Fun Factory Share Review

Updated on 12/13/16.


Fun Factory Share is something that would make most people think “What on earth?!”. If you are not familiar with feeldoes, strapless strap-ons or double ended dildos that are meant to rest behind the pubic bone, the shape of the Share will seem like something out of this world. You are probably going to wonder what goes where and how it could even work. Let me assure you, it works perfectly.

The Fun Factory Share is a double ended dildo meant for strap-on sex for queer couples or moresomes, lesbian couples and hetero pairs who are advanced in pegging. The Share works if at least one of the people involved has a vagina, since the big bulbous end goes inside of it and rests comfortably against the g-spot, while the part that looks like a dick, can be used for penetration.

And I can tell you folks, to quote Tina Horn, it’s the best gender fuckery ever. Let me unpack this, because my queerness goes a long way back, so does my history with the Share. See, I’ve been aware of my bisexuality and queerness since I was roughly 15-years old. I’ve always been attracted to women and I’ve always loved girl sex. Yet, as I already mentioned in my SpareParts Joque harness review, I’ve never been particularly interested in using toys and especially phallic shaped ones in my girl time. For some reason sleeping with babes use to be about everything else that we can do together. It was about being as different as possible from hetero sex. It was about eating pussy and ferocious finger fucking. It was about sensation play and enjoying our bodies. It was not about dicks at all. In fact, I couldn’t imagine having a “dick” anywhere in the picture.

Then years later, after realizing that hetero sex doesn’t have to be hetero-normative at all, I diversified my lesbian sex too, added more toys, and finally came around using dildos and penetration. Again, double ended dildos did not strike me as an option right away. To me holding a dildo often does a much better job, it gives me better control of wielding the toy, I can be closer to my partner’s vulva and I can enjoy that front row seat. But it also ultimately helps me give them probably more pleasure, because my hands are better trained at this job than my hips. Especially given that I don’t actually own a cock.

Fun Factory ShareThen I went to The Sexual Health Expo in NY this September and the awesome Tina Horn pointed out that the Share was her favorite toy, because it allows the pressure and the impact from the thrusts to travel through both bodies. It essentially allows a vulva-owner who’s topping with it to feel extreme pleasure while fucking someone. Isn’t this a mind fuck? Fucking someone with a dick (when you don’t have one), getting to enjoy the view and all that power and responsibility of topping someone while simultaneously experiencing the feeling of being fucked. Okay, this sounded really fun from Tina’s mouth. And I could definitely trust Tina when it came to queer hanky-panky.

Then just two weeks after SHE, I went to another awesome sex event. This time the road took me to Atlanta and the second edition of the rad conference Sex Down South and the amazing Strap-on Sex class taught by Andre Shakti. The praise and love for the Share was… shared by Andre as well. Okay, two queer babes, both sex educators and performers, were talking up the Share, so maybe the sex god(esse)s were trying to tell me to get one finally. And after all, if it disappointed me as a couples toy, I could always use it for masturbation, as Shakti pointed out (but we’ll get to this a little further down).

Fun Factory Share

If you’ve already had any sort of strap-on sex with a regular dildo, you know that as fun as strap-on sex is, there isn’t much pleasure and actual physical stimulation for the topping party. Instead there are bruised pubic mounds from the base of the dildo pounding against your mons, while you’re thrusting in and out. These are both issues completely resolved by double ended dildos like the Share. It even provides a pleasant clitoral stimulation thanks to the mound in between the external phallus part and the bulb.

Another thing about strap-on sex and topping is… well, it’s fucking hard. I give penis-owners that. Thrusting and shooting from the hip is harder than it looks. So after a couple of strap-on experiences with a regular dildo, I was like… “Fuck that, if I am going to work this hard, I need more gratification from it.”

So the decision’s been made, I needed a Share in my life…

Fun Factory ShareThe Share is entirely silicone and  comes in several colors: Baby Rose, Purple, Black and Vanilla. What I didn’t anticipate was a couple of things. First, how heavy this thing was. I mean, it’s freaking H-E-A-V-Y. Which was a bit of a let down, given that I kind of wanted to use it without a strap on, and enjoy the view of having a purple penis between my legs. Second, the hinge was suuuper flexible. Which meant that with the weight of the external part of the dildo, it was dangling between my legs, instead of being and perky and facing up, like a proud erect cock. Okay, none of these were a deal breaker. After all, it’s mighty difficult and distracting to keep the thing in without a strap-on, mainly because of its weight, but also because of lube. See, the internal bulb is really big. Which means that I always use lube to pop it in. Which, as you can guess, makes the thing slip right out of my vagina. No biggie, I decided to just use a harness with it. Joque is one of the few harnesses that actually works with double ended dildos. Most conventional harnesses have a piece of leather or fabric that cannot be removed and only allow for regular dildos to be used with them. Luckily all Spareparts harnesses can accommodate double ended dildos, do if the Joque is not sexy enough for you, you can opt in for lingerie harnesses like Bella or Sasha instead.

Okay, this was a whole new story. With the strap-on it did look like the perfectly erect, g-spot curved, delicious dildo that I had signed up for. Now we were talking.

This dildo made me come faster and harder than the lady I was fucking with it. Securely snuggled in place by my Joque harness, this time its weight played a wonderful role. It transmitted every push, every thrust, every movement, and pressed against my g-spot. The amount of pressure and the feeling of being so full were just out of this world. It’s also so fun to have someone give the dildo a hand job or suck on it, since that was all transmitted in the form of a wonderful movement inside of me, which provided me with blissful stimulation. Not as much as using it for penetration did, but close enough.

A few weeks later I was lucky to experience bottoming with the Share. And, oh dear Lord, I can’t tell you how perfect this g-spot curve is. The coronal ridge of the phallus is simply one of the best shaped things I’ve had in my vagina. Being on the receiving end of this toy made me have an even greater appreciation for it. I almost squirted all over the place, but because we didn’t have any Liberator Throe, I asked my girl to slow down a bit.


Fun Factory ShareAs I already mentioned, using it with a strap-on allows you to use the Fun Factory Share in every imaginable position. But if you are ambitious and want to use it as a strapless strap-on, my recommendations would be the following. Make gravity work for you. If the partner topping is standing on their feed, or pretty much in any upright position, such as doggy style or missionary, this is probably going to fail you a great deal, because gravity is working against you. Instead, be a pillow queen for a change and lie on your back. Have the bottom go on top of you. Cowgirl is about one of the positions that works best with the strapless Share. Or sit on a chair and have them ride you.

Because of how extremely pleasurable the g-spot curve is, I would always recommend positions that have the curve facing the front wall of the vagina of the receiver (in the case of two vulva-owners using it). Anything that has you face each other would work: missionary, cowgirl, at the edge of the bed on your back with legs on their shoulders, while the top is standing upright next to the bed.

The Share and Solo Sex

Don’t be fooled that this double ended dildo is just a toy for couple play only. In fact its shape works perfectly as a solo toy. Masturbating with it can be quite fun, especially if you are a size queen or a g-spot stim maniac. What the Share does is turn into a dildo with a handle. You would put the bulbous part inside of you and masturbate by jerking off the cock. I mean, isn’t that even more of a gender fuckery?

Share in Different Sizes

Fun Factory Share, Share XL and Share Petite

While the Share is a great dildo, it’s still an average in size. Luckily there’s more that Fun Factory can offer. The Share XL is more girthy and has a lovely texture to it, if you are into that. The difference in size is not that huge, compared to the regular Share, but the grooves and ridges provide much more intense sensation. Some people hate texture, because it can chafe and be painful if you have more sensitive vaginal walls (or rectum). So it really depends on your own preferences, but unless you are sure about the extra ridges, I would stick to the regular Share. And there’s the Fun Factory Share Petite which has a tiny phallus for the receiver, making it perfect for beginner peggers or for people with vaginismus or ones that only want to take something as big as a finger. If you want to throw some vibration into the mix, there’s the ShareVibe by Fun Factory, which has a slightly different shape. Both the internal bulb is a bit different, but also the cock doesn’t have any coronal ridge. In other words there’s no head of the penis, which is better for pegging and anal play, but will provide less g-spot stimulation for vaginal play. I haven’t used the ShareVibe, but I’ve held it in stores and the hinge is much less flexible than the one on the Share dildo, so at least they’ve addressed that issue.

The Share and Pegging

As I already mentioned in the previous paragraph, if you are new to pegging, you should absolutely start with the Share Petite. The anal sphincters are much tighter and will provide more resistance, so I would definitely use any of the Shares with a strap-on, if I were to use it for pegging.

A Few Things to Consider

dscn3087There are a few things to keep in mind before committing to buying the Share. One is that it needs a lot of lube, especially on the part of the dildo that looks like a penis, if you are going to use it without a condom. The Fun Factory silicone is kind of known for having a lot of drag to it. Another thing is that you might need a lot of warm-up to be able to take the bulb, if you are topping with it. It’s kind of big and it’s not the kind of thing I will pop into my vagina without working my way to it. The entire toy is made of silicone, so it can be boiled and there isn’t anything that makes using it with a condom mandatory, since silicone is non-porous. But if you are in a setting where you can’t properly sanitize a dildo and you might want to share it with a partner you are not fluid bonded with, you will need to cover it with a condom. And here’s the challenge. The base of the Share gets wider, so a condom just doesn’t stay put on the cock. But I found that if I tuck the condom under the stretchy O-ring of my SpareParts harness, it does stay in place. And I’ve mentioned this before, but it cannot emphasize this enough – the hinge is really flexible, so without the harness, the dong is going to dangle between your legs.

In a nutshell

Even with these few things to keep in mind, I still think that the Fun Factory Share is one of the best double ended dildos on the market and I absolutely love using it for girl sex and sometimes even for masturbation.

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20 Reasons Why The Internal Condom Rocks

FC2 condom

The FC2 condom 3 pack with a bunch of coconut stipes from Trader Joe’s. FC2 is compatible with oil-based lubricants, including coconut oil.

The internal condom or FC2, formerly known as the female condom*, has been quite overlooked in North America. Selling much better worldwide, nationwide the FC2 is still predominantly surrounded by lack of knowledge and negative attitudes.

Why is that? Most customers know about and have experiences only with the older version of it – the first generation female condom. It used to be made of polyurethane, which was much more expensive, produced a loud noise during intercourse, and didn’t transfer the body temperature very well. They gave up on the FC1 and never caught up with the FC2. What about younger people? Little or no education is provided during health classes at school. If you happen to have spent your adolescence in any of the 27 states that teach abstinence only sex ed, or in the 32 states that don’t require safer sex practices or contraception to be part of the curriculum, you were left with little to no chance of getting aquatinted with the FC2. Add to the mix the lack of experience with the product among health professionals and MDs usually causes them to not recommend the product to their patients.

The newer, improved version of the female condom, made of nitrile was introduced and distributed globally in 2009, but it wasn’t until 2013 that it got FDA approved and sold in the US.

Why does the FC2 rock?

  1. Much like the external (male) condom – it protects from STIs, as well as unwanted pregnancy.
  2. FC2 is cheaper than the first generation internal condoms – you can get 9 condoms for roughly $15, or a 3-pack for $7.
  3. Health insurance covers them and you can get them for free. A number of college campuses distribute them for free too.
  4. They are latex-free – no allergic reaction risks.
  5. 100% vegan.
  6. You can use ANY lubricant with them: since they’re not latex, you can absolutely safely use coconut oil (Sliquid Soul is a very good choice), silicone or water-based lubes.
  7. If lubricants generally irritate your vagina (some people can’t stand even Sliquid H2O, which is about the purest lube on the market) the FC2 will serve as a barrier between you and the lube. (It comes prelubricated with a silicone lube, but the lubrication on the outside is very mild and usually non-irritating.)
  8. No friction burn for the receiving partner – hot and steamy long pounding session – your vagina or anus won’t be able to tell.
  9. The female or receiving partner is in charge and can take responsibility if the penis owner doesn’t want to wear an external condom.
  10. It’s very loose and spacious and doesn’t make the penis feel confined or too tightly covered.
  11. Provides much more sensation for both parties – usually neither of them can feel it and tell it’s there.
  12. Can be placed in the vagina or anus hours prior to play and intercourse  – no need to stop what you’re doing or interrupt your foreplay to put an external condom.
  13. No pressure to maintain erection the entire time – as it’s secured behind the woman’s pubic bone and can just stay in for hours – you can keep enjoying safer sex without having an erection the entire time. No risk of slipping off if the penis gets softer.
  14. Provides barrier protection for a number of versatile sexual activities, not just intercourse: you can use it for fingering, instead of a glove, you can use it for oral sex performed on the partner wearing it, instead of a dental dam – it covers parts of the genitalia, the outer labia, can even be pulled out a bit so it covers the clit. Or you can just cut it with a pair of scissors, and turn it into a sheet and use it as a dental dam. One condom can be turned into  several dams as it has a bigger surface area.
  15. Great barrier protection for rim jobs and anal sex as well.
  16. Awesome for hot steamy FMF threesomes (two vagina-owners and one penis-owner, aka female-male-female): each receiving partner is wearing their own FC2, no need to put a new external condom when changing partners.
  17. Safe, easy and fantastic for underwater sex. Just insert it before going into the water. Apply plenty of silicone-based lube inside of the condom, as well as on the penis. It’s great for underwater strap-on sex too, especially if you are in a situation where you can’t easily disinfected your dildos and want to use a barrier method instead. FC2 stays in place under water, fits perfectly on the inside of the vagina, so underwater sex is actually much more enjoyable than bareback underwater sex.
  18. The least messy way of having sex during your period.
  19. Food play! If you are into putting Nutella, strawberries in your own/your partner’s vagina, or fucking them with a Twix bar gets you off (don’t laugh, it’s happened to me in Amsterdam, which explains a lot…) avoid a yeast infection or unbalancing your pH by using the FC2 as a barrier between any delicious food and the gentle mucous membrane of your vagina.
  20. One size fits all. Unlike external condoms, here you don’t have to worry about which size to get, no risk of “getting it wrong” and compromising your health. Not having the right “fit” can lead to misusage or accidents when it comes to the external (male) condom. If it is too small and too tight on the penis – it can break, if it’s too big and loose, it can slip out, all of which put you at risk of getting an STI or unwanted pregnancy (if you are not using another form of birth-control).

Where to find the FC2?

Get it online from their manufacturer, go to Planned Parenthood, or check with your OBGYN if your health insurance covers it. Find it in your local sex store, almost any online sex shop, and even Amazon, Walgreens,, Walmart, and Kmart. In theory CVS should have it too, but I’ve never managed to find it in stock, maybe it’s just the branches that I’ve visited.

Give it a chance

Placing and using the internal condom correctly is a skill. Give it a fair chance, there’s a learning curve. Try to remember how tough and discouraging your first experience with the external condom was. But you moved past it, didn’t you? For best results practice placing it, getting used to the product, and how it feels on your own or in a non-sexual situation. Get to know your own and your partner’s body. Pretty soon you will be a FC2 master.

Learn more

Planned Parenthood on the FC2

The official FC2 website for North America

* Why internal, instead of female?

First of all, not all people who identify as female have vaginas, and not all vagina-owners identify as female. Second of all it can be used for anal sex, ergo by all people who have butts (which covers all of us). It can be used as a barrier protection from porous sex toys, or for strap-on sex in conditions where you can’t sanitize dildos. And last but not least it can be used for so much more than penetrative sex.

Disclaimer: I am still using the term female condom here and there, as I want people to have equal access to this article, and not everybody who needs it knows the inclusive language.

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