TRUSKYN Tru Stroke Beaded Penis Stroker Review

Doc Johnson TRUSKYN Tru Stroke Beaded

The name of this one is going to twist your tongue: Doc Johnson TRUSKYN Platinum Silicone: The Tru Stroke Beaded. That’s way too many words for a $19 toy. Looks like Doc Johnson really wanted to convince us that this product is in fact made of silicone, because they actually put “silicone” as part of the name of the toy. They’re absolutely correct, I am not so easily convinced. Even after reading the box, the name, the explanation, and the manual thoroughly, I still wasn’t sure if this was truly a silicone product. Why? Well, because Doc Johnson is well known for trying to trick people with “silicone blends” and all sorts of questionable business practices. After reading Dangerous Lilly’s post about other products of the Truskyn line, I was finally convinced, okay, this is silicone.

Sex toy materials

Why does this matter? In a nutshell, what your sex toys are made of is hugely important, because a number of products (and entire brands!) out there are made of porous materials, or ones that contain phthalates. Phthalates or phthalate esters are found in elastomers and are actually toxic for your body, especially in contact of mucous membranes, such as the penis, or the vagina. Most toys for penises, even if they’re phthalate-free are made of porous TPE or TPR, which are soft and pleasant to the skin, and feel squishy and highly realistic. But these can trap bacteria and put your body at danger, even if you thoroughly wash your toys and don’t share them with other people. Peepshow toys, one of my favorite online sex stores, has committed to not selling any porous sex toys. That’s why they don’t have a huge collection of strokers and masturbators; but everything they have is high-quality. One of the reasons I was excited that this penis stroker is actually silicone and body-safe, was because it’s affordable and pretty easy to use and clean.

A few words about penis masturbators

Penis sex toys that create the sensation of penetrating are called masturbators, sleeves or strokers. They usually look like a tube in which a person inserts their dick. Some are open ended (so the head of the penis can peek out of it), others are closed at the end and feel more like an orifice. Another type of penis toy is one that looks like a taco (Dangerous Lilly’s metaphor that I can’t refrain from using). Some people call it a manta ray. The Tru Stroke Beaded is a taco-style toy. It doesn’t cover the penis entirely, but this allows it to fit penises of different sizes and girths in particular. One can grab it and hold their grip more strongly for more intense sensations and make it feel tighter. Another huge advantage of toys of this shape is that cleaning them is a breeze!

The Tru Stroke Beaded

Doc Johnson TRUSKYN Tru Stroke BeadedIt’s a fairly simple toy. The texture on the inside isn’t anything mind-blowing. If you come from a world of Tenga or Fleshlights (which are fairly more expensive, and are porous), this stroker isn’t going to feel as realistic, or as enjoyable. But I think it’s unfair to compare it with these since they’re an entirely different category.

From using this toy on a male partner, I can say that this stroker is one of the most fun ones to use together. I am a huge fan of mixing activities and taking blow jobs and hand jobs to the next level. Alternating the two, using lots of lube, sucking while stroking, stroking while playing with the balls, adding some vibration on the balls. I like using penis sleeves during play-time. But a bigger and more sophisticated toy such as a Tenga Flip Hole, or a Fleshlight, or the Fun Factory Cobra Libre can be really uncomfortable for me to use on a partner (as well as for a guy to use on themselves: I don’t know if you’ve touched a Fleshlight, but these things are enormous and super heavy). So something lighter, smaller, simpler, easy to operate, or just toss around — like the Tru Stroke Beaded — brings new sensations to the table but doesn’t feel clumsy or cumbersome.

Another feature of this sleeve is that it’s not too long and actually leaves the head of the penis outside of the toy (again, that depends on the length of the cock), so it can be easily combined with a blowjob and teasing the penis head with the tongue. The open side of the toy alongside the shaft is bare too; if you have the opening at the bottom, you can lick the frenulum of the penis (that little piece of skin on the bottom where the head of the penis meets the shaft), which is really sensitive and receptive to flickering with your tongue or to vibration.

Doc Johnson TRUSKYN Tru Stroke Beaded

The Tru Stroke Beaded stroker even comes with a storage bag and 1 oz of lube included. The lube sample has glycerin, so I’d pick a better lube from Peepshow toys (which only sell glycerin-free intimate products).

The feedback that I’ve received from my partner is that The Tru Stroke Beaded definitely feels better than just using hands for masturbation, but feels less like actually having intercourse than some penis toys. He personally is totally freaked out by “skin” tones of toys (including dildos), not to mention that the only skin tone that Doc Jonson offers is “vanilla”. But luckily, they have a red version of the toy as well. Apart from the look of the toy, he really enjoyed using it. And if you have any doubts whether a silicone masturbator is for you, don’t forget that the silicone they use has a softer and more squishy feel than regular silicone dildos do.

Tips for using the toy

Always warm up a masturbation sleeve before use. Regardless of the material, these things tend to feel cooler than body temperature (and that can spoil the mood, feel really unpleasant or even cost you your erection for a while). Putting it in a bowl of warm water does the trick, or just running some hot water from the sink over it. Always use lube with sleeves and strokers in order to avoid chafing and too much friction. It also feels more enjoyable and natural.

Doc Johnson TRUSKYN Tru Stroke BeadedThere is no such thing as “too many” when it comes to sex toys. Feel free to use other types of toys alongside it: vibration on the balls, a cock ring, a vibrating cock ring, a butt plug, a prostate massager. The more the merrier. Adding more sensations can completely up your solo sex game.

Strokers are also great for building stamina and learning about your orgasm, when your point of no return comes, and when to slow down in order to last longer. Strokers are by no means toys just for sexually active people, and they can absolutely be used by penis-owners who are virgin to partnered sex. They’re also a great way to postpone intercourse, if you have a partner who’s not ready to have sex but you like playing together and giving each other pleasure without going all the way.

Last words

I am thrilled that there’s a new affordable stroker on the market that’s body-safe and can fit different penis-sizes. In fact, Doc Johnson even released two of these, there’s a ribbed version of this penis stroker, called The Tru Stroke Ribbed, that also retails for $19. You can get both from Peepshow Toys. I think you can’t go wrong with any of these. They’re a great way of figuring out whether you like strokers and they’re an inexpensive purchase that can give you an idea whether they bring something extra during masturbation or as part of partnered sex.

Peepshowtoys Wetlandia's Picks

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Disclaimer: The Tru Stroke Beaded was generously provided to me by Peepshowtoys in exchange for my honest review. My opinions and thoughts in this post reflect my experience with the product and are not altered in any way. I am using affiliate links in this post, which help me support this blog. By buying through them you’re giving me the opportunity to keep up the good work.

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Swan Squeeze Curve Review

Swan Squeeze Curve

Before you run screaming, let me tell you something: this vibrator comes in teal too. It’s not only in pink. Breathe in, breathe out, my pink-hating reader, and keep on reading because this one is really worth it!

About Swan

First things first. Swan’s products are designed and developed in Canada. They feature high-quality, body-friendly, silicone sex toys. They’re most famous for the Swan Wand vibrator. If some of their models seem familiar, that is because Jopen bought the rights for most of their products and sells them under the Vanity line. The newest Swan creations though are sold under their original label and under the BMS Factory wing, which are involved with other well-respected brands, such as Leaf and the improved version Leaf+.

When I saw the shape of the Curve, I knew we were most probably going to get along. But then I found out the whole Squeeze line features smart vibrators. “Brace yourself” was my first thought, because to be honest, anything that claims to be smart, revolutionary, or innovative gives me shivers. All I want is to be able to easily control my toy; too many promises of high-tech features fail greatly in this industry.

I am not afraid to admit how wrong I was. The Swan Curve is just a joy to operate and use.

The Curve is one of the three vibrators in the Squeeze line. The Swan Kiss is a clitoral vibrator. The Swan Hug is their rabbit-style vibrator (that actually looks really intriguing and might work for a number of bodies because the shaft and the external arm are flexible). The Swan Curve is their internal vibrator, and actually works really well for external use too.


The Swan Curve comes in a small box in a color that matches the one of the vibrator you got (teal or pink). It closes with a magnet lock, and contains a visually appealing booklet with a manual, a black satin storage bag and the USB recharger (no wall adapter included).

The product

The Curve has a gorgeous shape. Shape that I can admire both visually and at use for hours. Keep in mind, the Curve is not for size queens. With a diameter of 1.3″ (3.3 cm) of the widest part of the insertable end, and total length of 6.45″ (16.4 cm), two thirds of which are insertable, it’s a really good average size toy. Its neck is slightly flexible, which makes it really comfortable during use, without too much poking or hard g-spot stimulation. The g-spot stimulation is still there even if not in a Njoy Pure Wand or Comet Wand way.

The Swan Curve is made with 100% matte silicone finish. It’s seamless and soft, with the usual amount of drag for a silicone toy. It’s really easy to clean, it doesn’t have anything engraved on it, and doesn’t have any ridges or weird bumps. It’s waterproof and fully submersible and its battery holds up to 2.5 hours (in exchange of up to 3 hrs of charging it). And it comes with 1-yr warranty. But enough about the stats, let’s get to the point.

At use

Swan Squeeze CurveWhen I say it’s easy to operate, I mean it’s ridiculously easy to operate it. It only has one button that you need to hold for a few seconds until the toy vibrates twice shortly. Then all you need to do is gently squeeze the handle on the sides. It’s really intuitive, and by holding it you can create really enjoyable patterns and rhythms that respond to your needs at the moment. If you don’t want to squeeze it, you just need to press the button once and it will hold the desired vibration strength. If you want to change the speed, press again to unlock it, and squeeze until the desired speed again. It also has a feature that actually allows you to memorize your own vibration pattern and replicate it. According to the brochure, you can operate it hands free by inserting the toy vaginally and squeezing your legs together. And believe it or not, the hands-free use worked really well too! It’s not something one can use really long though, because your thighs will get tired after a while. But I can see this being a great feature for dominance and submission, while using hand restraints, maybe ordering the submissive to squeeze their tights and pleasure themselves, punish them for getting tired and not following orders… The vibrations are rumbly and strong; at the same time the Curve is not too noisy of a toy. It’s really ergonomic and intuitive both for internal and external use.

Last words

The Swan Curve is one of the most pleasant and enjoyable shapes of an internal vibrator that I’ve ever used. I can honestly say that I loved everything about it. It’s reasonably priced at $89 and has all the features one would expect from a premium brand. (And let’s not forget that we live in a world where toys much more expensive than a hundred bucks are not even water-proof.)

Here’s a short video I shot showing the Curve Squeeze at use. You can see the amount of pressure needed to operate it, how easy it is to lock a vibration speed, and how flexible the neck of the toy is.

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Disclaimer: Swan Squeeze Curve was generously provided to me by Peepshowtoys in exchange for my honest review. My opinions and thoughts in this post reflect my experience with the product and are not altered in any way. I am using affiliate links in this post, which help me support this blog. By buying through them you’re giving me the opportunity to keep up the good work.

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Sliquid Silk Organics Review

Sliquid Organics SilkIf one were to survey what kind of lube people prefer, you will get very polarized results. A lot of people swear by their silicone-based lube, but many are huge fans of water-based ones. And what exactly is a hybrid lube? Well, my friend, it’s the best of both worlds. Sometimes hybrid can refer to a blend of water and silicone, other times, water and oils. In both cases these lubricants have amazing qualities that rarely go hand in hand and even more rarely can be found in a single product.

The brand

Sliquid Organics Silk is an organic water-based blend mixed with silicone lube and botanical extracts. If I needed to give it a short description, I would say: it’s one of the best products Sliquid has created thus far — which speaks volumes. It’s pretty safe to say that Sliquid is the favorite and is the most beloved lube brand by sex bloggers and sex educators. Sliquid never makes anything that has glycerin, petrochemicals, parabens, or anything that’s not pH balanced, or has high osmolality. They don’t test their products on animals and  they’re all vegan-friendly.

The store

When Peepshowtoys asked me to pick a lube out of their selection and review it for them, I had a very hard time choosing. To begin with, Peepshowtoys are extremely careful about what they stock, especially when it comes to intimate care products. They’ve been working with a number of reviewers and established sex bloggers for years, and they’ve made a commitment to only stock glycerin-free lubricants. I was faced with a wide selection of brands and different kinds of lubricants. And while many have made it a goal in life to test out all Sliquid lubes, in general, I was frowning upon the idea, simply because I already had my ultimate #1 pick by the brand: Sliquid Organics Gel. I’ve used it for years, and I didn’t have any desire to switch to anything else. But I knew that my best pick might be many people’s least favorite, so I jumped at the opportunity to dip my… toes into more Sliquids.

The ingredients

Sliquid Organics SilkI geek out on lube ingredients a lot. I am very sensitive to intimate products I have high standards of what goes in my body and touches my own and my partners’ bodies. And this is why I love the Organics line by Sliquid. If their Naturals line is super pure and as close to H2O as possible, their Organics products actually are infused with natural ingredients that are good for your body and help skin regeneration and elasticity, as well as promoting better natural lubrication. Silk is not just a water-based product, it’s in fact aloe-based. It also contains hibiscus, flax, green tea and sunflower seed extracts. All these ingredients are very nourishing and naturally hydrate your skip deeply. The silicone ingredient (Dimethicone) makes the product extra long lasting and slick.

Full list of ingredients: Organic Aloe Barbadensis Decolorized Leaf Juice, Plant Cellulose (from Cotton), Natural Tocopherols (Vitamin E), Organic Extracts of Hibiscus, Flax, Green Tea & Sunflower Seed, Isopropyl Palmitate, Polysorbate 20, Dimethicone, Emollient Ester, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid

Why is it better than a water-based lube?

First off, being glycerin-free, makes this lube entirely non-sticky. It doesn’t solidify into big nasty disagreeable lumps. True, there are many water-based lubricants that don’t get sticky at all (try any of the water-based lubes I’ve reviewed). Still, what a lot of people experience with glycerin-free lubricants is that they can dry out pretty fast. Often reapplication is needed and that can be a mood-killer (or simply distracting) for some folks. Being a hybrid blend, Sliquid Organics Silk doesn’t dry out the way a regular water-based lube will. At the same time it has all the amazing qualities of one: it’s easy to clean, it’s tasteless, and safe to use with silicone sex toys. Its extra slickness allows it to be used for anal sex.

Why is it better than a silicone-based lube?

Silicone-based lubes can be a little too slippery and messy, and usually don’t go well with a number of silicone sex toys. A lot of people don’t like pure silicone lube because it coats the vaginal walls, rather than gently mixing with the natural vaginal lubrication. Sliquid Silk Organics Organics blends in really well, it doesn’t separate from bodily fluids and doesn’t have that slightly “greasy” silicone touch.

Why is it better than oil-based lube?

Unlike oil-based lubes, it’s latex/condom compatible and safe to use with TPE and TPR toys. A number of non-silicone toys are not stable to use with oil-based lubricants. Sliquid Organics Silk is not oily at all and it mixes better with vaginal fluids than natural oils.

How does Sliquid Silk Organics feel?

Sliquid Organics Silk

If you were ever looking for a lubricant that resembles cum, look no more! It’s creamy and whitish and its runny consistency resembles ejaculate a lot! If that’s your fantasy, by all means, shout that out (people need to know!)! And even if you don’t care about this resemblance, it still has a lovely texture and it’s hard not to fall in love with it. If you’re used to transparent lubricants, it might look weird at first, but you will get past that pretty easily. Silk is tasteless and very liquidy. But don’t let this fool you into thinking that it will vanish and dry out quickly.

What is it good for?

I don’t often say this, but this lubricant is good for any kind of sexual activity. You name it: hand jobs, fingering, oral sex, vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse, all sex toys (including silicone toys or butt plugs, which often use something extra lasting). My only comment is: you might not like it as much if you prefer gel-like lubes to runny lubes. It’s ideal for long and rough sessions, because the silicone in the blend is going to protect you from friction and from micro-tears.

If this is not the most exciting review of a lubricant I’ve written, this is only because everything about this lube is outstanding. If I had one wish from Sliquid: make a Silk Organics Gel version, please. A lot of people will benefit from a thicker and richer formula.

You can (and you should!) get your Sliquid Organics Silk 4.2 oz bottle from Peepshowtoys for $11.99 and you can get 10% off your entire purchase from there with code WETLANDIA.

Peepshowtoys Wetlandia's Picks

Disclaimer: Sliquid Silk Organics was generously provided to me by Peepshowtoys in exchange for my honest review. My opinions and thoughts in this post reflect my experience with the product and are not altered in any way. I am using affiliate links in this post, which help me support this blog. By buying through them you’re giving me the opportunity to keep up the good work.

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Joque SpareParts Harness Review

Joque SpareParts Harness Review

I will have to start this review with a confession. I’ve been sleeping with women for 10+ years and up until a few weeks ago I’ve never used a strap-on. I just have never felt the “need” to. Dicks were definitely not missed during my girl time. I used to rarely even use any toys during my lesbian sex. All we wanted were our bodies, almost as if to prove that we’re enough and that we can get the job done on our own terms.

But people grow and develop, and surprisingly to me, even I grew-up. And realized that steering clear from any kind of sex or pleasure, is staying in a box. To me sex represents liberation and being free. So if I were in fact, bisexual, pansexual, pleasure-driven, sex-positive woman, why run away from something that even remotely represented heteronormative sex?  What I realized is that incorporating a phallus doesn’t make me less of a feminist, less of a lesbian, or less of who I am. Isn’t girl sex all about that? It can be anything you want it to be. So many things ARE sex, and sometimes just humping someone’s leg through their clothes can be sex. So throw whatever you want in the mix and redefine what you call sex.

With that introduction in mind, my curiosity about strap-on sex grew bigger and bigger. I already owned an impressive collection of Tantus dildos that are all strap-on compatible. And clearly I’ve heard legends about the SpareParts harnesses. So not surprisingly, this is the first harness I picked to review.

Brief intro to harnesses

A harness is the garment that holds the dildo. A number of brands will sell you both in one package, and the complete package is usually called strap-on. The reason some companies sell these together, is that depending on the kind of harness one is using, the harness might not fit most dildo sizes.  How most harnesses work is by using O-rings. The ring will fit a certain girth, and if you want to change dildos mid-session, you have to unclip the O-ring, change it to a size that fits, and then put the new dildo and clip back on the ring. If it sounds like a pain, that’s because it IS.

And if we were to separate harnesses into two big categories, those would be: ones that are adjustable and you don’t have to worry that much about fitting, because they can be tightened or loosened up. And there are the ones that look like underwear, briefs or undies: like the Bella, Sasha, or the Tomboi from SpareParts. For those you need to make sure that you’re fitted correctly. If it’s too tight it will give you a muffin top and it will be difficult to move around, let alone fuck someone, and if it’s too loose, it’s not going to give you enough support.

About SpareParts

SpareParts specialize in high-quality super versatile harnesses. Most of their models hold patents, and they’ve received a number of awards. SpareParts is absolutely the best brand when it comes to non-leather or non faux-leather harnesses. Most of their things are made by materials such as spandex, have a number of adjustable parts and are made with comfort, convenience and durability in mind. They are definitely expensive, compared to a number of other brands and products, but they will last you years of fuss-free and hassle-free strap-on sex.

Their packaging looks more like high-end lingerie, and this certainly adds to the whole experience.

About Joque

Joque by SpareParts is by far the most notorious harness ever made. It’s loved by many, praised by sex bloggers, recommended by sex educators and hugely used by members of different lifestyles. If you are looking for one harness to end all harnesses, look no further, Joque found you.

Joque only comes in two sizes, because each of them can fit waist sizes ranging from 20”-50” or 35”-65”. Everything on it is customizable: the leg straps, the waist straps. If you are anything like me and your weight fluctuates a lot, investing your money in Joque is probably the smartest thing.  It’s a two-strap jokey style harness. You can wear your sexy g-string underneath and tease your partner with your hot bootie, or not leave things to imagination and go commando. Joque is breathable, washable and is entirely hygienic, it can be shared with partners (if washed between uses), and that’s not going to shorten its life, because it’s made of highly durable materials. It comes in several colors: black, white, purple, red and blue.


It has a stretchy O-ring that can accommodate dildos of different sizes. All you will need your dildo to have is a flared base. Joque has two little pockets above and below the O-ring, in which you can fit small vibrators. Changing dildos is really easy, the waist of the harness is Velcro, you just loosen it up, take dildo 1 out and put dildo 2 in. It’s simple as that. You don’t have to worry about wearing it underneath your clothes. As I said, it’s super comfortable and even if you’re going out and just want to wear it underneath your jeans or skirt, it’s barely noticeable.


Joque is a great harness for a number of scenarios. It can be used for pegging (that’s when a woman fucks a man in the ass with strap-on), because it can accommodate even smaller dildos, it’s great for girl sex, it can also be used with a double-ended dildo, such as The Share Double by Fun Factory, because it’s crotchless and has one’s vulva exposed and easily playable with.  The last thing makes it perfect for FMF or FFF threesomes. While one of the girls is fucking the other with the strap-on, she can simultaneously receive penetration or other genital play from the guy (or a third woman with a strap-on).

Tips for more enjoyable topping with Joque

Joque SpareParts Harness ReviewThe top in strap-on sex is the one wearing the strap on and the one penetrating.  Overall people seem to think that there isn’t much one in this position can to do receive pleasure. I am not talking just purely the pleasure of having sex and giving someone else joy. But let’s face it, it’s a lot of work, and there’s not much happening in the top’s nether regions.

So what can be done to fix that? One thing that I love is wearing Kegel balls while using a strap-on. The motions will move the balls around, will cause you to clench around them, and that alone can make you cum. Try wearing a vibrating egg. Or putting a little vibe in the pouch. People seem to love their We-Vibe Tango for that job, but I honestly love my Eva by Dame.  Another trick for less pain from the base of the dick pressing against your mons: get a dildo with a soft base meant for strap-on play, such as the Royale line by Vixen.  Or buy one of these little pillows for underneath the base of the dildo.

In conclusion

Joque turned out to be everything I’ve imagined it would be. It’s not just a lot of talk and fuss. It sells for $114.95 at Peepshowtoys and you can get 10% off with code: WETLANDIA. It’s absolutely worth every dime. If you can’t afford it even at this price, I would say: save your money, wait for some Black Friday or Christmas Sales, to get Joque even a bit more discounted, and save yourself the whole trouble of wasting money on disappointing harnesses. And put your Joque (and your Njoy toys) in the prenup. You will want to take these, and they will last you that long.

Disclaimer: Joque was generously provided to me by SpareParts in exchange for my honest review. My opinions and thoughts in this post reflect my experience with the product and are not altered in any way. I am using affiliate links in this post, which help me support this blog. By buying through them you’re giving me the opportunity to keep up the good work.

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Joyboxx Storage System Review


Has it ever happened to you? You didn’t know you had a certain problem or need until some product or service solved it for you. And then you had to ask yourself: How did I live without it?

There are a number of storage solutions for sex toys. There are bags and cases, and secure boxes. There’s your dishwasher’s rack and the whole choice the Container Store offers you. And yet nothing had me prepared for the simple genius of the Joyboxx. What’s the big deal, it’s a lockable box for sex toys. Nope, my dear reader, it’s so much more than that. It’s a ventilated antimicrobial storage system that can keep your sex toys dirty, clean or wet.


First things first, what I am going to talk about here generally only applies to body-safe toy materials that are stable and are not going to start melting and deforming over each other. You cannot store toys made of jelly, rubber, or certain elastomers, touching one another because they will start melting and creating a chemical reaction. To begin with, you should toss away all of these products. Silicone, ABS plastic, stainless steel, and even glass and stone are entirely safe to be stored in a Joyboxx, all mixed together and on top of each other. There’s nothing harmful for your non-porous toys to be stored together, contacting each other, or touching the material of the box.

What does it solve?

I have a very specific problem: cleaning sex toys and drying them out, and sometimes having to hide toys that are not entirely dry. I would say every human being on the planet who uses sex toys has similar problems. Where do you leave toys to dry out after using them? How do you protect them from curious eyes or from your dog that will mistake your floggers or dildos for a chew toy. If you don’t have pets, room-mates, kids, or parents living with you, that is much less of an issue. You can probably proudly have your toys in the dishwasher or on a dish-washing rack. Unfortunately not everyone has such living arrangements. There’s also the issue of lint, dust and hair, or simply the problem of your toy touching surfaces. Not a whole lot of toys can stand upright alone (most dildos and some butt plugs can, but that’s about it). You don’t want to leave your toy on your kitchen counter or on your bathroom sink, and if you use a bathroom towel or a paper towel everything gets covered in fluff and/or lint. The people from Joyboxx thought of that too: the playtray.

Yes, I did call my playtrays the best thing since sliced bread.

What a simple creation. It’s a little rack that fits most sex toys (and can actually fit more than one). It allows your toy to dry out optimally without touching any surface. It can also be used as a separator, if for whatever reason you want to have two separate compartments in your box (again, if your toys are silicone, you don’t actually need that), but I get that controlling and highly organized people might like that it looks somewhat neat. The playtray is also amazing for drying out Sybian attachments, or keeping toys ready for you to use during a  passionate session with yourself or your lover.

The Joyboxx itself has small holes for ventilation, so you can actually throw in all of your wet and just-washed toys, close and lock the box and they’ll dry out (but not as fast as they will if you leave them out in the open on a playtray) without mold or bacteria growing inside. The box is made of food-grade non-porous plastic with antimicrobial silver ION agent mixed into it. Which means that if your toys are non-porous too, you can safely leave them inside of the box even when they’re dirty. If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to clean up, you can store them securely in seconds. Note that the box is not self cleaning, and you will have to wash it with soap if you’ve stored used toys in it.


The Joyboxx is surprisingly big and can fit a whole lot of things. Dimensions: outside 12.60”(L) x 5.5” (D) x 5.0” (H), inside: 11.25” (L) x 5.5” (D) x 3.5” (H). While it cannot fit a Hitachi Magic Wand, it can fit a Tantus dildo with a handle, several vibes, and it even holds a Fleshlight (and these things are huge!). The box has a small external compartment where you can store condoms, bullet vibrators, or a 2 oz lube. The compartment doesn’t lock and gives you easy access to your essentials.

Joyboxx Storage SystemThere’s a special charging dock hole, where you can even charge your toys while they’re drying out. Sadly chargers keep getting bigger and most magnetic ones are too large. My only recommendation to the makers of the Joyboxx would be to make the hole for cords a little bigger. If it was just a little wider, it probably would accommodate the USB end of all cords even if the magnetic part didn’t fit. And one last thing, I would love it even more if the box had a handle.

Last thoughts

The Joyboxx is a hygienic, easy solution for storing clean, wet or dirty sex toys, that has ventilation and prevents mold or bacteria growth, it’s non-porous, PVC, BPA & Phthalate free. It locks and looks like any other storage system that you have (it’s not going to raise suspicions), and comes at a pretty decent price for what you get. It sells for $35 plus $5 shipping when bought from their own website. You can also get the box or the playtray from Peepshowtoys 10% off with code WETLANDIA. You can choose between black and purple and you have eight color options for the slider and the little latch. I’m the queen of purple, so I went for the conservative one-color option, but actually mixing black and pink, or black and green looks really cool too. I would recommend it to literally anyone who owns at least a few toys and wants to store them in a discreet and hygienic way.

Disclaimer: Joyboxx was generously provided to me by the company in exchange for my honest review. But my opinions and thoughts in this post reflect my experience with the product and are not altered in any way.

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Wet Organics Lubricant Review

Wet Organics Lubricant

Luberate the world

If there’s any trace I would like to leave in the world, any change or transformation: that would be for people to use lube. As often, as much, and as freely. Lube can only make sex (any sex!) better. But in this journey to luberate the world I don’t have many allies. If I am to help people have better sex and enjoy their bodies more, how am I gonna do that if there are only a few good lubes?

A quest for lubes

Not so long ago, the picture looked very depressing. All the big and popular brands had water-based lubes that contained glycerin and propylene glycol. These are ingredients that increase the osmolality of the lubricant immensely and makes them hyperosmolar. That leaves the cells of your gentle parts completely damaged, dehydrated and vulnerable to micro-tears. The list of scares and horrors didn’t end here, unfortunately. There were parabens, petrochemicals, sugars and alcohols. To be true, there were a few brands that only sold organic, glycerin-free lubes, with balanced pH and osmolality. Not that there was anything wrong with that, but… I didn’t want to recommend people only TWO brands. I am all pro options and choices, and people didn’t have many.

Happily pressure from consumers, sex educators and bloggers, as well as clinical research and studies of intimate lubricants and osmolality have made the world a better place. A wetter place. A healthier place. A safer place. (Hyperosmolar lubricants put people at higher risk of STI infections.)

This is why I was so excited when Wet came up with their own organic glycerin-free lube Wet Organics. Wet is a fairly well-known, and well-distributed brand, that many people love and use. If their organic lube can be a gateway into healthier and natural lubricants for some clients, I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve had many long conversations with my friends from Peepshowtoys, and I can honestly say that they’re extremely careful and picky about what they store and offer to their clients. They don’t carry a single lube that has glycerin and all of their personal care is really comprehensively organized. They asked me to review the Wet Organics Aloe Based Lubricant, and the geeky sex educator in me couldn’t say no. I had to do some field research and… test drive it.


If you are familiar with any of the other Wet lubes, then you probably know that their packaging was a little tacky. It gives me some porn-from-the-90’s feeling, or cheese porn website feeling. Wet Organics is NOTHING like that. It’s so pretty, stylish, classy and sophisticated. It looks like any other organic body or face care you have in your drug cabinet, it could be an organic oil or an organic face-wash, anything for the unsuspecting eyes. The word “lubricant” is spelled in small letters, and it is “ORGANICS” that catches the eye. Always good if you have nosy in-laws or room-mates. Another important planet-friendly feature: unlike most Wet lubes, the bottle doesn’t come in a paper box. Guys, we really don’t need paper packaging for lubes. A bottle in a box, then shipped in another box. That’s enough. Yes, it makes all the letters on the bottle almost impossible to read. That’s why we have the internet (ta-dah!) which you are using at this very moment. You can go online and read all the info in a font and size of your choice. (Two paragraphs down I am listing the ingredients.) The bottle is really easy to hold and use, no need to open a cap, or unscrew, just press the top down and it pops up (like most shampoos).

At Use

Wet Organics LubricantWet Organics is a water and aloe-based lube. Which means that it’s safe to use with ANY sex toy, made of ANY material. You can use it for hand jobs, solo pleasure, toys, and vaginal sex. It’s a little too thin for anal sex, and in general I don’t recommend water-based lubes for butt fun, unless they’re extra thick and gel-like. This isn’t the case with Wet Organics. It’s clear, watery, runny and slick. It’s absolutely non-sticky. It gently blends in with your skin or with your own vaginal lubrication. After leaving it to dry out on my skin, it didn’t leave any unpleasant feeling, it actually left my skin pleasantly hydrated, without a trace of any product. I would say it’s perfect for vaginal intercourse, because it just mixed really well with my own fluids — it keeps things slippery a looooong way. You might need to reapply it a few times when used with toys, especially external vibrators, or during hand jobs. While it lasts less than crappy glycerin lubes, compared to other glycerin-free options, it gives you a good glide as well or even slightly better. The formula feels a little bit like the Sliquid H2O or Organics, but it has a longer moisturizing feel. Bear in mind that Wet Organics is a bit liquidy, so by the time you put the lubricated object on your clit or in your vagina (for instance) the lube might’ve dripped onto the bed. Besides that little hick-up, I really loved it, and I am not even a big fan of runny lubes.

How does it taste? Tastes… like aloe (if you’ve ever had some of those healthy drinks). It has a slight natural taste to it that is definitely not unpleasant, it’s not bitter, maybe slightly sour. It’s not off-putting when one combines lubed hand jobs with blow jobs. It’s organic and natural, so not a problem if ingested. I don’t see any info whether it’s vegan though.


It contains: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Aloe Vera)**, Propanediol*, Tremella Fuciformis Extract*, Gluconolactone*, Sodium Hyaluronate*, Quinoa (quinoa) seed extract**, Chenopodium Cannabis (Hemp) Sativa Seed Extract**,  Linum Usitatissimum (Flax) seed extract**, Camellia Sinensis (green tea) leaf extract**, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract**, Hydroxyethycellulose, Xantham Gum, Sodium Benzoate*, Potassium Sorbate*, Citric Acid.  * these are Ecocert Natural ** these are USDA Certified Organic

Wet Organics LubricantLet’s take a look at the ingredients. Aloe Vera has amazing natural hydrating, nurturing and protecting powers. It helps your skin recover and increases its elasticity. Sodium hyaluronate is a water-soluble form of hyaluronic acid, which is another really important natural skin-care ingredient. Gluconolactone is a polyhydroxy acid, and PHA helps the skin’s barrier functions. Quinoa, hemp and flax seed extracts are beyond doubt one of the best naturally moisturizing ingredients. And there’s an interesting one: Tremella Fuciformis. I had to do my own research on it. It’s known as the white mushroom and like hyaluronic acid draws moisture to your skin cells, and apparently it penetrates the skin really easily, amplifying its qualities on cell-level. Quoting Wet’s official website they use this ingredient to: “to prevent breaking down over time of micro blood vessels within the skin and keep blood flowing through the skin optimally”. At this point you are perhaps wondering whether you should actually be putting this lube on your face as a face cream! Probably not because it’s pH-balanced for one’s vagina, which has a lower acidity (around pH 4.5) than the skin elsewhere on your body (around pH 5.5). And most importantly, this lube has osmolality that matches that of your mucous membranes.

Last Thoughts

Wet Organics might easily be one of my favorites. In terms of personal preference, I like more gel-like lubricants and I hope that Wet will make a thicker version of it. Unlike most other organic water-based lube Wet Organics leaves my skin really well moisturized and extra slippery. I’ve used it long and often enough to say that it hasn’t thrown of my vaginal flora and disrupted my balance. I wish it didn’t come only in 1 or 3 oz sizes. I hope they will introduce a 9 oz bottle, which is a size some of Wet’s products come in. It will probably bring the price per oz down and let people who go through lube quickly buy it in bulk.

Finally, it’s reasonably priced for an organic glycerin-free lube at $13 for 3 oz and $7 for the 1 oz travel size. (You can actually take 3 oz in your carry on.) If you want to get it with free shipping, just add it to your purchase next time you order something bigger from Peepshowtoys. Their shipping is just $5 for orders under $70.

Peepshow toys Peepshowtoys

My readers get 10% off from Peepshowtoys with code “WETLANDIA”!

Disclaimer: The opinions in this article are honest and unbiased. The toy was provided to me in an exchange for a review from

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The Satisfyer Pro 2 Review


I really badly want to start the review with: everyone should own one. And as cheesy, and salesy as this might sound, I really DO think that…

Everyone should own one.

At this point in my life, I am pretty familiar with my own body, the spectrum of sensations I can experience, and what kind of stimulation leads to them. And it’s not like I am taking this for granted, I am constantly trying new things, products, materials, techniques, positions and I am pushing my own boundaries. So when this toy came out, I was a bit skeptical. Suction? Gentle waves? Pulsation? Na-ah! I was imagining some hugely pointless toy (that a number companies keep coming up with these days). I imagined that it was gonna suck on my clitoris in a way that will leave me screaming in pain, cursing my adventurous spirit of having to try every gadget that comes out. I thought it was either gonna be useless and super disappointing, or super painful and torturous to my clit. And I am already a power queen and often bruise the gentle skin of my vulva and the hood of my clitoris with big and super strong toys such as the Doxy Die Cast. And because I am a masturbation enthusiast (and activist for that matter), I do pleasure myself every day. This leaves my body in a constant state of bangover, chafing, bruises, friction burn and sometimes little tears.

So I definitely didn’t need a catfish sucking on my clit. Or so I thought.

Then a fellow sex toy reviewer wrote a post about the product and it said that it was stellar. So I had to challenge my snap judgments of the toy and give it the benefit of the doubt. But still, more questions kept coming up: why is it so cheap? How is it rechargeable and yet so cheap? It must suck really badly. It has pinpointed suction and pulsations towards only the glands of the clit, not the entire organ, and if it doesn’t vibrate, how is that going to stimulate the rest of the clitoris to make me reach an orgasm?

Ladies and gentleman, I do not have the answer of any of these questions. Why, how, how come… It simply works.

By the time when Peepshowtoys, one of the sex-positive and responsible stores I support, offered me to review the Satisfyer of their behalf, I couldn’t say “YES” fast enough.

The Store

The delivery from was really discreet and it was shipped from “Hamilton Electronics”. So your secret is safe. Your mailman, neighbors, or family members aren’t gonna find out about your little secret. Everything was secured with lots of paper, making sure that the item isn’t gonna travel around in the box during its journey to your house. And that’s key when it comes to vibrators or toys that have electronics in them.

You often see me say “sex-positive, responsible, providing education”, when I talk about the stores that I like and recommend. That’s not a “I like you, I don’t like him, you’re my friend, John isn’t, let’s not play with him” kind of thing. I have very strict criteria when it comes to stores that I endorse. Do they sell crappy, porous or toxic toys? Do they sell unsafe anal toys with no flared base? Do they have a blog, write articles, provide education to their customers? Do they sell lubricants that contain glycerin? That kind of thing. And Peepshowtoys have scored great on all of these. Not only that, but they’re really nice and helpful, they answer your questions and are present on social media, trying to create a good experience for every customer. I couldn’t ask for more.

The Product

dscn9829The Satisfyer Pro 2 looks weird(ish) and unlike almost anything else out there simply because it’s not a vibrator. It has a long handle, which is very comfortable to use and makes holding it in place really easy (and that’s crucial for this toy in particular). It has two buttons, far from each other, which make accidentally turning it off impossible. When you need to turn it on or off, you will have to hold the smaller button. The bigger oval one is controlling the speed. One criticism I have of the one button only thing is that it doesn’t have a plus or minus option. Sometimes you wanna go back and tone things down. But some of my fave vibes (We-Vibe Touch) have the same “fluke”: they only go one way because they only have one button as well. BUT (!!!) this one at least doesn’t start over when you reach the highest setting. It doesn’t go from 11 back to zero. When you reach the most powerful program, it starts “counting back”. 11-10-9… So you can slowly scale down.

What is it made of and what does it do? The body of the toy is ABS plastic and the attachment that makes contact with your clitoris is silicone, so it’s entirely body-safe and non-porous. It’s water-proof (and delicious in the tub, but more on that later), it’s rechargeable (via a magnetic charger that it comes with), and has 11 speeds! What I love about it is that it’s super lightweight, and ergonomic to hold and use… and it’s not a freaking 100 or 200 bucks.

What it does is a gentle suction and pulsations around your clit at the same time. Yes, we are talking only of the glans and the hood of the clit. The little “mouth” of the toy needs to be placed around your clitoris. So the silicone attachment embraces it all around. Try putting some lube that lets you keep even better the light vacuum that the suction makes. And as I mentioned: it can be used underwater. Having it in the tub is definitely different and really delightful. I can’t say better or worse, because it performs really well and reliably in both air and water. One totally cute thing is that when you’re done with it in the bath, it will just float on top of the water. Like a little rubber duck. For adults. Didn’t I say it was super light?

And because it uses suction, well… I HAD to try it on my nipples. People, this isn’t some super hard and painful suction. This is not a BDSM nipple suction toy. If you are looking for pain, you’re not going to find it here. But it feels really good and as close to someone delightfully sucking on my tits as I’ve experienced from a toy. Especially when lubricated. And it’s not too overwhelming, even for the most sensitive of breasts.

At Use

Satisfyer Pro 2There’s a little bit of a learning curve to this toy because what it does to your body is entirely different from anything else that you might’ve used before (unless you have the Womanizer). So there’s definitely a short moment of “is this doing anything for me”. It was really short for me, but it will take every person different amount of time to get off with it. Just within a few minutes Satisfyer Pro 2 starts feeling good… and then really good… and then it might make you cum out of nowhere, because it stimulates parts of your clit that are usually overlooked, so your body-response is going to be different from what you have from vibration. Nothing vibrates on it, and that means that the handle doesn’t either. Yay, no numb fingers anymore! Your arm and hand could get tired for an entirely different reason though. In order to keep the suction and have the toy work and be perfectly placed where you need it to be, you have to hold it in one place. Sometimes a little bit of movement breaks the suction. It’s easy to get back on track, or sometimes this leads to using it in a slightly different position that feels as good or even better.

And what I love about the orgasms with it is that they’re… easy. But what I mean by easy is that they don’t tire my entire PC muscles, it doesn’t make me cramp, it doesn’t leave me depleted. It’s just like having an orgasm, but not having gone through all the “work” and contractions of having one. (Boy I hope this makes sense.) It’s like: I just came, now I am refreshed, energized and can get shit done. Moving forward with my life. Versus: Oh boy, I will need to take a nap after this one.


The only thing that can be a deal breaker for some people is that Satisfyer Pro 2 cannot be easily used with some vaginal stimulation at the same time. You can’t have intercourse while using the toy and using a dildo and thrusting in and out will break the vacuum and it will move your entire vulva and body with it, making maintaining a constant contact between the Satisfyer and your clit impossible. But on the other hand, if you just need some fullness in your vagina while having the clitoral stimulation, you can either have a vaginal egg or balls in, or you can have a dildo in, but mainly squeeze it with your vag muscles, instead of thrusting with it.

One thing is the battery. It takes 2 and a half hours to charge, for only 30 min of play. They actually say “Usage period: approx. 30min” in the manual. What they mean by that is probably how long the battery can hold. I sincerely hope they’re not telling you how long you should be using it. That’s none of their goddamn business. I haven’t tested the 30 min thing, because I usually use it for anything between 15 and 25 and just plug it in right away, because… Ghosts of depleted batteries are chasing me in my nightmares. Toys must be charged! Who knows when the mood will strike.

And the big question… How loud is it? Well, it gets loud. LOUD. The thing is, that just in the air, by itself, it’s very loud when turned on. But once in place and using the suction, it is much quieter. It’s still fairly noisy even then, especially on settings higher that 5 or 6 (out of 11). I think it’s most quiet underwater. It doesn’t sound like a vibe though. It sounds like a hydro pump or something.

In conclusion

As I said, I think every vulva-owner should have one. The way everyone should have a vibrator. I think its pros waaaaaay outnumber the few cons that I’ve come across.

And it’s so affordable! It sells for $59.99 (and that’s without my 10% off code) at Peepshowtoys and they offer free shipping on orders over $70.

Peepshowtoys Wetlandia's Picks

My readers get 10% off from Peepshowtoys with code “WETLANDIA”!

Disclaimer: The opinions in this article are honest and unbiased. The toy was provided to me in an exchange for a review from

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