Tantus G-Force Review

Tantus G-Force

Oh my, how does one describe the glory of a dildo with a handle?! I’ve always been impressed with Tantus‘ creativity and their commitment to pleasure, unique designs and ergonomics. While dildos with handles are not something that is harness-compatible, nor it is suction cup compatible, they are so easy to hold and to use that they should be an indispensable part of any toy collection.

I’ve chanted about Tantus silicone’s qualities on a number of occasions; they are a top brand when it comes to premium materials and imaginative product design. As much as I love a couple of Tantus realistic dildos, where they really shine is the non-realistic toy section. And dildos with handles are a divine addition to that range. Currently Tantus offers two of their loved-by-many models in a handle edition: the Echo Handle and the Goddess Handle. Others like the Anaconda and the G-Force only exist with a handle and not as a regular dildo.

dscn9917The G-Force is unique among the rest of all these dildos because it’s fairly stretchy, flexible and can follow your body’s curves and shapes. The Goddess, the Echo and the Anaconda are extremely firm toys. With a diameter of only 1.4″, the G-Force is the ideal toy for warm-up or for those who prefer medium-sized toys. Yet it has a more bulbous head and a curve, so it’s perfect for g-spot stimulation. Not the ferocious g-spot pressure one would get with the Njoy Pure Wand or a Key Comet Wand, but a more flexible, more gentle g-spot play. Which a lot of people like better than firm pressure. Different ways I like playing with the G-Force include either really shallow insertion, just around 2-3 inches in, so it actually targets my g-spot, or doing longer and deeper strokes, and getting the g-spot massaged as the head of the dildo passes the area. If you are a fan of deeper penetration, the G-Force certainly has plenty of inches to satisfy that craving too.

The handle of the G-Force makes it just so much better if you have mobility issues, shorter hands, or less dexterity to wield a regular dildo. Sometimes the angle doesn’t work really well with “normal” dildos, sometimes one gets tired fast. I for one have mild mobility issues with my arms and hands and I can tell you that the G-Force is a godsend! While using it I experience significantly less fatigue and pain in my wrists, arm and shoulder and I can basically last much longer and enjoy it without being uninterrupted by pain.

And because the G-Force doesn’t have the usual flared base that traditional dildos have, it’s less of a vulva hog. Instead of blocking the way to your clit, it leaves much more room for a clitoral vibrator to be used simultaneously with the dildo.

Another really well thought detail of the G-Force is the texture and the finish of the silicone. While the insertable part is really glossy and has very little drag to it, once even slightly lubricated, the handle has a matte finish and some texture to it for a better grip. Simple, yet genius! Bravo, Tantus!

As mind-blowing as it is for solo use, it’s as much fun in a partnered setting. The long handle allows you to do much more, to be closer to other parts of your partner’s body, instead of being down there and limited by the length of the dildo or of your own arms.

Another thing I want to address here. Anal play. While the G-Force doesn’t have a flared base, the long handle will allow it to be used for butt play with caution and not leaving the toy… unattended. The glossiness of the silicone, the flexible shaft, and the gentle curve makes it a great anal dildo, definitely not for newbies of butt play but for intermediate players. It will also be perfect for prostate play. Again, be extra careful when you use it anally — I can’t stress that enough). The toy is 10″ and the handle has a lot more drag to it, so wouldn’t get sucked in easily, but I always hold the toy, and just taking it out when I am done with it. And avoid lubing up the handle.

In conclusion

The G-Force is one of my fave semi-flexible dildos, and certainly one of the most flexible ones I own from Tantus. I absolutely love the head of this toy, the bulb is just perfect for my g-spot. Its girth is something I can handle on a regular day without having to warm-up and work my way up to it. You can get yourself a G-Force for $69 from Tantus.

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Disclaimer: G-Force was generously provided to me by Tantus in exchange for my honest review. I My opinions and thoughts in this post reflect my experience with the product and are not altered in any way. I am using affiliate links in this post, which help me support this blog. By using them you’re giving me the opportunity to keep up the good work.

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Tantus Alan O2 Dildo Review

Tantus Alan O2

The bullet vibrator actually doesn’t stick out at all, I wanted to have it visible for the picture, that’s why it’s not pushed all the way in.

Alan… Dear Alan, I was so freaked out when I first opened the package from Tantus and saw… you. Staring at me from the transparent Tantus box. All realistic, veiny, lots of detail, average-sized dildo with zero curve to it. A straight dick in a box. Oh, boy, what did I sign up for?

To give you some context, I do own a fair number of Tantus toys in my personal toy box. But most of them are among their older creations: some of which are discontinued, some of which are just old news in this community. I needed my posts to be relevant, and most importantly, to be review things one can actually purchase. I don’t need to brag that I have the whole Tantus Alumina line and you can’t get it anywhere now. Ooops, I just did it! But at least I didn’t write a whole post about it and rub it in your face. So while I was exchanging emails with the Tantus team about which of their products I wanted to review, I clearly had to pick the Rumble (a review coming up soon) and I definitely needed to ask for a dual density silicone toy, since I don’t own one. So I was up for a surprise when it came to which toy it would actually be.

I came back from my trip to New York where I had spent the weekend at the Sexual Health Expo, and there was this wonderful surprise from Tantus in my mail. But I was not mentally prepared for Alan. For whatever reason my first thought was: Wow, that’s an ugly toy. I hope it doesn’t suck, because I would hate to give Tantus a bad rep. For whatever reason I thought that this dildo was doomed and the lack of pronounced (or any!) g-spot curve wouldn’t do anything for me.


All Tantus products come in this very neutral, plain box that shows you what’s actually inside. Bear in mind, this particular box is huge. It’s not like your regular Tantus dildo box, that can easily fit in a wine bag. And that’s because the product comes with a suction cup and a bullet vibe included. Which makes Alan and it’s bigger brother Sam the only two vibrating O2 dildos by Tantus, and the only two O2 ones that are suction cup compatible. Which is a big deal, as you will see later in the review. The package doesn’t include any storage bag, and truth be told, Tantus doesn’t really need it. It’s not made of TPR, or jelly, it’s good quality silicone. It can touch other toys, their products are sturdy and kick-ass, so even if there’s another heavy toy on top of them they’re not gonna get deformed.

Okay, what’s that O2 thing I keep ranting about?

Tantus makes silicone toys with two different silicone formulas. Their original silicone is harder, and has very little squish or give to it. The O2 dual density silicone, the one Alan is made of, feels more like a real penis, it’s softer and more bendy. When I unboxed Alan, and first touched it, I was… underwhelmed. I don’t know why I thought it should be more squishy and soft. But then during use, Alan proved me completely wrong (again). It was actually exactly as soft as I needed it to be. Anything softer was not going to apply enough pressure and give me as much pleasure.

So Alan had lots of tricks and surprises up its sleeve. All of my first impressions were so, so wrong.

What is it like?

Tantus Alan O2

The new O2 vibes (Alan, Sam, the Uncuts) are… very realistic. They have veins, and pores, and you can even see the frenulum very clearly. To the extent that all these models can be a little triggering for some people, because they’re lifelike to an extent that it can be creepy (the Uncanny Valley theory was pointed out to me by my partner who freaked out when he saw Alan for the first time). I personally have no problem with realism in dildos. As it turned out, actually my vagina really likes realistic dildos. They feel… familiar. They evoke a – Well, hello again, I think we’ve met before, I like you! – response in my body.

Despite how boring, and average sized a dildo (with its 1.54″ diameter and 6.5″ insertable length) Alan seems to be, it is not. It is so much more than meets the eye. It just feels absolutely natural. Long enough to be comfortable for me to hold it and use it by myself, girthy enough to be filling, while at the same time not being a challenge to take in right away.

The newer O2s are unlike the first generation O2s which had a matte shaft and glossy silicone penis glans. The whole toy is made of the same material in this case. It feels a bit more tacky and definitely attracts all the dirt, fluff, dust and hair. Alan is different from most Tantus dildos in another way: it still has a flared base, but a much smaller one. It’s teardrop shaped, like the one on Slick. Which makes Alan almost unable to stand upright. Which is a little annoying, because one of the great features dildos have is their ability to stand upright and dry out or wait for you to reach out for them without actually touching any surfaces (very hygienic and handy if you’re using several toys per play session or just drying out toys after cleaning them). Sadly, Alan usually loses its balance and falls down after a bit. So you will need some tray to leave it in while drying.

How can one use it?

Tantus Alan O2

What I love about Alan is that it’s really versatile. It can be used just as a dildo, but it’s also suction cup compatible, which allows for some great hands-free dildo riding. You can attach it to a flat plastic, wooden or metal chair and ride on it, or have it attached to a vertical surface, such as the wall in your shower (the suction works particularly well on bathroom tiles). I love using it that way, it adds up to the realistic feeling of being penetrated, and also leaves my hands free for using a wand vibrator on my clit, while humping the dildo.

And here’s what’s unique about Alan (and I assume Sam as well). The hole that holds the bullet vibe is really deep. Which means that the whole vibe can go in all the way, not stick out in the same fashion vibes tend to stick out a little bit of other Tantus dildos. Which means that you can have the vibe in while using the dildo with a strap on and not get your mons hurt or bruised by the sticking end of the vibe. That feature makes it extremely difficult to remove the bullet afterwards and switch to the suction cup. So my trick is that when I use the bullet, I lube the hole thoroughly making the vibe easier to extract. Don’t use lube with the suction cup because you actually need that friction for it to work, and it’s also not that difficult to remove.

Alan is a good one for anal play and pegging. It’s not beginner friendly, but it’s not too challenging either. The softness of the material and lack of any ridges or well-expressed bumps makes it a really good butt toy.

A few words about the vibe. It is battery operated and comes with a 1.5 V Type battery included (like any other vibrator by Tantus). It’s a single speed vibe that’s also waterproof. You can use it separately for clitoral stimulation and it’s quite good at that because it’s very pinpointed. But don’t get me wrong, it’s not We-Vibe Tango, and when inserted in the toy it clearly feels weaker. So if you own a more powerful bullet vibe, there’s nothing that stops you from using it with any Tantus dildo.

Last thoughts

Alan taught me that I cannot judge a toy entirely by its looks, nor even by how it feels in my hands. It surprised me in many delightful ways and I am thankful to Tantus for giving it to me to review. It showed me how narrow-minded I was when it came to dildos and their shapes. Alan might look like a boring unimpressive dildo, but it’s not. It’s full of pleasant delights. It comes in 3 colors: cream, cocoa, and mocha (the one in my pictures is cocoa). It might look like a splurge at $129.00, but this is a really good value pack, because it includes the suction cup (which otherwise is $33.60 alone).

Often Tantus toys are on sale and if you want to get you Alan on some awesome deal, check regularly my SALES page.

Disclaimer: Alan O2 was generously provided to me by Tantus in exchange for my honest review. I My opinions and thoughts in this post reflect my experience with the product and are not altered in any way. I am using affiliate links in this post, which help me support this blog. By using them you’re giving me the opportunity to keep up the good work.

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