CaraGold CBD Lubricant

Updated on 12/12/2016.

CBD CaraGold Lubricant

You’ve already heard about my love for Good Clean Love. You’ve all seen it on the Netflix Original “Easy“. So what more is there to say? Lube is lube, right? They’re all the same!

Short reminder that this is absolutely not true. 95% of the lubricants are made with petrochemicals, glycerin and propylene glycol. They’re tested on animals and are harmful for the mucous tissue of human vaginas, rectums and penises. They put women at risk of BV and yeast infections, and at 13 times higher risk of being infected with an STI.

We don’t just need lubricants with ingredients we don’t hate, but we need lubricants with ingredients we love; which are not just “not harmful” but are actually beneficial and make your body healthier.

And in this regard Good Clean Love have outdone themselves. It wasn’t enough that they’re making some of my beloved lubes Almost Naked and Guilty Pleasure. When they introduced their newest creation CaraGold, and I read all the educational materials, I was already doing a little happy dance. Little did I know that it was even better in practice than in theory.

The science behind the ingredients

What is CaraGold? Despite what you see in this hypnotic video, no, the actual lubricant is not “golden”, nor it is made with gold (the substance being poured on the tube is not the lube itself). It’s made with something even better. The precious certified organic CBD Hemp Oil.

CBD CaraGold Lubricant

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has strong healing and pain relieving effects. Unlike the better known and more commonly used THC, CBD doesn’t have any psychotropic effect and interacts in multiple ways with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Recent research with CBD has shown significant reduction in inflammation and pain symptoms. It is a healthy and natural analgesic, antioxidant, anti-convulsant and anti-depressant.

Carrageenan, a red algae has been shown to prevent HPV (Human papillomavirus) acquisition. According to the Center for Disease Control roughly 79 million Americans are currently infected with HPV, which makes it the most common sexually transmitted infection in the United States. And while using barrier protection (such as condoms) reduces significantly your risk of contracting it, that’s not enough to protect you, because it’s transmitted via skin-to-skin contact. Condoms don’t cover the whole intimate area around the penis, nor prevent contact with the vulva (vulva is everything that’s outside: inner and outer lips, clit, etc.). Using dental dams and cloves can help and reduce your risk of getting infected, but again, if you don’t eliminate all the skin to skin action, you’re never entirely protected. Carrageenan has may act as an inhibitor to HPV and it’s a natural and healthy ingredient.

Organic Aloe gives the lubricant a really long-lasting formula, while it helps the skin regenerate and leave it naturally hydrated.

Full list of ingredients: Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Xanthan Gum, Carrageenan, Organic-compliant flavor (EU: Aroma), Lactic Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Dimethyl Isosorbide, Organic Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil.


CaraGold comes in a 2 oz tube, placed in a beautiful little paper box that has all the information you will need. It looks really stylish and fancy, it has the usual Good Clean Love Green, but the letters and logos are gold, instead of white. It looks super fancy and is a great gift. In terms of sustainability and being green, I can spare the paper box. It does give a nice finish and makes everything easier to read than the little font on the bottle itself, but I can give up on that and help save some trees instead.

The feel

CaraGold is easily one of the longest lasting water-based, vegan lubricants I’ve ever used. It comes in a thick, gel-like formula, and it doesn’t drip and it doesn’t make a mess. The little pea-size squeeze that you will need stays where you put it, even before smearing it, which in my book is a huge deal. I can’t deal with runny lubes. I want the lube to stay on my sex toy, on my partner’s penis or vulva and not drip everywhere. I basically don’t want more lube on the sheets than on the bits.

dscn9898I don’t know what miracle formula Good Clean Love came up with, but it is soooo long-lasting. They’re recommending it as a natural water-based silicone alternative, and they got really close. What does this mean? Silicone lubes are super long-lasting and don’t dry out, compared to water-based ones. CaraGold is a water-based lube, but with a texture and qualities closer to silicone lubricants. At the same time the water and CBD lube mixes with and compliments your natural fluids, while silicone stays separated. And if I have to be honest it actually feels far better than any silicone lube I’ve tried, because it’s thicker and it blends with my natural lubrication. It enhances my own wetness. You really do need only a small drop without having to reapply too often. Using it for vaginal intercourse helps with my dryness. And not just during the act, but it actually has a long-lasting healing effect. My vagina keeps self lubricating even the day after. It blends in and complements my own lubrication really well.

Where Good Clean Love CBD CaraGold really shines is anal sex. The consistency is very slippery and almost doesn’t need reapplying. I can say that it gave me some of the most wonderful anal sex experiences I’ve ever had.

It doesn’t have any pronounced taste nor smell, and, unlike other organic lubes, it’s not bitter. Which makes it great for oral sex too (and don’t forget that HPV can be contracted via oral sex, so the powers of Carrageenan are helping you stay safer).

CaraGold is really one of the most versatile lubricants I’ve ever used. It’s superb for practically anything. From oral sex and hand jobs to vaginal and anal sex. And it’s even safe to use with your silicone sex toys. It gets a “check” in all of my boxes!

Pro tips

dscn9891-copyI love using it during my period. It helps my body not lose its pH balance, and not get too dry during my monthly flow. I put a tiny bit at the tip of my tampon or on the edge of my menstrual cup. It makes insertion easier, helps with pain and discomfort, and reduces the damage tampons cause to my body (yes, ladies, you know all too well that horrible dryness) or the friction burn from placing a menstrual cup.

And another tip for champions. During play time you can reactivate the lube with water. Yes! Unlike other water based lubes, this one can get reactivated just by adding some water. I would recommend keeping some water spray (like the way you mist your plants with). You need to add just a few drops on the areas where you’ve already had the lube and it will keep sliding.

CaraGold and Condoms

Is what we know about oils and latex really true? It turns out that we don’t know nearly enough, and that what’s backed up by science is that mineral oil and pure coconut oil could damage condoms, but there aren’t studies  showing all oils break down latex. This is why Good Clean Love sent CaraGold to a lab to see if it was in fact not latex compatible. It’s a water-based lube that has a tiny bit of CBD oil. And luckily, the results came out at the end of October and CaraGold is latex condom-safe.

Last thoughts

CaraGold comes loaded with ingredients I love. It made its way to the top in my “most versatile” and “best texture and feel” charts. There isn’t a single thing that I don’t like about it. Except the price. I know that quality ingredients and especially CBD are really expensive, and I know that doing business in a responsible way is really difficult and keeps the costs high. But the truth is that most people aren’t going to be able to afford $20 for a 2 oz lube.

Do I think it’s worth it? I absolutely do because it’s long lasting, you’re not going to run out of it very fast. And if you want a lubricant that has amazing health benefits you should absolutely try it. Good Clean Love offers a pack of three 4 ml sample pillows for $1.99 and this is a good way to check it out and decide whether it’s for you. And subscribe to Good Clean Love’s newsletter, they have some great weekly deals and sales. You can also find it at a number of stores and pharmacies, as well as at most sex stores.

Disclaimer: CaraGold was generously provided to me by Good Clean Love in exchange for my honest review. But my opinions and thoughts in this post reflect my experience with the product and are not altered in any way.

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Good Clean Love Guilty Pleasure Lubricant Review

Good Clean Love Guilty Pleasure LubricantA short intro

I feel really strongly about lubricants. If there’s one tip to give to every couple that struggles with somewhat unfulfilling sex life, it would be: just add lube! But then again, this single sentence doesn’t give people the whole picture. They run off to the drug store, and buy a tube of lube they find usually in the condom section. Little do they know about the the poisons that are in them.

So one piece of advice for better and more enjoyable sex: the wetter the better. But also: the better, the better. Okay, I know, it got confusing. What I mean by this is: the better your lubricant is, the more you will enjoy sex and the more you will thrive in good intimate health.

This review is not supposed to be an in-depth intro to body-safe lubricants, nor bad ingredients, so I will leave it at that, hoping you will keep coming back for more, because a ton of awesome articles on lube are coming your way. It’s gonna get waaay wetter and more slippery.

The Company

Good Clean Love Guilty Pleasure

Good Clean Love is an amazing company that takes “responsible” and sustainable to a whole new level. Their creator, Wendy Strgar is doing everything she can, to help young women know more about their bodies and achieve better feminine well-being. But she doesn’t leave it at that. She helps women learn about pleasure and intimacy. Wendy runs a truly inspiring blog about sex and relationships, called Making Love Sustainable. The company works with colleges and provides education, so people don’t start off their sexual experiences in a traumatic, painful or disappointing way.

This company isn’t just your nerdy friend, who knows all their science and spends most of their time in the lab. Oh, yes, they are walking the walk and have done their homework. You can geek out about all the health benefits of using lube, such as lower risk of transmitting STIs, lower risk of developing BV (bacterial vaginosis), lower risk of condom breakage, better intimate flora, and lower risk of yeast infections. They know a ton of information and are not afraid to share it with us. But better lubricant isn’t only about better health. And here’s where Good Clean Love steps in as your bestie and your confidante. They don’t pretend it’s all about being “well balanced”. It’s about pleasure too! Sex is about pleasure (yeap, if you didn’t get the memo: it’s not just for reproduction, despite what your math teacher said in high-school during the awkward health class they were forced to teach).

The Vagina

Despite what fear-based marketing is trying to tell you, your vagina is not dirty, filthy, impossible to clean, and it doesn’t need intimate deodorants, douching and a whole bunch of things. It’s a self-cleaning organ and your vaginal discharge is a normal and healthy part of being a woman. Your delicate plumbing contains good bacteria and lactobacilli, which keep things in a delicate balance. They can fight off infections and make you less susceptible to STIs. When that balance is thrown off by harsh products, this is when things get ugly. When lubricants don’t match your pH (the acidity) of your lady parts, this causes bad bacteria to overgrow, which can lead to BV or yeast infections. This is why it’s hugely important to use personal care products that are heathy and designed with your anatomy and physiology in mind.

The Product

dscn2965Guilty Pleasure, which is part of their Almost Naked line, is a water based scented vanilla-cinnamon natural lubricant. Its ingredients are 95% organic (all of which are certified), it’s 100% vegan and gluten-free, and it’s condom-safe. Being water-based, it’s also entirely sex-toy-safe: you can use it with silicone and any other materials. GCL works with PETA and their products are not tested on animals. Believe it or not, most lubricants are tested on rabbit vaginas. Which, surprise-surprise!, are not like human vaginas. They have a very different pH and what these testings research show is completely inapplicable to humans. Don’t even get me started on cruelty and how messed up it is to test lube on rabbits.

Let’s talk about the 95% organic. Some of you might cry: just 95%? It’s not “just”, it’s as much as it can possibly get, because there are some products that simply don’t exist in organic form. Seaweed (aka Agar, which is natural, but not organic) and xanthan gum, which make 5% of Good Clean Love lubricants, are such ingredients.

Petrochemicals, glycerin and propylene glycol are ingredients you are never going to find in Almost Naked, because the company made it its mission to not include these ingredients. Research has proven that these ingredients cause significant cell damage, and disrupt vaginal, as well as rectal tissue (which makes lubricants that contain these ingredients not safe for anal use either).

Flavored Lubes

Flavored lubes are great for oral sex, or a delicious combo of oral sex and hand-jobs or finger fucking. Unfortunately, most of us have had bad experiences with them. Usually they’re packed with sugars that just feed the fungi in your body and cause yeast overgrowth. This is why things might’ve gotten funky and weird, that time when you used a conventional flavored or warming lube. Good Clean Love Guilty Pleasure is different. It has all the good and organic ingredients of their Almost Naked series, with a hint of vanilla and cinnamon.

The Formula 

Good Clean Love Guilty PleasureGood Clean Love is entirely non-sticky, or tacky. It’s not going to stain your clothes or sheets, it’s not going to be impossible to clean and wash off. It’s not gonna start making a yucky mess after a little bit. What causes other lubricants to do this is usually the glycerin in them. When Good Clean Love starts drying out, it’s just going to evaporate, leaving your skin feeling clean and fresh. Because it doesn’t contain glycerin or petrochemicals, it is going to dry off faster and last shorter than one of the popular brands on the market. Water-based lube can’t last forever, after all, it’s water-based and what water does is evaporate eventually. And yet the lube still lasts significantly long enough to make sex really enjoyable and pleasurable. If things get dryer, just reapply it. With more frequent use, it will restore your body’s ability to self-lubricate more. What other lubricants packed with sugars and chemicals do is suck out all the water from your cells. This is why you might be experiencing dryness and end up needing more and more of them, after a while. Guilty Pleasure isn’t going to compromise your own ability to moisturize and get wet.

What I really loved about the formula is that it’s much thicker than your typical water-based lube. It’s much more gel-like, it doesn’t spill everywhere, before you even reach to the spot when you want to apply it, and it provides a nice cushioning.

Guilty Pleasure ingredients: Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Xanthan Gum, Agar, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Lactate, Lactic Acid, Natural Flavors. You can find all of your questions about their ingredients here.

The Sensations

Good Clean Love Vanilla Cinnamon LubricantWere you looking for a lubricant that tastes like nothing? That doesn’t turn your partner into a birthday cake and allows you to actually experience and enjoy their own skin? If you need something sweet, you might wanna go have a snack, instead of giving a blowjob. Just a thought. GCL tastes like nothing, in the best possible way.

It does have a pronounced vanilla-cinnamon smell, not too subtle, not too overwhelming. It might eventually make you get hungry, because… well, it smells delicious. And these two ingredients are really commonly used in baking, so… your bedroom might start smelling like your kitchen. Which is great if you’re looking for some sensation play, teasing, blind-folding… It is going to make things really sensual.

What about how it feels… down there? If you’ve had a bad experience with lubes irritating you or causing you burning, I feel you. Good Clean Love doesn’t have any ingredients that can cause you allergies, or any irritations. But (!!!) if your natural pH is thrown off balance already and is higher than what it’s supposed to be, you might experience some slight initial burning the first few times when you use Good Clean Love. I would recommend trying it out solo first, and getting used to it. If things are burning a lot, you might want to buy some pH test strips. Your vagina is supposed to be acidic, so anything from 3.8 to 4.5, 5 maximum. (Which are the orange to yellow colors on most pH testers). If things are much higher (green shades on the test), 1. you need to switch to their Balance and Restore line, 2. visit your doctor, because you might have BV. So one reason that your good pH balances lubricant or intimate wash burns is because it has a lower acidity than what you currently have. This is most probably the case if you’ve been using conventional lubricants or harsh intimate products (or soap for your intimate parts, for that matter). Burning from Good Clean Love is not a sign that there’s something wrong with the lube and you’re not tolerating it well, it’s just a sign that things might’ve been thrown out of their normal healthy balance. Nothing to worry about because this is exactly why these lubes are here to help.

An Important Note

If you are using scented or flavored lube to fight back some unpleasant smells from your own intimate parts or from your partner, you might need to see a doctor. If there are some strong smells or discharge that feels different and unnatural, that might be a symptom of an STI or of Bacterial Vaginosis. I would recommend seeing your health practitioner ASAP. If they’re busy or you can’t schedule an appointment in the next few days/weeks, you can test at home for STIs with the help of MyLAB Box and test your pH with home strips (you will need to take some vaginal discharge with the help of a cotton bud and place it on the tester paper). Using a scented lubricant isn’t going to solve the problem, and any unaccounted smells should be treated, not masked.

Last words

If you like voting with your wallet, Good Clean Love is definitely a company worth supporting. If I have to be honest, no matter how good of a company they are, if their products were simply good enough, I wouldn’t have bothered with writing this lengthy review, nor with reading and doing further research about the brand and their products. But they truly create awesome lubricants, and they’re one of the few companies I stand behind. I really like how light and natural their formula is, while providing enough thickness and being long-lasting. After more than a month of using them, I can safely say that I haven’t felt healthier and things “down there” haven’t been better.

dscn2962One common con of all organic lubes is that they’re a little expensive (and yet, if you compare it with all the bad brands, they’re not that much more expensive). Good Clean Love Guilty Pleasure sells for $15.99 for 4 oz and $9.99 for 1.5 oz (which is the size featured in my pictures). They also have cool pillow cases/sachets which are excellent for travel or for spending the night out, or just for trying them out, if you don’t wanna commit to a whole bottle. They have really good sales and promos, which you can always find on my Sales Page. You can order them online from their website, or use their Store Locator to find the nearest retailer. You can also find them at all the reputable sex shops. Get it from Peepshowtoys, Good Vibrations or SheVibe. And if you still have any questions, you can consult the FAQ sheet of the Almost Naked Line.

And don’t gorget that lube is for everybody. There’s a number of reasons for vaginal dryness and it just makes sex more pleasurable. There’s nothing wrong if you’re 20 and you still need lube. If you want a longer feel and water based lubes don’t do much for you, you might want to check out hybrid, silicone or oil-based lubricants. Good Clean Love just introduced their oil-based lube Cara Gold, which I absolutely loved.

Disclosure: Good Clean Love was a gift from Sex Geek Summer Camp 2016. I truly believe in this brand. The opinions and endorsements here are honest and entirely mine.

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There’s Nothing Wrong with You if You Need Lube

Sexual Lubricants

When it comes to our bodies and how they work, we want them to always be responding. Whenever we ask them to. And when things don’t go our way, we want quick fixes. And there’s nothing wrong with that. If something can lessen our suffering or frustration, why shouldn’t we take immediate advantage of it? If science has an answer for it, and if we can easily find the solution, we don’t waste a second and get a doctor’s prescription, or drive to the drug store in the middle of the night.

Sexual LubricantsAnd yet when it comes to vaginal lubrication we expect our body to always be good to go. If we’re turned on, we shouldn’t need extra lube. And we take it as a personal failure if that’s not sufficient. The “we” in the last sentence being ALL of us. We, women, because we’ll blame ourselves and assume that it’s our fault, and that there’s something wrong with us. But men as well, because they tend to think they’re doing something wrong, and that they’re not good enough if we’re not an everlasting spring. There’s so much shame around using extra lube and not being moist enough. Yet there’s no shame if our eyes don’t produce enough lubrication and we use some Visine instead. We wouldn’t go: “Oh, her eyes are so dry when she’s with me, why am I not sufficient enough for her, why does she need to use any eye drops”.

A lot of things can affect a woman’s vaginal moist, and it doesn’t only happen to menopausal women. What can be causing your vaginal dryness?

  1. The pill and other hormonal contraception. If you are on any form of hormonal birth control (the pill, shots, the implant, hormonal IUDs) that’s going to change the thickness of your cervical mucus and could cause vaginal dryness. Given that a lot of women start taking the pill even before losing their virginity, for a number of girls dryness is status quo.
  2. Your menstrual cycle. Your body’s ability to self-lubricate changes throughout your monthly period. You are probably going to be very dry during your period and the days leading to it. If you’re using tampons, that’s going to additionally make you sore to the extent that intercourse can be quite painful a couple of days after you’ve had your period.
  3. Being dehydrated overall. Not drinking enough water throughout the day is bad enough as it is, but is a borderline health hazard during sex when you’re going to get aroused, sweat, and even get a fair amount of exercise. Pro tip: drinking plenty of water is really important for oral and anal sex as well; in general, keep a bottle or glass next to your bed.
  4. Alcohol, cigarettes, or just having smoked some pot. All these substances can make you very dry. While the effect of cigarettes come with longer term use, alcohol and weed can make you dry right away.
  5. Lack of sleep, fatigue, stress. Have you noticed how tired and terrible your skin looks like when you’ve under-slept or stressed? Lack of rest and time for regeneration affect your private tissues as well.
  6. Douching. Vaginal douching is not only causing you dryness, but also disbalancing your flora (the good bacteria and microorganisms that keep your vagina healthy and prevent infections), and your pH.
  7. Allergy and some cold meds. One of the side-effects of antihistamines is that they can cause intimate dehydration. The effect is temporary and only lasts while you’re on the drugs.
  8. Childbirth and nursing. Your postpartum body is going to lack the progesterone and estrogen needed to produce lubrication and your hormonal levels are going to remain low while you’re breastfeeding.
  9. Menopause. The post menopausal body isn’t producing enough estrogen either and the elasticity of the vaginal walls is decaying as well.
  10. Lack of or too little foreplay. Not giving your body enough time to get aroused and skipping foreplay can make sex so much less enjoyable, and even painful.
  11. Bad over-the-counter lubricants. The most popular lube brands, and the ones you can find in the any drugstore or grocery store, usually contain glycerin and propylene glycol. These ingredients are really heavy and bad for your body. They will make things slippery during use, but what they actually do is they deplete your cells’ own water supplies and leave them really dry and prone to tears.


Sexual Lubricants

Just Add Lube!

Whether you’re 21 or 51 there’s nothing wrong in “fixing” what’s temporarily or more permanently not “working”. Using a sexual lubricant makes sex tenfold more enjoyable. It decreases the risk of damaging the gentle mucous membrane of your vagina or your penis, and helps prevent friction burn and discomfort. It also reduces the risk of STI transmission: both because micro tears on your tissue make you more susceptible, and because the lack of proper lubrication highly increases the risk of condom breakage and failure.

So do your sex life a favor, and get your essentials from a sex-positive store nearby or online. Always keep a bottle of lube on your nightstand and a little sample in your purse.

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