Tantus Echo Review

Tantus Echo Vibrator Dildo

The meaning of it all…

First dildo review for my website! Squeee! How did I publish 20 posts and not a single one focusing on dildos? The universe is mysterious. Actually, this isn’t just a coincidence. It speaks of the state of the industry, and it speaks even more of the average customer’s preferences. Contrary to the common misconception, “a big dick” is not what women covet. Their orgasmic needs far exceed the crave for a phallus. These days we don’t seek a “replacement” or something that mimics the reality. We buy weird horseshoe shaped gadgets and novelties, we demand that our toys can be operated from the other end of the world, and we’re all hyped up about couples’ toys.

A fellow sex educator who works at a sex store said: people think that dildos are for dykes.

Let me tell you something. Dildos are for everybody. Straight or gay, man or woman, cisgender (identifying as the sex you were biologically born with) or transgender. And dildos can be freaking great. Yes, you are normal. You are not a pervert if you already own or want to buy a dildo. No, it’s not going to replace your partner. And no, you are not going to get “addicted” to it and never go back to “the real thing”.

Tantus Echo Vibrator DildoWhy are dildos so cool? To start with, dildos with flared bases, such as all Tantus products, are harness compatible and anal-safe. They’re easy to hold and you can use them on yourself or a partner can use them on you. Dildos nowadays come in all sorts of cool colors and shapes and don’t have to be realistic one bit. They can enhance your sex life even if you have a male partner already, because you can get a dildo with a different size than your partner’s equipment, and most importantly, you can pick one that has a pronounced g-spot curve. Sometimes you need to start small and a smaller toy is a great way to warm up for intercourse.

To the point…

Tantus is a company that is extremely sex-positive, has a really comprehensive website with lots of information and advices on it, and offers both realistic as well as really creative and unusual dildos. Their boxes are not pornographic or cheesy. So take a deep breath and repeat after me: owning a dildo is fun!

What the fudge?!

Yes, it’s a dick with 5 heads. Echo! The sensation of inserting the glans of the penis is echoed 5 times. I doubt that I am the only one that loooooves that moment, that first slide in, that delightful sensation of the head of the penis entering your vagina or anus and the rim of the glans rubbing against your opening… and then past the g-spot… Ahhh… can this last forever? Apparently it can! It feels as good as you’re imagining it. Believe me!

Sooo… how big is it?

Tantus Echo is 6.5″ long and 1.55″ at its widest (diameter). If you are not a fan of such deep penetration, you can absolutely enjoy it without taking it all in. In the dildo world, this is a medium-sized dildo. Usually smaller dildos are used for either warming up, or for pegging (when a woman wears a strap on an uses it anally on a male partner). A lot of people go way overboard and get a 2″ x 7″ dildo  as their first toy. I would say; start smaller, too big can be painful and requires a lot of building up to it. If you are advanced in butt play, this toy is really, really fantastic for anal penetration because the shape is the closest a cock can be to anal beads. A lot of my Tantus toys are way wider and I am not even dreaming of trying them in the back door, but this one passes the challenge quite successfully. It also has a certain smoothness and roundness that makes it particularly pleasant for anal adventures.

What else does it do?

This toy is quite accomplished at “just” being a dildo. Great for thrusting or squeezing your vaginal muscles and contracting around it. But if you are looking for more, there is more. It’s actually a vibrating dildo. It comes with the little Tantus bullet vibe (included in the price of the dildo), which you place in a hole at the base of the toy. The whole is the same size as most bullet vibes, so if you have an even more powerful vibrator, such as We-Vibe Tango/Salsa, it can fit it. The bullet is a one-speed waterproof vibrator, that is powered by one 1.5 V Type battery (not AA nor AAA, it actually lasts much longer). It comes with the battery, but you need to open it and remove the battery protection. And if something happens to the vibrator and one day it breaks, you can easily get a new one from Tantus, without having to replace your whole toy.

Another awesome feature that all Tantus vibrating dildos or plugs offer is that the toy is compatible with the ultra strong Tantus Suction Cup. This turns your toy into a hand-free joy. You can attach it to any surface and use it as if you’re having intercourse. You can attach it on the floor, facing up, get some pillows for your knees and ride it, or you can place it on any wall or vertical surface and have the dildo penetrate you from behind. If your hands tend to get tired from holding the dildo, or if you like a sensation closer to actual intercourse, that’s a great feature.

As I mentioned before, it’s harness compatible. Great for girl sex, or for pegging. While you’re at it you can grab a strap-on from Tantus too. They thought of everything!

How to make most of it

Experiment with your dildo. Don’t assume how you’re supposed to be using it. Jamming it in and a lot of friction might look great in porn, but that’s probably not how you would like to masturbate or be stimulated. Also try holding the dildo still while “humping” it with moves from your pelvis. And, of course, check out the vibration. You can remove the bullet from the toy and actually use it separately on your clit. A combination of g-spot stimulation from penetration and vibration on your clitoris might be your formidable orgasmic combo.

If you own a wand vibrator, such as the Hitachi Magic Wand or the Doxy, try touching the base of the toy with the wand, while the toy is inside of you. That’s going to make the whole toy vibrate in a much stronger and rumbly fashion, which is another entirely different sensation for you to explore.

Final words

I think that the Echo is one of the coolest ideas Tantus had and brought into the world. I love that it’s not too girthy, that it provides me with the repeated sensation of being penetrated by the head of the penis again and again. And I’ve taken advantage of all the ways this toy can be used: as a vibrator, with a suction cup, with a strap on, as an anal dildo. It’s made of body-safe silicone and comes in two gorgeous colors: pearl white and midnight purple. The reason mine is neither is that I bought it from their Grab Bag section, which has their “surprise” colors, mixtures and swirls. If you’re into some mystery, I’d suggest you try their grab bags because they’re cheaper than the regular price. If you have strong color preferences go with the regular one. If you don’t care much about the vibration, using it with a suction cup or a strap-on, Echo has a version with a longer handle, which makes the dildo much more easy to hold and use (and it also seems that they have a pink one, if you accidentally have fallen in love with mine).

You can boil your toy for sanitation and have the peace of mind that it’s completely non-porous. Basically unless you lose it, or your dog chews on it, nothing’s going to ever happen to it. Being made of the regular Tantus silicone blend, and not their softer O2 line, it’s a little hard and stiff. Shiny silicone has a drag to it, so use plenty of lube (stick with water-based or hybrid lube for silicone toys), especially upon initial insertion.

It’s one of my fave dildos and I absolutely recommend it to anyone who likes texture and doesn’t need a really pronounced g-spot curve. Is it newbie friendly and could it be one’s first toy? Hell yeah!

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Note: Tantus Echo was not provided to me in exchange of a review; it’s been a happy part of my toy family for a while now.

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What made camp such an unforgettable experience for me was having the opportunity to work and exchange ideas with other inspiring sex educators, coaches and counselors. Here is the love-child of one of these interactions. When I heard that Kat Nantz (Sexual Empowerment Coach from Guelph, Ontario) had spent 6 months in a camper, crossing the United States with her boyfriend, and that they didn’t have to sacrifice their hot and kinky sex life, I had to hear more about it.

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Doxy Die Cast Review

Updated Aug 26 2016

doxy (2)I still remember last year’s Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit when Crista Anne Orenda, JoEllen Notte (The Redhead Bedhead) and Stephen Biggs were flashing around a gorgeous wand vibrator and telling people how amazing it is and that it could get off even people who are experiencing anorgasmia as a result of depression treatment with SSRIs (eg. Zoloft, Celexa, etc.)  I thought “If two awesome sex bloggers and a therapist are passionately recommending a wand, which isn’t the Hitachi, that thing must be good”.

Doxy Die Cast MassagerThat was a year ago and the vibrating wand was the Doxy Massager. Since then the Doxy Original has evolved into the kick-ass (pardon my French) even most dazzling Doxy Die Cast. And these same colleagues loved it even more. Okay, this thing really must be something else. So I had to order it from the Doxy table at Woodhull SFS 16.

Doxy is… like the futuristic British cousin of the Hitachi Original.

So how is the Doxy different and better?

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Should you then judge a vibe from its looks? Well, clearly there’s no correlation between looks and functionality (and there are plenty of examples of beautiful luxury useless toys), but one can still appreciate and seek beauty in the world, right? The Die Cast is just so gorgeous, and I am the last person to judge you if that played a role in your decision to buy one.

doxy (7)Doxy just released several new color options for the Die Cast. Now you can choose between the original silver one, black, read, purple and white. If you get the silver one, keep in mind that fingerprints and smudging is a risk. Several other sex toy reviewers said that it gets really dirty very fast. Not an issue with the black one. The Die Cast comes with a zip-up storage case, that makes your Doxy more discreetly stored in your closet or easier to transport (if you are one of these people, who would bring a 1.9 lbs (2lbs 13oz with the case) and 13″ long toy on their trip. Not judging, I can totally relate.)

This massager is corded and you will need a power outlet in order to use it. Luckily the folks from Doxy thought this through: the cord is significantly longer than the one on other corded wands (10 feet) it can safely be used world-wide (you will just need an adapter for the outlet).

Die Cast has three easy buttons. The power on/off (it also switches between the steady mode and it’s cascading pattern), and the + and – . It has much finer nuances and the power settings are increasing or decreasing really gradually. The buttons light up (so you can find it in the dark) in and are really easy to use. No clunky switches. Die Cast is really smart too – it remembers where you left off. It will automatically turn on to the setting you were last using it. So no annoying pressing the + several times until you get to your desired power mode.

Upon turning one on there’s something that can’t possibly remain unnoticed. It’s so quiet. To quote my partner: “When I used to come back from work, I could hear you from the elevator (which is several apartments down the hall). I just didn’t know whether you were vacuuming, or using your Hitachi.” Whoever owns a Hitachi knows how awkward and loud that gadget is. The Die Cast is like a nice purring kitten compared to it. Don’t get me wrong. It’s still loud if you put it against to your extra quiet bullet vibe. After all, it’s a wand. And as such, it’s the quietest I’ve encountered so far.

Let’s talk about its quality. This toy is a freaking work of art. It’s made in the UK, unlike the Hitachi which is made in China (no, not made in Japan. The box clearly says “Designed in Japan, made in China”). It’s made of super high quality materials, the handle made of casted (got it, Die Cast?) aluminum and titanium metals and the head is silicone. That is a big deal in terms of sanitizing or sharing the toy with other lovers, because, because honestly,  it’s not easy to put a condom on a wand vibrator. And other non-silicone heads (including the older Doxy) are porous. That means that Die Cast isn’t gonna harbor bacteria or viruses in its material (which is a risk with non-silicone heads, even if you clean them thoroughly). Just a small reminder: you can only use water based and hybrid lubes with it, silicone lubes might damage the silicone head.

Doxy Die Cast MassagerHow do the vibrations feel? They’re deep, nuanced, and rumbly. The feel of the silicone is very thuddy. That could be a hit or miss, and it takes some getting used to, especially if you were a Hitachi addict already. It does feel different. Fortunately, all the Hitachi attachments that you already own, or wanna buy, will fit your Doxy as well.

I need to talk a bit more about the cascading pattern though. The pattern RULES! RULZZZ!!! (Not a sentence I thought will ever come out of my mouth when it comes to patterns.) I never liked them, pulsations, waves or cascades. I used to get irritated with them because they would never get me off, and will just waste my time keeping orgasms farther and farther from me. This doesn’t apply to the Doxy. It’s cascades are genius and often make me climax faster that the steady pattern. My guess why that is would be that the Die Cast is so damn strong and overwhelming, that one needs little “breaks” in order to actually enjoy and savor the sensations.

How to clean it? Sanitizing it is really easy. Just don’t submerge it underwater. You can wipe out the handle with sanitizing wipes or a little bit of hand sanitizer on a wet cloth. As for the head: any toy cleaner or just soap and water will do the trick.

It comes with a 12-month manufacturer warranty, but you have to have a proof of purchase.

Don’t estimate it as a all-bodies toy either. The Doxy is great for men too. It has an astonishing effect on the penis, the balls and the perineum. And there are even “male” attachments for it: they look like a masturbation sleeve. Just go slower, start with a really low setting. And do not press the wand against the balls, I’ve been told it can get too intense and painful.

And clearly… Die Cast is an awesome massager as well. You can reach your back and neck and work these sore muscles. Try it out on your buttocks or legs after working out. It’s godsend!

I can’t write a review on a Doxy and not mention the key word: fully clothed orgasms. Yeap. Want an orgasm through your jeans? Doxy’s got you covered.

What’s not so great about it?

So far I’ve only outlined its advantages and upgrades from other wand massagers. But let’s take a look at my concerns. Okay, I do not own a Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable. But the new Magic Wand has a silicone head, and has several power settings too. And is rechargeable on top if it. The Hitachi rechargeable is 1.3 lbs (Hitachi Original: 1.2 lbs), which is lighter than the Doxy. In many ways it does look like that the Hitachi Rechargeable is addressing a lot of the issues that the Doxy does too, while being cheaper in comparison.

And one just Doxy specific disadvantage – sometimes accidentally I press the power button and turn it off, because it’s the closest one to the head and the + is the middle one. That’s happened a couple of times. And is very frustrating to have something shut off, instead of go higher and more powerful.

Tips for using a wand vibrator

Doxy Die Cast MassagerBesides the countless options for attachments, some of which are insertable, some of which are textured and are for external stimulation, how does one actually use a wand vibrator? You can hold it on your clit (don’t start with direct clit stimulation and always start on the lowest setting), on your labia, or simply above your pubic bone. As if showing someone where your g-spot is, but from the outside. You can try using a dildo, or just having vaginal balls inside, while using the wand vibe externally. Or you can even try a g-spot vibe internally alongside using a wand externally on your clit. Just experiment and have fun. And give it a few tries. Wands can be overwhelmingly strong for some people. That’s why the Doxy is actually so newbie friendly. It can start really low.

Of course, there are plenty of BDSM uses of a wand vibrator. Doxy is just great for forced orgasms.

In Conclusion

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I love the Die Cast. I truly do. But I always feel bad and guilty when telling people “you definitely need to have this toy” when it costs roughly $200. Is the Doxy worth it? If you can afford it, definitely get it. And if money’s an issue, more affordable, but really good options, are Hitachi/Magic Wand Original ($59.99), Doxy Original ($109.99) or a Hitachi/Magic Wand Rechargeable ($124.99).

Is it worth getting it if you already have a Hitachi? Again, if it’s within financial reach: YES. It’s really feels quite different. Am I gonna stop using and needing my Hitachi? Nope. I still have a special place in my heart for it, and I am gonna say it again: they feel different.

Buy your Die Cast from SheVibe at $189.99 or from Tantus at $209.99

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