Tantus Rumble Dorado Head Review

Tantus Rumble Dorado Head

You already know that Tantus is a company particularly close to my heart. What they create is almost always pure genius, and they’re a great role-model of responsible business practices for the whole adult industry. Oh, and they’re cute as f*ck. They’ve just sent me this Christmas card.

As a person who’s not particularly able-bodied, with many chronic diseases that result in pain in my limbs, shoulders and back, I was extremely happy when Tantus launched the Rumble, their ultra light vibrator. Rumble is also gender-neutral and inclusive. It’s for all bodies, all sizes, all shapes, all genders, all expressions, all orientations. I’ve already reviewed the Rumble, so I am not going to talk much about the vibrator itself, but one of its attachments that I’ve come to like a lot.

Rumble Dorado HeadOne of the huge advantages of the Rumble is the fact that it comes with interchangeable heads that you can buy separately. You might wander how this is different from using an attachment on a Magic Wand or Doxy Die Cast. On Rumble, even the smooth “main” head is an attachment. You remove it, and then place the attachment you want, instead of putting it over the original head. This way the attachment fits better, everything is 100% hygienic and sanitizable (because all of the heads are made of matte smooth silicone), and there are no weird noises or problems with transmitting the vibration well. Have you ever tried a Magic Wand attachment that doesn’t fit well? All the excessive sounds and all that buzzing and flapping around, ugh!

The Dorado Head might look familiar, and that’s because it’s similar to a Magic Wand attachment, called Flutter Tip. While many people complain that the buzziness and the power of the Magic Wand make the Flutter Tip unbearable, the Dorado head works on the Rumble in a simply delicious way.

The only way I can describe the Dorado Head is: oral sex performed on you by a cool robot with a vibrating tongue. No joking! Seriously, it feels like a tongue caressing you, but one that also vibrates. It’s spectacular! And it’s good not just for clits, you guys! As with everything else about the Rumble, it can be used by everybody. Body parts that love the Dorado Head vary from clits, vulvas, trans men’s dicks, and penile frenula (the plural of frenulum, yes, I am that geek), to nipples, balls, perineums and ass holes. I swear to god, butts love the Dorado head, it feels like anilingus (more commonly known in the popular culture as rimming)!

Adding plenty of lube on the area where you’re going to use the Dorado Head makes the sensation even more “oral-sex-like” and its’ much more enjoyable. It almost starts resembling saliva and the flickering fin of the Dorado turns into an even more realistic tongue.

It’s also great for people who are very sensitive to touch, particularly on their clits, because the Dorado is a very gentle and sensual attachment. Also, if you don’t to change attachments, Dorado still has several ridges that are similar to the original Rumble head, so you can alternate between the little fin of the Dorado, or the more broad and substantial edges and sides of the head.

And once you are done with it, just remove the attachment, wash it with soap and water, boil it, or bleach it, and you’re done! If you want to read my full review of the Tantus Rumble vibrator, go here.

It costs $24, and it’s sold separately from The Rumble. 

Often Tantus toys are on sale and if you want to get you G-Force on some awesome deal, check regularly my SALES page.

Disclaimer: Rumble Dorado Head was generously provided to me by Tantus in exchange for my honest review. I My opinions and thoughts in this post reflect my experience with the product and are not altered in any way. I am using affiliate links in this post, which help me support this blog. By using them you’re giving me the opportunity to keep up the good work.

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Gift-Giving Guide: What to Get Your Partner if They Have a Penis?

Gift-Giving Guide Penis Toys

In the few days leading up to one of America’s biggest holidays: Black Friday, the phenomenon that draws everybody to their electronics right after they’re done with (or sometimes while) overeating turkey and candied yams, I am going to release a couple of gift-giving guides for everybody. There are in fact some amazing sex toy sales coming our way. And sometimes the choices can be overwhelming. Other times, we can get tricked into buying cheap and useless crap, especially if the particular sex toy shop we’re purchasing from is selling porous toys as well. Often jelly, rubber, TPR and TPE toys can be purchased literally for a couple of bucks, but I will try to give you a few body-safe suggestions regardless of your budget. A lot of these you will be able to purchase with huge discounts, so stay tuned and refresh my BLACK FRIDAY SALES PAGE often in the next few days.

This particular guide is going to feature toys you can buy for your partner, if they have a penis. I currently don’t have a whole lot penis or prostate toy reviews, so I wanted to make things right. If you have a partner who has a vulva, you might wanna check out vol 2 of this guide: Gift-Giving Guide: What to Get Your Partner if They Have a Vulva?

Each category starts with the cheapest toys. Note that these are retail prices and don’t include any Black Friday discounts, or any of the discounts my coupon codes give you. Gift-Giving Guide Penis Toys

Note: Why am I using “penis” and “penis-owners” instead of men, guys, boyfriend or dudes. Because not all people who have penises identify as “male” and I want to focus on the equipment we have, instead of our gender identities. So yes, if you do happen to have a boyfriend or a husband, who’s cis-gender (their assigned sex at birth matches their gender identity: born with penis, identifies as “male”) that’s the right guide for you. If you have a trans pre-op girlfriend, a lot of these are going to work for you as well. I am also going to try make this guide as non-hetero normative as possible. Yes, dildos are not just for vaginas, they can go in butts too! (Even if you’re not gay!)

The mainstream media is often trying to convey that “porn is for guys and sex toys are for gals”. They brainwash us that the sex toy industry only caters to those with vulvas. That is not only completely false, but you will get surprised by how many choices there are when it comes to toys designed for penis-owners. Hell, some of the coolest new toys this year were ones that go on dicks! (Woot-woot Hot Octopuss!)


The world of penis strokers, sleeves, or masturbators is immense. The shapes and the designs have evolved greatly too. Open-ended sleeves, or ones that look like a cup, taco-like strokers, vibrating or non-vibrating. Their price-range starts at less than $10 and goes all the way to around $150 for the most sophisticated ones. Don’t forget to always use lube with all of these!

1. Tenga Eggs for $6.99 from Shevibe. These are the best stocking fillers ever. They can be a fun prank, or a really good gateway drug into the world of penis strokers. They’re small, but extremely stretchy. They’re porous and are recommended for one use only. You can definitely squeeze a couple of uses out of each one, if you clean it thoroughly, but bear in mind that you’d better toss it away after a couple of play sessions. They come in a huge variety of textures and patterns on the inside, and each of them gives a slightly different sensation. You can cut off the top of the egg and turn it into an open-ended sleeve and combine stroking with it with a blow job on the head of the penis. They’re also a great travel-friend, since you can just toss them away after you’re done with them.
2. Tenga Cup for $9.99 from Shevibe. This is another disposable one-use only toy by Tenga. It’s much deeper and bigger, and comes with a suction for a much more realistic sensation. It comes in a hard case, which makes it completely unwashable and non-reusable once you ejaculate in it, but it’s another good novelty and perfect travel companion, if you don’t wanna travel with your more valuable and fragile toys.
3. Truskyn The Tru Stroke Beaded or Ribbed for $19 from Peepshowtoys. This is the cheapest silicone stroker you are going to find. I’ve just reviewed the Tru Stroke Beaded and I am so happy to report that there’s a decent, affordable silicone penis toy that even comes in two variations: beaded or ribbed. It’s open-ended and open-seam design allows it to accommodate penises of different sizes, and you can control the sensation just by adjusting your grip. A great toy to combine with blow jobs and teasing.
4. Vibrating masturbator by Rocks Off for $29.99 from Shevibe. This one is made of body-safe silicone and ABS plastic and comes with the RO-80mm Bullet vibrator. Which means you can take out the bullet and use it on other body parts. This one is a great deal for a battery-operated toy.
5. Fleshlight Quick Shot for $34.95 from Fleshlight. A short, open-ended and less aversive and misogynistic option from Fleshlight. This is also a good one to combine with oral sex.
6. Tenga 3D sleeves for $39.99 from Shevibe. These are simply a reusable and more sophisticated version of the Tenga 3D eggs.
7. Fleshlight Flight for $49.95 from Fleshlight. A full size stroker from Fleshlight, that doesn’t end with something that resembles female genitalia, mouth or an ass. And is a little cheaper than the “Fleshlight Girls“.
8. Rocks Off Rise Rechargeable for $69.99 from Peepshowtoys. This is the rechargeable multi-speed version of our #3. This one will give you hours of playtime on a single charge, and has a couple of vibration patters.
9. Tenga Flip Zero for $99.00 from Good Vibrations. One of the stars of the show, and without a doubt one of the most sophisticated strokers on the market. The internal part is extremely complex and provides rich sensations, one can control the grip and the tightness, as well as a suction mode. And it’s a breeze to clean, since it opens up and can even dry out standing on its own external case.

10. Hot Octopuss Pulse II Solo for $99 from Good Vibrations. If you want to splurge this toy has received some of the most rave reviews and has a really unique technology. It’s a vibrating masturbator that features penile vibrations and oscillations. It also look pretty damn cool.

Penis Toys and Male Toys

Cock Rings

Cock Rings are super fun to use. The choices are mind-blowing. Single or double, vibrating or non-vibrating, stretchy or not, silicone or metal. In the following round up I’ve only featured silicone cock rings, because they’re easier to use. Metal or wooded rings are for far more advanced users, because they’re completely stiff. Cock rings help you keep the blood in your penis and make your erection harder, longer lasting and bigger. Have you always wanted that veiny big cock that looks like it’s about to blow up? Cock rings are your solution. They can have only one strap and if they’re smaller, they can go only around the penis, while bigger single rings can be stretched around the balls and the cock at once. Always place these when the penis is still flaccid. Vibrating cock rings can be equally pleasurable for both parties. Stick to positions that allow you to have the vibrating bullet on the clitoris: cowgirl or missionary work great.Cock Rings

1. Tantus Super Soft C-Ring for $10.99 from Tantus. A super simple silicone ring that can be stretched around the penis and the balls. Beginners friendly.
2. Optimale Thick Silicone Cock Ring for $12 from Peepshowtoys. This one is pretty similar to the Tantus C-ring.
3. Fifty Shades of Grey Adjustable Cock Ring $14.99 from Lovehoney. Adjustable silicone rings are a great solution to beginners or shopping online, since they can be customized and tightened up much more easily. They can also be pulled out right away, even with a hard-on, while most of the others can only be taken off after you lose your erection.
4. Set of 3 Optimale Thick Silicone Cock Rings for $22 from Peepshowtoys. A set of different sizes is great for beginners, since it’s always recommended to start off with something bigger and more flexible and maybe move to a smaller ring once you’re used to placing it and taking it off.
5. Optimale Vibrating Cock Ring for $25 from Peepshowtoys. This battery-operated single ring comes are a really good price. It has several vibration modes and speeds and it’s pretty easy to operate.
6. Tantus C-Sling for $34.64 from Tantus. This sling-style cock ring applies pressure on the perineum. While fucking, it’s going to rock back and forth and massage the prostate on the outside.
7. Optimale Vibrating Double Cock Ring for $35 from Peepshowtoys. This is a double cock ring – one of the rings goes around the penis, while the bigger ring goes around the balls. One of the bullets is placed on the perineum, for prostate stimulation, and the other one is great for clitoral stimulation. Each of the bullets is battery operated, can be removed and has multiple speeds. Read my full review here.
8. Tantus Vibrating Super Soft C-Ring for $39.90 from Tantus
9. Tenga Smart Vibe Ring for $79.99 from Shevibe. If you know that you like cock rings and are ready to invest into a stronger, rechargeable and higher quality ring.
10. Je Joue Mio Rechargeable Cock Ring for $109 from Good Vibrations.


Tantus Rumble and Mystic Wand Rechargeable

Vibrations can feel amazing when applied externally on the shaft of the penis, on the frenulum and the head, or on the balls and the perineum! One can use an smaller (or big!) wand-stile vibrator on the scrotum while performing a blow job, or a hand job. A lot of men love masturbating with these: simply hold the vibe against your balls while you’re stroking yourself. Something great about this category is that all of these vibes can be shared by both partners! And as you will see from the next category, these can be repurposed and made even more versatile with the help of good attachments.

1. Shibari Halo Wand for $54.99 from Shevibe. This one is rechargeable, water-proof and body safe. What else can one need from a wand? Only downside is that the Magic Wand attachments won’t fit on this one.
2. Magic Wand Original (aka Hitachi) for $59.95 from Good Vibrations. This one is an icon. If you are looking for maximum power and don’t mind the cord, go for it. Its only downsides are the porous head of the toy and the only two speeds that might be too overwhelming for some folks. Fits all Magic Wand attachments.
3. BMS PalmPower Wand Massager for $69 from Peepshowtoys. Another body-safe option with a removable silicone head. It even has a rechargeable version for the same price! You can purchase additional attachments for this one, but your Magic Wand attachments won’t fit. Another body-safe option with a removable silicone head. It even has a rechargeable version for the same price! You can purchase additional attachments for this one, but your Magic Wand attachments won’t fit.
4. Jimmyjane Iconic Wand for $74.99 form Shevibe. This multi-speed, waterproof rechargeable wand is a top pick of many. Again the Magic Wand attachments won’t fit on it though.
5. Mystic Wand Rechargeable for $95.95 from Good Vibrations. As I mention in my review of this wand, it’s less powerful than the Magic Wand Original, but that’s what makes a some penis-owners like it. It’s smaller and lighter, easier to hold and it’s not as overwhelming. It’s rechargeable, but if you run out of battery, you can use it plugged in the cord. It’s really sleek and pretty. No attachments.

6. Lovehoney Desire Wand for $99 from Lovehoney. Silicone, multi-speed and rechargeable. Not compatible with Magic Wand attachments.
7. Sola Egg Massager Wellness Set for $109.99 from Shevibe. I’ve reviewed the Passion Set version of this set, that just comes with different silicone attachments included. I think the Wellness Set might be a better option for penis-owners, since they can’t really benefit much with the Bunni and Omi attachments of the other one. What’s the Sola Egg Massager: it’s a super small, handheld cordless wand with removable silicone head. Magic Wand attachments fit great on it and it’s just fantastic for penises when combined with the Hummingbird attachment (see next category).
8. Magic Wand Rechargeable for $124.95 from Peepshowtoys. What can I say? The updated cordless version of the Magic Wand Rechargeable is pretty awesome. The battery holds up to 4.5 hrs, the head is silicone, it has several speeds to fit everybody’s needs. And all of the attachments meant for the Magic Wand Original fit on it.
9.Tantus Rumble for $129.99 from Tantus. The Tantus Rumble is the first vibrator created with every body in mind. It’s a completely gender neutral vibrator, that is super hygienic, has a silicone head, that can be removed and properly cleaned. And it’s feather light! Magic Wand Attachments don’t really work with it, but Tantus sells attachments that fit Rumble. Read my full review here.
10. Doxy Die Cast for $189.99 from Shevibe. This one is simply the best and strongest wand on earth. Find out why.

Magic Wand Attachments

Something great about Doxy and the Magic Wand Original or Rechargeable is that they can be turned into so many other things. Just place one of the following attachments and enjoy your wand in a completely new way. Again: lube is mandatory!

1. The Hummingbird Masturbator Attachment for $23.99 from Shevibe. This is a masturbation sleeve that goes on top of your wand. It’s the best thing since sliced bread. It can make even a flaccid penis ejaculate, and it’s great for folks with ED, but even if you have no problem maintaining a full erection, this attachment is going to give you the sensation of a masturbation sleeve and the strong wand vibrations at once. Keep in mind that this attachment is porous, so you might wanna replace it after a couple of months.
2. The Pop Tops Silicone G-Spotter for $40 from Good Vibrations. This g-spot attachment can be used anally for prostate play.
3. The Vixen Gee Whiz Attachment for $56.99 from Shevibe. Another super cool silicone g-spot attachment that can take anal play into the next level.

Prostate Toys

Prostate toys are a great way to discover your prostate. Prostate massage is not only pleasurable, but also helps prevent prostate cancer. Oh, and did I mention that you can enjoy hands-free orgasms lasting minutes with most of these?

Prostate and Anal Toys

1. Nexus Glide Prostate Massager for $35.99 from Shevibe
2. Aneros Eupho Classic for $50 from Good Vibrations
3. Lelo Bob Prostate Massager for $59 from Shevibe
4. Rude-Boy Intense Vibrating Prostate Massager by Rocks-Off for $59.99 from Shevibe
5. Tantus Prostate Play Vibrating for $71.40 from Tantus
6. Njoy Pfun Plug for 89.90 from Peepshowtoys
7. Njoy Fun Wand for $95 from Peepshowtoys

8. Black Pearl Rechargeable Vibrating Prostate Massager by Vibratex for $104.95 from Shevibe.
9. Njoy Pure Wand for $110 from Peepshowtoys. The bigger side of this toy has been helping women and have g-spot orgasms for years, but it’s as notorious for it’s smaller end that’s just fab for prostate massage. Because of its long handle men can experiment with it solo, as well as with a partner.
10. Nexus Revo 2 Rotating Vibrating Prostate Massager for $149.99 from Shevibe.This is a really high-quality multi-speed rechargeable prostate toy that has rave reviews.

Anal Toys

These suggestions are great for virtually everybody, since we all have anuses, regardless of our sex. These are not necessarily aimed to the prostate, but rather allow you to enjoy different kind of anal sensations and pleasure.

1. Tantus Ryder Butt Plug for $29 from Peepshowtoys. You can read my full review of this glorious intermediate to advanced butt plug here.

2. Fun Factory Flexi Felix Anal Beads for $34.99 from Shevibe

3. Fun Factory Bootie Butt Plug Small for $34.99 from Shevibe (or Medium for $39.99)

4. Tantus Ripple Small Plug for $37.54 from Tantus. I’ve reviewed the bigger sibling of this plug, Ripple Large.

5. Vibrating Progressive Beads for $58.00 from Tantus

6. Tantus Perfect Plug Vibrating Kit (2 plugs) for $68.00 from Tantus7. Doxy Don Anal Vibrator for $89.99 from Shevibe. The rumbliest toy I own! Read my complete review here.

8. Vixen Silicone Anal Beads Small for $89.99 from Shevibe (or Medium for $99.99)

9. Trio Plug by b-Vibe for $140 from Good Vibrations. This medium-sized plug has three powerful motors and can be controlled from 30 ft away with a remote control! You can read my review here.

10. Rimming Plug by b-Vibe (remote controlled) for $150 from Good Vibrations. This large plug has two motors: the one at the tip has vibrations, while the one in the neck of the plug rotates! Find out more about it here.

Pegging Kits, Harnesses and Dildos

Luckily anal play is becoming less and less of a taboo. A number of hetero couples are dipping their toes into pegging: when the female partner uses a strap on to penetrate the male anally. Pegging can be super fun, but remember to always start small, be patient, communicate with your partner and use a lot of lube. Here are a couple of suggestions for harnesses, strap-on kits or dildos that are good for pegging.

Another way you can use harnesses in your sex life is for double penetration. #10 on the list is a double harness: your partner can have their penis outside, and use a dildo as well to double penetrate you vaginally and anally at the same time. So fun! Or you can use a double ended toy, such as #8 Share Vibe, and enjoy g-spot stimulation while penetrating him anally.

1. Godemiche Ambit Dildo for $34.99 from Shevibe
2. Fuze Silicone Nova Dildo $39.99 from Shevibe
3. Fuze Silicone Velvet Dildo $44.99 from Shevibe
4. Tantus Slow Drive Dildo for $46.20 from Tantus
5. Tantus Sport Kit (dildo and harness) for $71.93 from Tantus
6. Spareparts Joque Harness for $114.95 from Peepshowtoys. This is a fabulous high-quality harness that’s going to meet your every need. Full review here.
7. Tantus Bend Over Beginner Kit (harness and two dildos) for $120.21 from Tantus
8. Fun Factory ShareVibe for $129.99 from Shevibe
9. Tantus Bend Over Intermediate Kit (harness and two dildos) for $133.30 from Tantus

10. Spareparts Deuce Harness for $134.95 from Peepshowtoys

Kegels for Penises

Because Kegels are for everybody! The Private Gym is the first (and only FDA-approved) kegel program for penis-owners. Ships worldwide. $99.99 from their website.

STI Testing

At home discrete STI testing. MyLab BOX $49 for HIV, $79 for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea


And since great sex is not all about toys, but often communication or skills play a huge role, here are a couple of great books my some of my favorite authors.

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Tantus Rumble Vibrator Review

Tantus Rumble

The Company

Do you know one of the best perks of moving from Europe to the US? You can easily buy Tantus products! I am not kidding. Almost nothing beats that. When I moved to the States months before I even relocated, I ordered a bunch of dildos. You know, so they’d be waiting for me when I arrived. To make me feel at home. For years I’ve been reading reviews by Epiphora and drooling after Tantus’ silicone. Now I could finally have it!

They’re a company that always has been 100% body-safe. Tantus is the first one to make their entire line of products of silicone, and we’re not talking about a company created a couple of years ago, we’re talking about almost 20 years ago! To have 100% silicone toys in ’97 is no joke. They’ve always been a trend setter. Their unique designs, beautiful colors, and gender-free marketing have won the hearts of many. Including mine!

I heard about Rumble, their first vibrator (not counting the little Tantus bullets that are included with their vibrating dildos or plugs), last year at Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit ’15. Back then I barely knew anyone, I didn’t mix and mingle with the crowd, let alone be brave enough to talk to Metis Black, founder of Tantus. The reality is that small, independent businesses nowadays often need crowdfunding to bring innovation to life and be able to mass-produce or even do the research to create a product. That’s been the case with Eva by Dame, the Mystery Vibe, Minna Limon, and now Funkit Toys. Luckily, people were awesome and responded really well in all these cases. Rumble started shipping out this spring first to its original backers, and by this summer one could find Rumble in every responsible sex store.

Everything that I’ve read about it though, didn’t prepare me for the actual product that I touched in the bloggers’ lounge a year later at Woodhull SFS16. The Rumble was… feather-light. I couldn’t believe it. How could that be? And so comfortable! It fitted so well in my hand. Like a natural extension.


Tantus RumbleThis product is made with so much thought and attention to detail. The shape of the handle, the location of the buttons: everything is made to perfection (not to mention that it looks like something that came from the future!). The ON/OFF button is separated from the PLUS and MINUS buttons used to change settings. No accidental turning it off at the worst possible moment. The controls are exactly where your hands are holding the vibrator, so no fishing around and awkward “where is iiiit?!” anymore. I cannot emphasize this enough! Ergonomics and design matter! These things can change your whole experience with the product.

When I am pleasuring myself or being pleasured, I don’t want to be distracted by unwanted pain. No, I don’t want my arms cramping and getting tired. I don’t want my shoulder aching. That’s not sexy and that’s not what I signed up for when I wanted some sexual pleasure. I have a tennis elbow and early stages of a rare form of arthritis, I work on a computer the whole day, and I have chronic back and shoulder pain. And I am horny. I don’t want my playtime to be limited by my body and my ability to hold a toy.

When using the Rumble the vibrations travel very little and you only slightly feel them through the handle, which adds to the overall comfort, while using this toy. And at just 6.6 oz Tantus Rumble has my love and devotion.

Every Body

One of the key characteristics of this toy is that it’s 100% gender neutral. It’s an external vibrator for all bodies. Penises, vulvas, transitioning bodies, breasts, butt-holes, nipples. Whatever you got, this toy can stimulate it. The shape doesn’t suggest just one way of using it. It also features a wider head for more broad stimulation. At the same time the head is not too round and has an edge that can be used for more direct or pinpoint vibration. Or one can use one of its attachments. The g/p-spot head, called the Spoon, can actually be used externally on the clit or around the anus. (I will be writing a separate post about the Rumble replaceable heads.)


The Tantus Rumble has seven settings to choose from: three are different speeds of steady vibration, and four are different patterns. You can go back and forth by using the controls. You don’t have to go through the whole cycle to go back to something that you liked! It has a very quiet motor and the sound is in no way distracting or annoying. It’s a cordless rechargeable vibrator that holds its battery for 4.5 hours! You heard correctly! It uses a mini USB which makes finding its cord so much easier. A number of other electronics that you probably have around your house use it and if you end up misplacing your cord, you can really easily replace it or buy one even from the drug store.

And because it’s Tantus, it’s 100% body-safe. The body of the toy is plastic and the head of the vibrator is matte silicone. It can be removed and boiled or sanitized with a 10% bleach solution. This isn’t something you can do with any other vibrator or wand. Vibrators cannot be boiled, and this is the only one that has a removable head. Yes, some vibes have attachments, but the original plain smooth head is not sanitizable.

Unlike other vibes, Rumble has a flexible neck that gently moves the head around and follows your shapes. That can be a little bit of a downside for some people who like really rigid vibes and like pressing them against a certain body part.

I also think Rumble is a great travel buddy. It’s so much smaller than wand vibrators, and being so unbelievably light, it makes taking it a really smart packing decision. People with mobility issues try to always keep their luggage light and small, because dragging a suitcase with a Doxy Die Cast is frankly not helping anyone’s back. And you don’t really need to even take it’s cord, because the battery will hold forever.

Using it

dscn9906Rumble has vibrations that penetrate deeply and, hence the name, are deliciously rumbly. It’s not an extra powerful wand-type vibrator, so expect an experience closer to the We-Vibe Touch or a small external vibrator. On its highest setting Rumble doesn’t get too buzzy the way most vibes do, it still has depth to it. It never numbs my clit or genitalia. A few female reviewers who’ve written about it say that they can’t come from it because the head is too broad and they need either more power or more pinpoint stimulation. I’ve found that using it a bit more sideways, so actually the edge/corner of the head is against the glans of my clit, helps a great deal when I am in searching for more direct vibration.

My man is truly in love with it. He likes vibrations and broader heads, but things like Doxy are too powerful or too stiff and rigid for him. Things can easily go from “yeah” to “ouch” with other vibes. The flexible neck and the way the head moves is great for using it on penises and scrotums.

Some advice from experience. Penises don’t like cold toys in general. And what’s great about Rumble is that, unlike many other corded vibes, you can take the attachment off, run some warm water over it and then put it on the vibe. Or just hold the head of the toy in your hands and warm it up before pressing it against someone’s dick or balls.

Things to consider

Some of its cons are that it’s not waterproof. I am not a big fan of using a vibe in the tub and the heads/attachments are washable, so this isn’t that much of an issue for me. You can wipe the body of the toy with a damp cloth and maybe some liquid soap. Also, it doesn’t come with a storage bag or case, but that isn’t a great problem either.

Something that’s completely a matter of personal preference is power. Rumble is not megapowerful. It’s no Doxy and it’s not meant to be one. It’s definitely not for power queens. Another thing to consider: if you like using an external vibrator while thrusting in with a dildo, that might not work either. The head is very broad, so it’s hard to use a dildo with it. Maybe with the spoon attachment it can work, but if you have an image of a Hitachi on the clit/pubic mound and a dildo in, that’s not gonna work with Rumble because it’s a bit of a vulva-hog.

Rumble, like every other toy, is not something that 10 out of 10 people will like — that’s why we need tons of different toys to choose from! If you like the fullness of an internal toy or internal vibration, maybe you shoud start your collection with an internal vibrator or a Tantus dildo.  I don’t believe the whole “one toy will solve all of your needs and will solve everybody’s needs”. But Rumble is nonetheless a truly amazing creation and I think it’s one of the best toys of 2016. There’s a lot of research and many years of experience in the pleasure industry that went into making it, and it truly does not have an equivalent. I can’t thank Tantus enough for creating a vibe that is so lightweight, ergonomic, rumbly, rechargeable and gender neutral.

You can get Rumble from Tantus for $129.99.

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Disclaimer: Rumble was generously provided to me by Tantus in exchange for my honest review. My opinions and thoughts in this post reflect my experience with the product and are not altered in any way. I am using affiliate links in this post, which help me support this blog. By buying through them you’re giving me the opportunity to keep up the good work.

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