout at one of the corners.

The candles contains Jojoba, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Soy and Aloe and leave the skin really nourished. It’s no-cruelty, paraben and petroleum-free. And smells really delicious!

This massage candle is not sold separately by Vibrant, although I hope they will start storing it at some point. Its retail price at other stores is $29.99.

In Conclusion

Jimmyjane Form 2The whole Jimmyjane After Dark Gift Set can be purchased for $199, which doesn’t give you a huge discount on the products compared to buying them separately, but it’s really well packed and looks really beautiful and complete. The set also balances the sensual with the sexy, which is a great thing if you are buying a sex toy for someone for the first time.

Disclaimer: This article uses affiliate links. They come at no additional cost for you, but I get a small percentage of each sale for referring it.

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